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Hospital Pharmacy Solutions

The PHARMA Compliance Group offers programs specifically tailored to hospital pharmacy operations to help maintain effective compliance with the regulations enforced by the DEA.

  • The PHARMA Compliance Group’s Background Screening
    Solutions are Designed for the pharma industry, whether
    your organization is a manufacturer, wholesale drug
    distributor or retail pharmacy.

  • The PHARMA Compliance Group provides compliance services to help identify and correct issues before they result in adverse actions. Our experts can assist in enhancing your existing compliance program, or can develop a custom program that ensures regulatory compliance.


    The Pharma Compliance Group is the industry leader in pharmacy compliance services, hospital compliance services, and DEA compliance and audit services. Our audit and compliance experts are former DEA compliance agents and investigators and possess comprehensive knowledge of the Controlled Substance Act and the Code of Federal Regulations.

    Our compliance and audit expertise and our intricate knowledge of the DEA compliance inspection process allows us to provide our pharmacy, hospital, and pharma distribution partners with programs and audit services that ensure successful execution of the know your customer and due diligence requirements of the DEA, federal and state pharmaceutical regulatory requirements.

    Our experience provides us with a unique understanding of the impact of state and federal regulations on your business operations. Our expertise allows us to provide in-depth assessments of your company’s compliance levels, to evaluate the potential risk of fines, and, to examine your exposure to theft and diversion. Our programs provide access to effective solutions to maintain compliance, to ensure due diligence, and to implement an on-going and comprehensive inspection practice.

    Offering a comprehensive menu of critical and cost-effective solutions, the Pharma Compliance Group helps its clients traverse the landscape of regulatory requirements and language and to mitigate the risks associated with operating in a regulated industry. Please browse our selection of services under the Solutions and the Clients sections of our website.





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  • What Are the Career Options Available in Pharmacy?

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    What Career Paths are Available in Pharmacy How Do I Choose the Right One?

    Updated July 13, 2016

    Question: What Career Paths are Available in Pharmacy How Do I Choose the Right One?

    There are many options available to those who are pursuing a career in pharmacy. Most of us think of pharmacists as the person who is behind the counter when we go to fill a prescription at the drug store or grocery store. While retail pharmacy is a common career choice for pharmacists, there are many other options available in pharmacy for those who have completed their PharmD degree and the necessary licensure requirements.

    Although there are a variety of practice settings, the pharmacists compensation range remains relatively consistent across all of these employment options, with minor variations according to hours worked and call.

    Retail Pharmacy Careers: Retail pharmacists dispense medications at drug stores or grocery stores. While the pay and benefits are excellent, the hours can be tough in retail pharmacy jobs, due to the fact that most stores are now open 24 hours, seven days a week. If you plan to work in retail pharmacy career setting, be prepared to work at least every other weekend. Most retail stores employ 2 full-time pharmacists who work a shift based schedule of 12-hour shifts alternating two days on and two days off.

    Clinical Pharmacy Careers : Clinical pharmacists work in a hospital as part of a medical care team. They typically round on patients with a physician and help to determine which medications and doses would be most effective for each patient s conditions.

    Long-term care : Long-term care facilities are homes where ongoing care is provided to the elderly or incapacitated individuals who are not in need of acute medical care but who are unable to care for themselves. Pharmacists who work in long-term care homes are sometimes referred to as closed door pharmacists , meaning they do not interact with patients directly at all.

    Typically, nurses deliver drugs to each patient s room from a cart which is stocked by the pharmacist on staff at the facility. The pharmacist is responsible for stocking and organizing the contents of the cart, dose by dose. of all prescription and over-the counter medications for each patient individually. This is done typically twice per day, and the pharmacist remains on call the rest of the day, including overnight. A role in long-term care would not be ideal for a pharmacist who really thrives on interacting with patients.

    Nuclear Pharmacy Careers: Nuclear pharmacists are responsible for measuring and delivering the radioactive materials which are used in digital imaging (MRI, CT, etc)and other procedures in medical offices and hospitals. Due to the nature of the radioactive materials and how they are handled, nuclear pharmacists are typically required to start each work day very early, sometimes pre-dawn, as the radioactive materials must be delivered within a few hours of their use, or they lose their effectiveness.

    So if you re not an early riser, nuclear pharmacy jobs might not be the best option for you!

    Home infusion and Chemotherapy: These pharmacists are responsible for accurately mixing the chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients.

    Pharmaceutical Benefit Management: These corporations negotiate between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare insurance companies regarding coverage and reimbursement amounts for drugs on various health plans. There are not as many jobs available for PharmDs at PBMs as there are in more traditional pharmacy roles, but such corporate jobs could provide a viable option for pharmacists who are seeking a change from retail or clinical pharmacy jobs.

    Contract, Temporary, or Hourly Pharmacy Careers: Still can t decide which pharmacy career is best for you? Then you might want to work on a contract basis until you figure out where you d like to work long-term. Contract work entails shift-based work, on an as-needed basis.

    Therefore, contract pharmacy careers offer a great deal of flexibility and versatility in the schedule, which is great if you re trying to work around extenuating circumstances or a busy family schedule. Plus, working as a contractor, one can experience several different types of employers and work settings first-hand prior to committing to long-term or permanent employment.

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    About us

    Welcome to our on-line store!

    India is a country of contrasts. Here ancient traditions are combined with rapid development and the best industrial technologies. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most developed spheres in India. The combination of the highest quality of medications manufactured in India and the lowest price is rightfully considered to be a real Indian wonder.

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    Bargain prices

    The principal reason for the reduced price of generic medicines is that the creation of the generic drug runs up less cost and therefore a lower price can be offered.

    Manufacturers of generic drugs are mainly able to avoid the following three costs that brand name pharmaceutical companies incur: (1) costs associated with the research and development of the drug; (2) costs associated obtaining regulatory approval (i.e. proving safety and efficacy of a drug); and (3) marketing costs. The result is: you pay significantly less than for the brand and get the same medical effect!

    Secure ordering

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    Buying drugs the way we see it

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    Johnson Johnson

    1. Johnson Johnson
    2013 revenue: $71.312 billion
    2012 revenue: $67.200 billion

    When he took over the CEO and chairman’s job at Johnson Johnson ($JNJ) in 2012, Alex Gorsky had inherited a mess from Bill Weldon. Problems in the company’s over-the-counter division were a drag on earnings, U.S. pharma sales were off and it faced a bunch of Risperdal litigation in which lawyers were itching to put the CEO in front of a jury.

    But just look at it now. Gorsky sits atop of a pharma company that sits atop of the group. For the first full year running the company, he can point to significant growth in its drug business, as well as a turnaround in its OTC division. Gorsky did it by taking care of business, by settling a lot of litigation and by putting in place a team in its McNeil Consumer Healthcare unit that finally got things right.

    For the pharma division, which provided most of last year’s growth, the company pushed workhorses, like rheumatoid arthritis med Remicade and HIV treatment Prezista. It also accelerated sales of hot-selling properties like anti-inflammatory Stelara, its anticoagulant Xarelto and prostate cancer therapy Zytiga. (All three are on FiercePharma ‘s list of Top 15 Drug Launch Superstars.) The McNeil unit last year saw its sales grow nearly 20% by finally getting Tylenol and Motrin products back onto store shelves after years of recalls and plant remediation left them mostly missing in action.

    The company cleared itself of the overhang of a lot of litigation. It finally reached the long-rumored settlement with the U.S. over its marketing of antipsychotic drug Risperdal, agreeing to lay out $2.2 billion to put that to rest. It also agreed to pay $4.4 billion to settle thousands of lawsuits tied to its recalled metal hip implants. Other moves in its devices division, which last year contributed slightly more than its prescription drug business, have also strengthened the company.

    J J has had a few setbacks since this year began but has a lot of irons in the fire to overcome them. The FDA gave Xarelto a third rejection for use in acute coronary syndrome (ACS) patients. Still, the drug is approved for 6 uses, including preventing stroke in atrial fibrillation patients, and should hit blockbuster numbers this year. J J recently had a flop in a mid-stage study of a new experimental antidepressant. On the other hand, it got expanded approval, along with partner Pharmacyclics ($PCYC), for their new drug Imbruvica as a second-line treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), opening it up for much broader sales, which are forecast to hit $1.8 billion by 2018.

    For more:
    J J, Pharmacyclics get CLL approval for Imbruvica
    FDA advisory panel gives J J’s Xarelto resounding ‘no’ for ACS
    J J’s Imbruvica bests Glaxo’s Arzerra in CLL trial, raising hopes for off-label sales

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    3 Trends Affecting Future Share Prices in the Health Care Industry #pharmaceutical #industry #articles

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    3 Trends Affecting Future Share Prices in the Health Care Industry

    Since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law, the number of uninsured U.S. residents has fallen by millions. (iStockPhoto)

    One of the most talked about sectors among investors in recent years has been the health care industry. The sector’s prominence in increased global merger and acquisition activity, as well as its direct linkages to major policy initiatives by the Obama administration, have worked to fuel a multi-year rally in health care equities.

    From June 2010 to June 2015, the Standard Poor’s 500 health care sector (190.5 percent) and Nasdaq Biotechnology index (394.0 percent) have meaningfully outperformed the S P 500 index (122.0 percent). Biotechnology companies have been a particularly hot topic as many market participants have openly questioned the magnitude of the rally while drawing comparisons to the ill-fated technology bubble from the late 1990s and early 2000s.

    Will the multi-year rally continue? Rather than speculate on the future share price direction of the health care and biotechnology sectors. here are three key fundamental and macroeconomic trends affecting both industries that may help investors better understand this recent period of strong performance and potential signals to watch for in the future within this market segment.

    Scientific advancements will continue to broaden the profitability potential for health care companies. It can be seen in the daily headlines – innovation is rapidly expanding within the health care sector. Technological advances and an expedited drug approval process by the FDA have led to lower costs and higher success rates at earlier trial phases. These cost reductions have produced profit opportunities for industry players as they seek to leverage a greater understanding of the root cause of diseases to research and develop more effective end drug solutions. Data shows that the 12-month research and development expenditures for the S P 500 health care sector have had a 6.4 percent compound annual growth rate since 2005, a figure that is well in excess of the broader S P 500’s 1.8 percent rate for the same period.

    While innovation presents a significant opportunity, acquisition may be another area of potential opportunity. We have seen larger capitalization companies continue to aggressively pursue competitors and smaller firms in an effort to boost their own drug pipelines via acquisition. Despite not even eclipsing the end of the third quarter, global health care M A activity set a new yearly record in 2015 with $482B in announced transactions.

    Global demand trends may provide a foundation for future advancement of the sector. For the first time, the generation dubbed “baby boomers” are approaching 70, which is a meaningful demographic trend not to ignore. The overall population aged 65 and above is expected to increase over the next four decades. Unsurprisingly, the median age of a person living in the U.S. is also expected to rise.

    And for the first time, birth rates in the U.S. posted their first increase in 2014 after seven consecutive years of declines. Both increasing births and an increase in the number of elderly individuals are supportive of higher levels of health care utilization in the U.S. and signaling an enormous growth potential for health care within emerging markets.

    As individuals in developing countries become wealthier, health care becomes more prominent. According to the World Bank, total health care spending (as a percentage of GDP) has grown by more than 19 percent from 2000 to 2013 in developing economies. Lastly, the sector may be poised to benefit from a wave of newly insured individuals in the U.S. as a result of the Affordable Care Act, typically referred to as Obamacare.

    Political policy is currently supportive of the health care sector. One of the Obama administration’s key policy initiatives was the signing into law of the ACA in March 2010. That year, health care was the worst-performing sector; however, since then, the ACA has become a tailwind. The stated goal of the ACA is to “make health care more affordable, accessible and of a higher quality.” Since being signed into law, data from the Center for Disease Control indicates that the number of uninsured U.S. residents has fallen by 11 million. As more people in the U.S. avail themselves of health care as a result of accommodative government policy, this increased utilization could represent a continued, significant tailwind for the sector (barring a major policy change) domestically.

    When coupled with demographic trends, the recent growth in health care spending by both the public and private sector as a component of domestic GDP highlights the growth in capital spending impacting the industry.

    What are the implications? At a high level, the health care sector can represent an attractive hunting ground for investors as it frequently demonstrates a high degree of return distribution among individual companies. For context, from June 3, 2010, to June 30, 2015, the Russell 3000 Healthcare benchmark (an all capitalization index) posted a gain of 176.8 percent. For that same period, the 10 best-performing stocks in the index averaged a gain of 1,823.1 percent, while the 10 worst performing stocks averaged a loss of 73.6 percent.

    The arrival of new technologies, development of new drugs and potential for further M A activity in the sector should work to facilitate continued dispersion. Government policy and demographic trends may continue to provide a tailwind as companies strive to capitalize on the current macro environment.

    ComplianceOnline Dictionary- Pharmaceutical Compliance #biotech #company

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    Pharmaceutical Compliance

    Processes of Complying with Pharmaceutical Compliance

    Any pharma company need to follow the below given processes to be complaint with the pharmaceutical compliant:

    • Written policies and procedures implementation;
    • Organizing effective training and education for the employees;
    • Appointing compliance officer and forming compliance committee monitoring progress towards compliance;
    • Regular internal monitoring and auditing;
    • Establishing effective communication;
    • On time responding to address detected problems and taking up corrective action; and
    • Enacting standards and disciplinary guidelines.

    Significant Aspects of Pharmaceutical ComplianceProduct Safety

    It is vital that product safety information is collected, reviewed, assessed and reported to the highest standards

    Failure to ensure product safety can ultimately result into:

      • Affecting the well-being of patients
      • Jeopardizing the key relationship between a company and regulators
      • Jeopardizing reputation and share price of a company.

    Quality by Design Program The intention of Quality by design Program is to build the quality into a pharma product while it is still in the research and development phase to make sure that final product is going to meet with established standards long before it enters the production phase. One particular industry that has begun to invest heavily in the quality by design program is the pharmaceutical industry where many problems have been occurring with alarming frequency in recent years.

    Quality by Design Training The FDA has been quick to acknowledge the concept and recommend QbD training for all pharmaceutical manufacturers where so many quality issues have plagued the industry for years. Implementation of QbD training will result in far less need for heavy regulatory oversight and will help to streamline the development and manufacturing process.

    Viral Safety Any biopharmaceutical products derived from animal or human tissues are needed to be tested to examine their ability to produce safe products to be used in human beings. Ensuring the inactiveness or absence of viruses is made mandatory by the regulators. However, the process of ensuring safety of the medicine and meeting regulatory expectations is expensive and at the same time complex too.

    Radiopharmaceuticals Radiopharmaceutical is a radioactive pharmaceutical or chemical component required for diagnostic or remedial purposes. Radiopharmaceuticals for injection require complying with the radiation protection regulations and also apposite regulations for working in aseptic condition. All these regulations have been covered in the Good Radiopharmacy Practice guidelines. Working with radiopharmaceuticals involves a great amount of risks and the risks depend on the types of emission and the half-lives of the radioactive isotopes.

    Toxicology in Drug Development A branch of medicine and biology studying the negative impact of chemicals on living organisms is known as Toxicology. Moreover, Toxicology is the study of symptoms, investigation, and cure of poisoning of human beings.

    Not only for medical and biology, but often the concept of toxicology is used for other areas such as Aquatic toxicology, Chemical toxicology, Environmental toxicology and so on.

    Pharmaceutical Compliance RegulationsPharmaceutical Compliance and SOX

    Pharmaceutical manufacturers have always shown commitment to comply with SOX. Failure to comply with SOX can fetch severe legal consequences such as fines and detention. Therefore, each employee of a pharma company is required to make a positive and significant contribution towards SOX compliance. Only collective effort will help the company to monitor and rectify any potential risks, implement efficient and automated procedures to identify and report activities associated risks.

    21 CFR Part 210 – Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Processing, Packing, or Holding of Drugs; General The regulations set forth in this part and in parts 211 through 226 of this chapter contain the minimum current good manufacturing practice for methods to be used in, and the facilities or controls to be used for, the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of a drug to assure that such drug meets the requirements of the act as to safety, and has the identity and strength and meets the quality and purity characteristics that it purports or is represented to possess.

    OIG Pharmaceutical Compliance Guidance OIG, the Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services published Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers on April 28, 2003. The present guidance deals specifically with the health care industry. Goal of the guidance is to recommend pharmaceutical manufacturer to be compliant with existing health care laws and regulations which includes False Claims Act, Medicaid Drug Rebate Act etc.

    Pharmaceutical CGMPs for the 21st Century Initiative In August 2002, the FDA announced the Pharmaceutical CGMPs for the 21st Century Initiative. The Agency’s stated intent was to integrate quality systems and risk management approaches into its existing programs with the goal of encouraging industry to adopt modern and innovative manufacturing technologies.

    DA Guidance for Industry: Quality Systems Approach to Pharmaceutical CGMP Regulations This guidance is intended to help manufacturers implementing modern quality systems and risk management approaches to meet the requirements of the Agency’s current good manufacturing practice (CGMP) regulations (2l CFR parts 210 and 211). The guidance describes a comprehensive quality systems (QS) model, highlighting the model’s consistency with the CGMP regulatory requirements for manufacturing human and veterinary drugs, including biological drug products. The guidance also explains how manufacturers implementing such quality systems can be in full compliance with parts 210 and 211. This guidance is not intended to place new expectations on manufacturers, nor to replace the CGMP requirements. Readers are advised to always refer to parts 210 and 211 to ensure full compliance with the regulations.

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    The M3 Global Research

    With a panel of more than
    2.5 million verified, worldwide physicians differentiated into more than
    747 subspecialties, we can deliver
    accurate and cost effective
    medical market research studies.

    Your All-Inclusive Global Medical Research Panel Partner

    • Panel Recruitment
    • Response Management
    • Honoraria Distribution
    • Data Collection
    • Online Market Research (web)
    • CAPI (personal)
    • CATI (telephone)
    • Focus Groups
    • Concept Labs

    World s Largest Healthcare
    Professional Panel

    Seeking Medical Panelists

    Register with
    M3 Global Research today
    get paid for your views!

    M3 USA/MDLinx

    M3 Japan/M3
    TOKYO M3 Korea/Medigate

    A division of M3 USA Corporation

    Industry Memberships

    • CASRO PMRG EphMra
    • PBIRG ESOMAR MRA (verified)
    • View M3 Global Research s
      Professional Standards
      ESOMAR 28 Responses.

    Healthcare Professionals

    Proprietary Global Panels

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    “Expanding Consultancy Beyond Excellence”

    “Pharmaceutical Solutions”

    “Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering”

    Our Goal

    Our Mission

    Our Vision

    Afra Pharma consultant

    Afra Pharma consultant provides country-by-country specific resource material which gives regulatory information and forms required for registration of drugs, device, cosmetics, dietary supplements, herbal drugs and Veterinary products in specific country. Our Vision and Goal is a Single Point Solution where we guide you with regulatory standards and help get your product approved worldwide. Please contact us by e-mail to know more about any of our services.

    Why APC

    • Experienced, Professional, Focused practical and easy to work with
    • We specialize in preparing and handling regulatory submissions for Saudi FDA and GCC
    • For mock Audit as per MHRA, SFDA and GCC
    • Reach out to Global Market
    • To have timely and faster dossier preparations and submissions
    • For one stop requirements for all your regulatory needs
    • Offer concept to commissioning (turn key projects) of pharmaceutical and CRO facilities


    Commitment to excellence is a cornerstone for us.

    Our commitment stretches beyond dossier preparation and innovative product portfolio. We offer our services for and from different countries across the globe.

    Contact us

    Mir Sadat Ali: H/201 Hillmist Harmony, NIBM Road, Pune 48

    Mob: +91-8806065922
    Skype ID: afrapharma

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    Seven pharma trends for 2016 #pharmaceutical #distributors

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    Seven pharma trends for 2016

    Pharma companies will need to target new strategies to make the most of industry trends in 2016

    What will be the key industry trends in 2016?

    Drug pricing is already a key part of the US presidential race and that is likely to intensify as the race hots up. Both the Democrat and Republican nominees will move to solidify policy plans as November’s polling day approaches. When the new President is revealed, US-based pharma companies will brace themselves for the impact of changes to tax laws and pricing regulations .

    Worldwide, the payer squeeze will be a factor as healthcare systems feel ever more strain. Expect to see NICE rejecting more drugs based on lack of cost-effectiveness as the NHS groans under budgetary constraints.

    Sales representatives will be under even greater pressure to justify investment in their companies’ products to budget-constrained payers.

    Mergers and acquisitions

    It is well documented that 2015 was a record year for M A activity in the sector. It may be that the largest deals have already happened, so we could expect to see smaller but by no means negligible single-billion pound deals, with large pharma companies snapping up innovative biotech start-ups to acquire promising candidates. That said, there will likely be a few mega-money acquisitions hitting the headlines in 2016. Shire will be hopeful of finally tying up a deal for Baxalta in the early part of next year.

    The spate of collaborations and combination trials seen in 2015 is a trend that will continue into 2016. Immuno-oncology partnerships were hot this year, and should remain so throughout the New Year. The low-hanging fruit for drug blockbusters is long gone, research and development costs are on the rise and pharma’s largest companies are increasingly keen to share the risk and pool their resources in their efforts to find new sources of revenue.

    US biosimilar growth

    With the country having lagged behind Europe for years in this regard, 2015 finally saw the first biosimilar launches in the US and the floodgates should open next year. It is currently tougher to get a biosimilar product past FDA regulators than their counterparts in other countries, partially due to scepticism from the medical community and partially due to complications in naming and licensing guidelines. With pricing a key issue in America, the opportunity to save billions of dollars by the use of 20-30% cheaper versions of biologic drugs will be too good to miss, and the FDA will provide needed clarity on biosimilar approval pathways.

    The modern patient is better informed about the medicines they use, thanks largely to the vast resource of information on drugs available online in forums and other sources. Pharma is having to react to this new reality and realise that the patient experience matters. Sanofi took steps to this end in 2015, creating the new role of chief patient officer and introducing a three-pillar strategy for patient centricity, based on input and understanding, solutions and outcomes and culture and community.

    Patient-centric clinical trials have been a hot topic on the conference circuit this year, with organisations like EUPATI advocating greater involvement for the patient in the research and development process, including the planning of clinical trials. In January 2016, the organisation will launch a toolbox to educate patient representatives on the drug development process and foster greater understanding.

    Giving patients an active role in trial design should boost recruitment, reduce costs and ultimately speed up the road to market.

    Increased importance of emerging markets

    This is a trend that has grown steadily in recent years, and will continue to do so in the second half of the decade. Companies including Merck refined their strategies in key emerging markets like Africa in 2015. and 2016 is predicted by analysts to be the year in which emerging markets account for a third of the global pharmaceutical market.

    With healthcare and drug costs ever-rising, systems will be forced to look to technological innovation as a means of tightening the purse strings. Apps and wearables that allow patients to monitor their health and symptoms outside of the clinical environment will be important in freeing up hospital beds and keeping healthcare professionals available. The importance of such ‘beyond the pill’ services will grow next year. The ageing populations worldwide are not a problem for the future, but for now, and this will be even more evident in 2016.

    In the UK, patients will be able to access their full medical records online, and the ability for them to add to these records by uploading data from their health apps and wearables is on the horizon.

    Elsewhere, the FDA accepted the first New Drug Application for a ‘digital’ medicine in September 2015 – the anti-psychotic drug Abilify with an ingestible sensor attached to monitor patient adherence – and these kinds of digital collaborations between pharma and tech should become more common next year.

    Mission Statement is a leading portal for the pharmaceutical industry, providing industry professionals with pharma news, pharma events, pharma service company listings and pharma jobs,
    Site content is produced by our editorial team exclusively for and our industry newspaper Pharmafocus. Service company profiles and listings are taken from our pharmaceutical industry directory, Pharmafile. and presented in a unique Find and Compare format to ensure the most relevant matches

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturer For Sale In Orange County, California #pharma #resources

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    Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturer For Sale – Orange County

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing company established in 1999 is for sale for its assets. There is no income to show but it is a turn-key operation with licenses, equipment, formulas and inventory, ready to produce beauty products and over the counter drugs.

    The listing # 194718 Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturer – Orange County below is currently OFF THE MARKET due to that it is either in escrow at this time or has recently been sold. For more businesses for sale that are like this Pharmaceutical Products Manufacturer in Orange County please see a sample of BizBen active listings below and links to all similar listings on If you are interested in receiving more listings like the one above when they come on the market in the future please phone Peter direct at BizBen – 866-270-6278.

    See All Related Business For Sale & Wanted Listings Recently Added:

    See More Related Information – For Buying And Selling Businesses:

    Pharmaceutical manufacturing company established in 1999 is for sale for its assets. There is no income to show but it is a turn-key operation with licenses, equipment, formulas and inventory, ready to produce beauty products and over the counter drugs. The company which is a subsidiary of a larger pharmaceutical company currently produces products for its own brands. The parent company decided to change strategy and concentrate on distribution so it wants to spin off its manufacturing arm and is very motivated to sell.

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    • Advisory Services
    • Portfolio Strategy Planning
    • Biosimilars
    • Clinical Trial Planning Design
    • Generics Clinical Development
    • Model-based Drug Development
    • Clinical Trial Execution
    • Clinical Biostatistics
    • Clinical Data Management
    • Phase I/IIa and Early Clinical Trials
    • Phase II/III Clinical Trials
    • Clinical Monitoring
    • Cardiac Safety ECG Monitoring
    • Late Phase Clinical Trials
    • Clinical Trial Execution
    • Functional Service Provider
    • Patient Recruitment
    • Project Management
    • Precision Medicine
    • Regulatory Affairs
    • Risk-based Monitoring
    • Safety Pharmacovigilance
    • Site Start-Up
    • Laboratories
    • Bioanalytical ADME Laboratories
    • Central Laboratories
    • Genomic Laboratories
    • Real-World Late Phase
    • Real-World Late Phase Strategy
    • Interventional Phase IIIb/IV Clinical Trials
    • Observational Research Registries
    • Real-World Data Analytics
    • Enriched Studies
    • Safety Risk Management
    • Quality Improvement for Providers
    • Specialty Clinical Assoc Patient Organizations
    • Patient Provider Engagement
    • Enhance Product Development
    • Prove Product Value Safety
    • Accelerate Adoption Adherence
    • Patient Engagement Services

    Contract Sales

    Finding partners in an evolving marketplace

    Maintaining status quo within sales operations isn t an option if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Sales models must be attuned to market trends, and teams must be flexible and responsive to a dynamic marketplace. All the necessary resources may not be in-house, but in order to realize maximum efficiencies perhaps they shouldn t be.

    Tailoring teams to your goals

    With 30 years of experience, 200 brand launches, more than 5,000 specialty and primary care sales representatives in 20 markets, and customer satisfaction scores that consistently exceed 90%, Quintiles knows how to build winning teams. In addition to recruiting, training and managing your sales force, our pharmaceutical sales solutions go far beyond those of traditional contract sales organizations, including:

    • Boost sales in new therapeutic areas with highly experienced specialty sales teams.
    • Rapidly expand into one or several new geographic areas .
    • Maintain continuity of territory coverage with a zero vacancy sales team .
    • Deploy a sales force supplemented with remote engagement .
    • Maximize sales impact with the efficiencies delivered via syndicated sales .

    The power of possibilities

    Quintiles pharmaceutical sales solutions are designed to help you succeed in any market environment, regardless of what the challenges may be.

    European pharmaceutical companies #avema #pharma #solutions

    #european pharmaceutical companies



    Our health care costs are constantly rising. This is mainly due to demographic developments, making appropriate and affordable health care increasingly difficult. We have to face this challenge to our health policies today, so that we can ensure good health care for tomorrow.

    Europe an opportunity.

    Founded in 1979, kohlpharma is now one of the leading importers of pharmaceuticals in Europe. And we remain an owner-led, independent family company to this day.

    Drugs are generally produced by multi-national pharmaceutical companies. These companies have varying pricing strategies within the EU, which leads to what can be significant differences in price. kohlpharma buys these original branded drugs from the multinational pharmaceutical companies at low prices in EU countries and then imports them to Germany. This allows us to price our imported drugs on average about 10% lower than the original German preparations. With many preparations, the savings are even greater.

    2 options 1 goal.

    There are two types of imports, although there is no difference at all in the result: About 90% of our branded drugs are parallel imports. These are original drugs from international pharmaceutical companies that have been produced in European Union countries. Just as manufacturers import their drugs to Germany to sell them here, this is what kohlpharma does. About 10% are re-imports. These are drugs that have been manufactured in Germany and they are exported by the manufacturer to be sold in the EU. kohlpharma then returns these to Germany as re-imports.

    Easing the burden on the health system.

    In close cooperation with doctors and pharmacies, the prescription and dispensing of import-drugs means an annual saving in the region of 300 million Euros*. And this saving could easily be doubled. The presence of the imported drugs alone ensures that price increases in the pharmaceutical industry are kept in line. So we have an important role to play in ensuring cost-conscious drug supply.

    *Source: VAD Verband der Arzneimittelimporteure Deutschlands e.V. Statement as part of the public consultation on 19.5.2010 for drafting a law to revise health insurance-related issues and other requirements.

    The Top 50 Global Pharma Companies 2013 #dishman #pharma

    #european pharmaceutical companies


    The Top 50 Global Pharma Companies 2013

    The Pharmaceutical Executive magazine published its annual ranking of the Top 50 Pharma Companies Worldwide based on sales earlier this month. New York -based Pfizer(PFE ) was topped the list with a sales of over $47.4 billion in 2012.

    The Top 50 Global Pharma Companies are listed in the tables below:

    Click to enlarge

    Here are a few observations:

    • Swiss drug giant Novartis(NVS ) came in at number two with sales of over $45.0 billion.
    • Among the top 10, five are European pharma companies including Novartis, Sanofi (SNY ), Roche (RHHBY ), GlaxoSmithkline(GSK ), and Astrazeneca (AZN ).
    • Teva (TEVA ) of Israel, the world s largest generic maker had revenues of sales of over $17.0 billion and took the 11th spot. Teva s growth so far has been astonishing and is now within striking distance of taking the 10th rank from Eli Lilly(LLY ).
    • For the first time, Indian pharma maker Ranbaxy Laboratories appears in this top 50 list. Ranbaxy is majority-owned by Daiichi Sankyo of Japan.
    • For the first time in more than 50 years, year-on-year growth contracted in the U.S. market due to patent expiration of blockbusters such as Plavix, Seroquel, Lipitor, and Zyprexa and increased scrutiny of pricing by payers and regulatory approvals.
    • Due to the ongoing recession, growth in Europe was flat.
    • Fresenius is a leader in the dialysis market. Its Medical Care division trades on the NYSE under the ticker FMS .

    Disclosure: No Positions

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    Contract Manufacturer India, Contract Manufacturing India, Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company India #pharma #inc

    #contract pharmaceutical companies


    CIRON Group, a Contract Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Company launched and initiated together a modern lyophilizer for injection and bulk. GMP quality assurance procedures guarantee a peak performance of all products. With the assistance of latest equipments, the automated and modern production process has been prepared. We offer a complete range of services with prompt and reliable assistance for all our customers.

    We manufacture an extensive spectrum of brand pharmaceutical formulation products in almost any form. Importers, distributors, and agents are always welcome to help us to introduce our products on their national markets.

    CIRON also provides attractive dossier licensing opportunities. Amongst the main activities, contract manufacturers of capsules and tablets are involved along with the production of CIRON S own commercial range. Being private-owned and fully independent pharmaceutical formulation company, CIRON offers flexible terms of trade and gives each customer a personal attention. Thanks to modern production line and GMP standards, our products are of highest quality and yet reasonably priced.

    Your entire product definition information is being captured and organized by CIRON in a secure online environment, so everyone works together on the same set of product data. Your organization will able to share information internally easily and securely, in addition, outsourced partners and suppliers can also be invited to view and work with information as much or as little as you choose. CIRON solves the challenges of working with an extended design chain so your outsourcing partnerships work better for you.

    Consequently, our large-scale production capacities, highly qualified production, and quality control staff, state of art WHO-GMP certified manufacturing facility combines to give a perfect environment for outsourcing or contract manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

    Kindly contact us for your requirements to enable us to give you our best rates. We offer our products on third party basis and under neutral label for export.

    We welcome you to visit our Plant for your satisfaction.

    Contract Pharmaceutical Sales & Representative for Companies #med #pharma

    #contract pharmaceutical companies


    Sales and Marketing Services

    Nearly all sales are outsourced . Few manufacturers sell directly to the end user of their products. Most manufactured goods, including pharmaceuticals, travel through a logistics and supply chain between the manufacturing facility and the end customer. Nivagen is an expert at selling in the North American market from manufacturer to the hospital, local distributor and retail level. As a manufacturer, you will want to maximize your sales by using the best sales organization available. Your return on investment and market share will be determined, to a large extent, on the time it takes to penetrate the market. In the North American pharmaceuticals market, It s who you know and your rapport with the client that determines the winners.

    Every business has its individual core strengths. One of Nivagen s core strengths the ability of our sales team to launch new generic products in the US market. The Nivagen sales team has decades of experience in launching generic pharmaceuticals. We provide you with complete turnkey sales solution much faster and better than you can build for yourself. With Nivagen you will get instant access to 160 national points of distribution. Nivagen will represent you and your products to chain drug stores, regional wholesalers, mass merchandisers, hospitals, GPO s, mail order pharmacies and other major buying groups.

    Nivagen provides you with one stop shopping where will help you formulate sales and marketing strategy, pricing strategy, competition analysis and promotional material. With our logistics partner will take care of all your warehousing, distribution, recalls, invoicing, inventory management, reverse distribution and accounts receivable collection.

    Top 10 pharma companies in social media #pharma #japan

    #pharma social media


    Top 10 pharma companies in social media

    Social media success in consumer marketing has advanced beyond counting fans and followers. Today it’s all about shares, retweets and links that indicate real consumer engagement with brands.

    That hasn’t been the case in pharma marketing, where hesitation to interact with consumers often trumps the desire to experiment. Engagement isn’t a dirty word, but it’s still a scary one in this industry. Measuring viral spread is more likely to be something that’s happening in the labs.

    Ogilvy Healthworld’s annual social media audit–now in its second year–attempts to quantify the connections pharma brands make online. The survey of 14 corporate social media efforts in the industry attempts to go beyond measuring likes and follows. While it does take those into account, its audit seeks to measure engagement, activity and “viral-ness” of social media activity. It tracks 10 social networks–Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SlideShare, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Vine, Flickr and Instagram–and uses a weighting system to even out the natural bias large companies would automatically have.

    The data for this year’s study was tracked for one week in each month of May, July and September 2014. Ogilvy only looked at the pharma companies’ corporate handle activities, not individual product brands, across 6 categories: social presence, social network, community size, activity, engagement and virality.

    It’s not surprising that Ogilvy found the old saying “bigger isn’t always better” held true. Some of the largest companies with the most fans and followers didn’t fare nearly as well as some of the smaller and companies that happened to be more connected to their communities. Connectedness was key: Ogilvy’s top 5 all had engagement scores that topped their community size scores.

    But how did that engagement happen? Quoting the Nike brand motto: Just do it. Activity was the key behavior in spurring engagement, Ogilvy reported, with the most active social media efforts also having the most engaged audiences. Just as many consumer brands have discovered, simply broadcasting messages across social media platforms is proving ineffective.

    Ogilvy’s conclusion was that those at the top are superior at “connecting the dots.” That is, they’re doing a better job integrating social media strategy into their overall marketing platforms.

    The good news is that everyone in the pharma business is getting more adept and more comfortable using social media. Tweets increased by 530% year over year among the 14 companies Ogilvy studied, going from a total of 75 to 475 per week. The number of followers grew as well, by 295% to 790,000 total. Companies are using more social networks, too, with six companies now on Pinterest (a 200% increase) and Flickr (a 100% increase) and four on Vine, which Ogilvy just began tracking in 2014. YouTube reach, although still small, more than doubled from 12,000 to 28,000 subscribers overall.

    While pharma companies have legitimate reasons to hesitate, with 140-character limitations and fair balance guidelines to consider, those concerns aren’t stopping those at the top of the chart. (And by the way, neither is the FDA.) Consumers, patients and physicians seem open to social media messaging that by its concise nature cuts to the core benefit or quickly reveals new information. Ogilvy’s advice to pharma? Be brave and move fast, but “wear a life jacket.” — Beth Snyder Bulik (email )

    Book traversal links for Top 10 pharma companies in social media

    The British Association of European Pharmaceutical Distributors, BAEPD #kemwell #pharma

    #pharmaceutical distribution companies



    The British Association of European Pharmaceutical Distributors (BAEPD) is the professional organisation representing 14 companies all of whom possess the appropriate Licences granted by the Department of Health through the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the competent regulatory authority.

    These Licences authorise the specific Company to whom such approvals have been given, to source prescription pharmaceuticals from any member state within the European Union (EU) and to distribute such products into the supply chain in the United Kingdom, normally either to the retail pharmacy, the dispensing general practitioner or Hospitals/Clinics.

    Member companies engaged within the Parallel Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry (PPDI) purchase licensed prescription medicines from whichever country has the lowest price and distribute them in a country where the price is higher. A considerable saving therefore is achieved by the Health Service providers (and the Government), a saving which helps in the drug cost containment programme while enabling added value to be realised within the sector.

    The PPDI is primarily concerned with ensuring that the high standards of public health safety as laid down and enforced by the relevant persons within the MHRA are maintained. To this end the BAEPD has its own Code of Conduct to which member companies must adhere.

    Please feel free to take a look around our website. Included on the pages inside you will find a summary of the case for parallel imports, a history of our sometimes troubled relationship with the drugs manufacturers, and a list of BAEPD members, as well as information on what BAEPD does for its members.

    The British Association of European Pharmaceutical Distributors
    registered number: 01801727 | registered office: 15a Station Road, Epping, Essex CM16 4HG. All contents BAEPD

    Raptor pharma #pharmaceutical #company

    #raptor pharma


    U.S. drug developer Raptor Pharmaceuticals explores sale: sources

    By Carl O’Donnell

    n”>(Reuters) – Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp ( RPTP.O ), a U.S. company that develops drugs to treat orphan diseases, is reaching out to investment banks for a financial adviser to explore a sale of itself, according to people familiar with the matter.

    The pharmaceutical industry is taking a greater interest in so-called orphan drugs because their strong patent protection helps ensure reliable pricing power for drug makers.

    At the same time, volatile markets are making it difficult for small life sciences companies with expansive development pipelines such as Raptor’s to raise cash for research. This in turn makes these small companies more inclined to sell themselves to a well capitalized acquirer.

    Raptor’s move is exploratory and may not lead to a sale, the people said this week, asking not to be identified because the deliberations are confidential.

    The company did not respond to a request for comment. Its shares ended trading up 24.4 percent at $5.81 on the news on Wednesday, giving it a market capitalization of around $500 million.

    Based in Novato, California, Raptor reported nearly $100 million in sales in 2015 from its drug procysbi, which treats the rare genetic disorder, nephropathic cystinosis. However, Raptor’s operating expenses exceeded $100 million in 2015.

    (Reporting by Carl O’Donnell in New York; Editing by Leslie Adler and Steve Orlofsky)

    Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Distributor Registration #pharma #manufacturing #jobs

    #pharmaceutical manufacturer


    Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Distributor Registration

    This policy is intended to assist manufacturers and/or distributors of prescription pharmaceuticals to ascertain whether they need to obtain a controlled substances registration from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH). Such a controlled substances registration would be required under Massachusetts law and regulation (M.G.L. c. 94C and 105 CMR 700.000) if a company were to manufacture, distribute or dispense a controlled substance in the Commonwealth, or possess a controlled substance with the intent of manufacturing, distributing or dispensing. Please note that in accordance with Massachusetts law the term controlled substance denotes any prescription pharmaceutical (i.e. either a federally controlled substance or a legend drug).

    If you are a manufacturer and/or a distributor in Massachusetts and your company does not manufacture, dispense or distribute a controlled substance within the Commonwealth, or possess a controlled substance for such purposes your company does not need, and has no basis for obtaining, a controlled substances registration from Massachusetts.

    If you are a manufacturer and/or a distributor outside of Massachusetts and your company does not manufacture, dispense or distribute a controlled substance within the Commonwealth, or possess a controlled substance in the Commonwealth for such purposes your company does not need, and has no basis for obtaining, a controlled substances registration from Massachusetts.

    Thus, for example, a manufacturer or distributor of a prescription pharmaceutical is not required to register if manufacture, storage and distribution of the pharmaceutical is handled from outside the state and the only activity within Massachusetts is direct delivery to a registered entity in the state.

    If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact the Drug Control Program at 617-983-6700.

    Public Health, Social Media – Pharmaceutical Industry – C3iHC Healthcare Blog #dragon #pharma

    #pharma social media


    2014 has become a blockbuster year for Social Media guidance from the FDA. This week the FDA published draft guidance on the “Do’s and Don’ts” of social media platforms with character limitations (like Twitter) and how to correct user generated content (UGC) with misinformation .

    In both of these publications, the FDA continued to make clear that the guidelines were developed with public health in mind.

    “The public health is best served when risk and effectiveness information about drug and device products is clearly and accurately communicated.”

    The references to public health reinforce the primary goal of these documents, which is to address — with the best of intentions — how prescription drug manufactures and medical device companies can use newer technologies to enhance patient knowledge and understanding.

    Today, the public — which is comprised of our patients or healthcare consumers — turns to numerous social media sources for information about their disease or medication. They also…

    • share healthcare stories, concerns, triumphs and failures
    • sometimes provide inaccurate information regarding drugs
    • inform their social communities of adverse drug reactions
    • struggle with conflicting, potentially lethal guidance provided by unknown and likely uneducated sources

    And until now the public’s health has been in jeopardy because without FDA guidance all of these posts, tweets and blogs were minimally addressed even by “socially astute pharmaceutical manufacturers.

    The inevitable expansion of social media, within the FDA regulated environment, will improve our patient’s knowledge and understanding of diseases, drugs, medical devices, healthcare, etc. as those licensed to manufacture and market healthcare therapies expand their listening, engaging, analyzing and reporting of social interactions.

    Maybe now we can move forward with well thought-out, coherent and appropriate social media strategies to support public health, our brands and our corporate reputations.

    Suir Pharma Ireland #generic #pharmaceutical #companies

    #pharma manufacturer


    Stada Production Ireland T/A Suir Pharma Ireland

    Welcome to Suir Pharma Ireland

    ​Suir Pharma is an Independent contract manufacturing company working with many established Pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

    Suir Pharma (Formerly a Stada AG manufacturing site) is well known as an established manufacturer of generic medicines for more than 40 years with the highest quality standards. We are currently supplying various markets in Europe and have been supplying the United States since 1988.

    Both the facilities and resources of our site strategically position Suir Pharma to provide a high quality and cost effective contract manufacturing solution to your company.

    We are equipped to deal with all areas of solid dosage form manufacturing from development of the formulation to distribution of the product, with each service being uniquely tailored to your company’s specific needs.

    Why we’re Different?

    • ​Our Reputation and proven track record on efficient product transfers.
    • Suir Pharma possesses the only FDA approved Independent Anti-Biotic plant in Europe.
    • Suir Pharma provides a competitive CMO environment with highly professional structures in place.
    • Speed and flexibility of personnel to deal with an evolving marketplace.
    • Ability to handle broad range of Active Ingredients making the site one of the more experienced in Europe in dealing with complexity.
    • Our expertise in the manufacture and handling of controlled drugs.

    We strongly feel with the dynamic style of management at Suir Pharma we will become your partner of choice in the future of outsourcing projects.

    Recent News

    Saneca Pharmaceuticals Acquires Suir Pharma

    AMA Calls for Ban on Direct to Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices

    #pharmaceutical advertising


    AMA News Room

    AMA Calls for Ban on Direct to Consumer Advertising of Prescription Drugs and Medical Devices

    For immediate release:
    Nov. 17, 2015

    ATLANTA Responding to the billions of advertising dollars being spent to promote prescription products, physicians at the Interim Meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) today adopted new policy aimed at driving solutions to make prescription drugs more affordable.

    Physicians cited concerns that a growing proliferation of ads is driving demand for expensive treatments despite the clinical effectiveness of less costly alternatives.

    Today s vote in support of an advertising ban reflects concerns among physicians about the negative impact of commercially-driven promotions, and the role that marketing costs play in fueling escalating drug prices, said AMA Board Chair-elect Patrice A. Harris, M.D. M.A. Direct-to-consumer advertising also inflates demand for new and more expensive drugs, even when these drugs may not be appropriate.

    The United States and New Zealand are the only two countries in the world that allow direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs. Advertising dollars spent by drug makers have increased by 30 percent in the last two years to $4.5 billion, according to the market research firm Kantar Media.

    New AMA policy also calls for convening a physician task force and launching an advocacy campaign to promote prescription drug affordability by demanding choice and competition in the pharmaceutical industry, and greater transparency in prescription drug prices and costs.

    Physicians strive to provide the best possible care to their patients, but increases in drug prices can impact the ability of physicians to offer their patients the best drug treatments, said Dr. Harris. Patient care can be compromised and delayed when prescription drugs are unaffordable and subject to coverage limitations by the patient s health plan. In a worst-case scenario, patients forego necessary treatments when drugs are too expensive.

    New AMA policy responds to deepened concerns that anticompetitive behavior in a consolidated pharmaceutical marketplace has the potential to increase drug prices. The AMA will encourage actions by federal regulators to limit anticompetitive behavior by pharmaceutical companies attempting to reduce competition from generic manufacturers through manipulation of patent protections and abuse of regulatory exclusivity incentives.

    The AMA will also monitor pharmaceutical company mergers and acquisitions, as well as the impact of such actions on drug prices. Patent reform is a key area for encouraging greater market-based competition and new AMA policy will support an appropriate balance between incentives for innovation on the one hand and efforts to reduce regulatory and statutory barriers to competition as part of the patent system.

    Last month, the Kaiser Family Foundation released a report saying that a high cost of prescription drugs remains the public s top health care priority. In the past few years, prices on generic and brand-name prescription drugs have steadily risen and experienced a 4.7 percent spike in 2015, according to the Altarum Institute Center for Sustainable Health Spending.

    The AMA s new policy recognizes that the promotion of transparency in prescription drug pricing and costs will help patients, physicians and other stakeholders understand how drug manufacturers set prices. If there is greater understanding of the factors that contribute to prescription drug pricing, including the research, development, manufacturing, marketing and advertising costs borne by pharmaceutical companies, then the marketplace can react appropriately.

    Raptor Pharma to Stop Development of Liver Drug: Here – s Why: Healthy Living #glide

    #raptor pharma


    Raptor Pharma to Stop Development of Liver Drug: Here s Why

    Raptor Pharma announced that it will no longer pursue the development of its experimental drug RP103 as treatment for the liver disease Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis in children. (Photo. Bill Brooks | Flickr)

    Raptor Pharmaceutical Corporation is pulling the plug on an experimental drug as treatment for a liver disease.

    In a statement released on Monday, Sept.14, the biopharmaceutical company said that the drug called RP103 (cysteamine bitartrate) did not meet the main goals in the Phase 2b CyNCh study.

    The study, which involved 169 participants between 8 and 17 years old, evaluated the efficacy and safety of RP103 in children diagnosed with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), a liver inflammation and damage attributed to the build-up of fat in the liver. The condition can cause scarring of the liver, which could lead to cirrhosis.

    For the trial, the participants randomly received either 600 mg per day, 750 mg per day, 900 mg per day of the experimental drug or placebo for a period of 52 weeks. Results showed that the patients who took RP103 did not experience significant improvements in their liver disease.

    The drug met its main goal in the first mid-stage study conducted in 2010 but based on the result of the latest clinical trial, the company said that it will no longer pursue the development of the drug for NASH.

    Raptor, however, said that it will continue developing the drug for Huntington’s disease and mitochondrial diseases. RP103 is also being developed as treatment for the degenerative disease Huntington’s and Leigh Syndrome, a neurological disorder.

    In a statement, Raptor President Julie Anne Smith expressed disappointment on the outcome of the trial. Nonetheless, she said that the company remains devoted to the development of treatments for people who were diagnosed with rare diseases.

    “While these trial results replicated the serological improvements seen in the earlier Phase 2a study, they did not translate into a measurable effect on histology. We’re disappointed with this outcome given the paucity of treatment for these children with NASH. While we’ll work closely with the NIDDK to understand the full data set, we do not expect to advance this program based on topline results,” said Smith.

    The results from the trial, which was sponsored by a unit of the National Institute of Health, resulted in the company’s share to fall by 34 percent in premarket trading on Monday.

    The results of the trial will be submitted for publication and will be presented at the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases meeting in San Francisco, California this coming November.

    Photo: Bill Brooks | Flickr


    Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Chemical Company Jobs in the State of California #pharmaceutical #industry

    #pharmaceutical companies in orange county


    VIVUS is developing and commercializing advanced therapeutic systems for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, commonly referred to as impotence. The company’s core technology, the transurethral system for erection, is based on the discovery that the urethra, although an excretory duct, can absorb certain pharmacologic agents into the surrounding erectile tissues.

    Miltenyi Biotec is a global provider of products and services that advance biomedical research and cellular therapy. The company s innovative tools support research at every level, from basic research to translational research to clinical application.

    BioChain is focused on the development and commercialization of tools for biomedical research in the fields of genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and clinical diagnosis.

    DepoMed is involved in the development of innovative and unique pharmaceutical products for the biopharmaceutical industry through the use of its proprietary oral drug delivery technologies.

    Revance Therapeutics is focused on developing products in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

    StemCells is focused on the research and development of stem-cell based products with an initial focus on treatment of disorders of the central nervous system (CNS) and liver.

    BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. is a privately held biopharmaceutical company specializing in the discovery, development and commercialization of carbohydrate enzyme therapeutics.

    Custom research and supplies for Biotechnology companies.

    Raptor Pharmaceuticals is focused on the research and development of new products by the application of drug targeting and formulation expertise to existing products.

    Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical is focused on the research and development of therapeutics for patients with rare and ultra-rare genetic diseases to market.

    World Heart Corporation is focused on the development and commercialization of ventricular assist devices.

    Becton Dickinson manufactures and sells medical supplies and device sand diagnostic systems for use by healthcare professionals,research institutions, industry and the general public

    Genentech,Inc. is a leading biotechnology company using human genetic information to develop, manufacture and market biopharmaceuticals that address significant unmet medical needs.

    Gilead has a broad-based focus in infectious disease,including antivirals, antifungals and antibiotics,as well as a specialized focus in oncology.

    UPDATE 1-U #pharmaceutical #science

    #raptor pharma


    UPDATE 1-U.S. drug developer Raptor Pharmaceuticals explores sale -sources

    (Adds share reaction, more details)

    April 6 (Reuters) – Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp, a U.S. company that develops drugs to treat orphan diseases, is reaching out to investment banks for a financial adviser to explore a sale of itself, according to people familiar with the matter.

    The pharmaceutical industry is taking a greater interest in so-called orphan drugs because their strong patent protection helps ensure reliable pricing power for drug makers.

    At the same time, volatile markets are making it difficult for small life sciences companies with expansive development pipelines such as Raptor’s to raise cash for research. This in turn makes these small companies more inclined to sell themselves to a well capitalized acquirer.

    Raptor’s move is exploratory and may not lead to a sale, the people said this week, asking not to be identified because the deliberations are confidential.

    The company did not respond to a request for comment. Its shares ended trading up 24.4 percent at $5.81 on the news on Wednesday, giving it a market capitalization of around $500 million.

    Based in Novato, California, Raptor reported nearly $100 million in sales in 2015 from its drug procysbi, which treats the rare genetic disorder, nephropathic cystinosis. However, Raptor’s operating expenses exceeded $100 million in 2015.

    (Reporting by Carl O’Donnell in New York; Editing by Leslie Adler and Steve Orlofsky)

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    About us – Member Companies #q #pharma

    #pharmaceutical research companies


    About us Member Companies

    The vfa, the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (vfa), is the trade organization of research-based pharmaceutical companies in Germany. 45 leading research-based pharmaceutical companies are organized in the vfa. Together with their more than 100 subsidiaries and affiliated companies, they employ nearly 80,000 people in Germany.

    The vfa members represent more than two-thirds of the entire German pharmaceutical market. The vfa member companies are among the leading research-based pharmaceutical companies worldwide. They guarantee therapeutic progress in pharmaceuticals and ensure high-quality pharmaceutical therapy.

    In Germany more than 18,000 of their employees work in the field of research and development of pharmaceuticals. Here, the research-based pharmaceutical companies invest EUR 5.2 billion per year in pharmaceutical research. The Association of Research-based Pharmaceutical Companies represents a German high-tech industry that is competitive in the international markets.

    The Pharmaceutical Industry in Germany

    Germany: The Perfect Location for Research, Production and Sales – a publication by GERMANY TRADE INVEST and vfa
    Brochure Download

    Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers, Pharma Products Suppliers In India #pharmaceutical #company #list

    #pharma manufacturer


    Belco Pharma i s a WHO GMP certified company and is manufacturing Pharmaceutical formulations since 1975. The company is into manufacturing and development of pharmaceutical formulations under almost all dosage forms and categories of drugs, manufacturing more than 300 products.

    The company is among the leading generics and branded generics companies in India have a strong export base clientele and market capitalization. The company mainly caters to international markets and is working in about 25 counties and has strategic tie ups with various multinational and leading national companies for manufacturing their products for their own markets around the world.

    Copyright 2011 Belco Pharma. All rights reserved.

    Powered by WeblinkIndia.NET. The WebDesigning Development Company

    BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science #pharma #pack

    #pharmaceutical science


    BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science

    Entry Requirements

    Entry criteria detail typical offers but USW considers all applications on an individual basis which means that we could make offers based on qualifications, personal profile and experience. Combinations of qualifications are acceptable and other qualifications not listed may also be acceptable.

    Typical A-Level Offer

    BCC to include Chemistry and normally one other Science, but to exclude General Studies

    Typical Welsh Bacc Offer

    Grade C and BC at A Level to include Chemistry and normally one other Science, but to exclude General Studies

    Typical BTEC Offer

    BTEC Extended Diploma Distinction Merit Merit in a relevant subject to include Chemistry modules

    Typical IB Offer

    29 points to include 16 points at Higher Level to include Chemistry and one other Science at Higher Level grade 5

    Typical Access to HE Offer

    Maths or Science Diploma with 60 credits overall to include 45 level 3 credits equating to 12 Distinctions, 18 Merits and 15 Passes to include Chemistry modules


    GCSEs: The University normally requires a minimum 5 GCSEs including Mathematics and English at Grade C or above, or their equivalent but consideration is given to individual circumstances

    International Entry Requirements

    We also welcome international applications with equivalent qualifications. Please visit the country specific pages on our international website for exact details.

    English Requirements

    In general, international applicants will need to have achieved an overall IELTS grade of 6.0 with a minimum score of 5.5 in each component.

    However, if you have previously studied through the medium of English IELTS might not be required, but please visit the country specific page on our international website for exact details. If your country is not featured please contact us.

    Tuition Fees

    Pharmatech design and manufacture a wide range of Pharmaceutical Equipment including Blenders, Hoists, Tippers, Drums,

    #pharma tech


    Pharmatech are specialists in powder blending and powder processing for the pharmaceutical and allied industries.

    Pharmatech have many years of experience of designing,manufacturing, installing and servicing powder processing systems. Our unique mix of highly qualified engineers and industrial pharmacists ensures that our customers get the equipment they need.

    NIR Blenders – BlendView PAT

    Pharmatech design and manufacture a complete range of GMP correct powder blending machines. All sizes are available from laboratory to production scale.

    Pharmatech are world leaders in applying NIR monitoring technology to blenders.

    The BlendView PAT System can be installed in any pharmatech blender.

    Pharmatech are world leaders in powder handling and in blending technology.

    Pharmatech is renowned for providing highly innovative, practical solutions to powder handling and processing problems. Our extensive range of GMP correct equipment means that we can supply everything from a small bench top blender right through to complete granulation and blending suites.

    Pharmatech have the world’s largest range of tumble blenders. Whatever your batch size, whether it is just a few grammes or a few Tonnes, we have a blender that will suit .

    Pharmatech customers include companies of all sizes from all the major blue chip multinationals right down to small start up companies. Please ask us for a reference list.

    We fully understand the high standards demanded by the modern pharmaceutical industry.

    Pharmatech is based in Coleshill in England. We have supplied equipment to all continents of the world so even if you are not based in the UK please contact us with your details. We have a network of high quality partners around the world to help you.

    Pharmatech is a division of Terriva Ltd. and is BS EN ISO9001:2008 registerered

    Pharmatech is a division of Terriva Ltd.
    Copyright 2005-2016 Pharmatech, all rights reserved. Multiblend, FlexiSieve FlexiCone are Trade Marks belonging to Pharmatech.
    All Rights Reserved. Reproduction Prohibited unless prior permission is granted in writing.

    Cookie Policy – This site does not use cookies

    Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp #pharma #company

    #raptor pharma


    Traders Salivating For Action In Raptor Pharma: Here Are The Facts

    Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. (NASDAQ: RPTP ) is a bio-pharmaceutical company that focuses on the development of treatment for people affected by various diseases, including nephropathic cystinosis in adults and children.

    The stock was seeing some heavy buying action earlier this week on takeover chatter.

    Reuters said on April 6 Raptor has consulted with investment bankers and financial advisers to explore a potential sale.

    On Thursday, Bloomberg reported Retrophin, the company founded by Martin Shkreli, was said to be considering a takeover of Raptor Pharmaceutical.

    Raptor s stock gained nearly 7 percent early Friday morning as traders and investors were likely confused by what appeared to be another positive development for the company.

    The Virginian Pilot reported on a story that a company by the name Raptor Technologies won a contract to provide security systems to schools that taps into a national database to screen out registered sex offenders.

    As pointed out on Benzinga s Market-Moving Exclusive s feed, the company has no relation whatsoever to Raptor Pharmaceutical, besides the Raptor portion of the name.

    It s possible that automated trading machines, which constantly scan available news sources, made the error of attributing Raptor Technologies contract win with Raptor Pharmaceuticals.

    Once it became clear there was no relationship between the companies, shares of Raptor Pharmaceuticals gave up most of its early morning gains and was down more than 4 percent after the opening bell.

    2016 Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved.

    Home – PHARMATECH: PHARMATECH #pharma #advertising

    #pharma tech


    Get more information about Pharmatech s experience and services

    Pharmatech Benefits

    • Pharmatech is an oncology focused CRO/SMO with significant experience in Phase I, II, III trials.
    • Innovative AccessPPM program the world s most powerful patient recruitment tool developed to overcome the challenges of biomarker driven trials.
    • Unique and exceptional ability to open/activate university and hospital sites within 10 business days using our Just-In-Time approach.
    • Largest oncology network in the US 340 research centers including universities, hospitals and advanced community based sites.
    • Full service oncology CRO with the ability to overcome the most significant challenges patient recruitment.

    Cost Effective

    Patient Centered

    True Partnerships

    Proven Results

    There are significant inefficiencies in the clinical trials process and Pharmatech solutions overcomes them to provide a significant cost savings for managing CRO and SMO projects. Our unique enrollment methodology provides not only a highly efficient enrollment strategy but also a cost effective solution. By eliminating non-enrolling sites and using previously screened patients for biomarker trials, Pharmatech has eradicated superfluous costs and streamlined the entire clinical trial process.

    A direct focus on patients, is just one more thing that sets Pharmatech apart from other companies in the clinical trials industry. By ensuring that patients have easy and supported access to clinical trials, that are not only saving their lives but also the lives of those around them, Pharmatech is ensuring that future generations can benefit from the results that we find today.

    Throughout studies we are fully dedicated to ensuring that your trial is run not only efficiently but as transparently as possible. Pharmatech views themselves as a partner to each sponsor and as a partner it is completely invested in a positive and successful outcome.

    Our approach has shown a higher success rate than many of the traditional enrolling methods by 30 200% improvement. Contact us to learn how you can double your enrollment rates, mitigate risks, and eliminate non-accruing sites.

    Recent Press Releases

    October 28, 2014

    Denver, Colorado (October 28, 2014) Pharmatech seeking biomarker targeting lung cancer studies. Following the successful launch of AccessPPM, Pharmatech has begun its series of clinical trials in a portfolio of studies planned to treat the different molecular drivers of lung cancer. This approach, which will also be applied for other types of cancer, is

    Why Choose Pharmatech?

    Our core competency is working with small to mid-sized pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Understanding the unique needs of our clients and establishing an ongoing dialogue allows us to offer greater flexibility than many other CROs, both from operational and pricing perspectives.

    We understand that project team turnover adversely affects the project as a whole. To ensure our sponsors consistent Project Management we commit to, and will specify in our contract, not transferring any key project team members to other “more important” client projects.

    With over 100 completed projects in oncology we ve been there and done that. Our experience leads to better results, a greater understanding, and thoughtful foresight into all the projects on which we work. We are also a leading innovator in biomarker related research.

    Superior customer service is our trademark. We strive to make sure all your needs are met and each project has a specially selected executive oversight team that ensures the entire process runs smoothly.

    BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science with Optional Sandwich Placement #pharma #newsletter

    #pharmaceutical science


    BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science with Optional Sandwich Placement/ Study Abroad BSc (Hons)

    Pharmaceutical scientists play a vital role in the development of new medicines, from discovery chemistry, through to formulation development, manufacture and clinical testing, and post marketing pharmacovigilance.

    We have developed our Pharmaceutical Science programme in collaboration with a range of local and national companies. As a direct result we have significantly increased the laboratory hours offered to our undergraduates.

    Our connections with these major pharmaceutical companies ensure this course is relevant and continues to meet the needs of today s graduates. In addition, these links will provide you with unique opportunities to gain valuable experience during your placement year and utilise the knowledge of the best visiting lecturers from the pharmaceutical industry.

    The range of modules we offer allows you to understand the fundamental underpinning sciences of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and pharmacology before building specialist knowledge in drug design, formulation development and clinical testing, whilst equipping you with the essential skills employers want to see in their graduate employees. Our links with major pharmaceutical companies ensure this course is up to date and meeting the needs of today s graduates.

    Why choose this course?

    First year
    You will study modules introducing you to the fundamentals of pharmaceutical chemistry and analytical chemistry, biology and biochemistry, as well as a human physiology and pharmacology. You will learn to use a range of experimental techniques and analytical tools in practice as well as in theory. You will develop strong data evaluation and presentation skills.

    Second year
    You will study analytical chemistry at an advanced level, dosage form design and manufacture, methods in drug design, formulation development and a more specialist pharmacology module. This will give you the scientific knowledge, laboratory and analytical skills to undertake a work placement year in any stage of the pharmaceutical drug development pipeline with one of our overseas partners.

    Work placement/study abroad
    We strongly recommend that our students undertake a supervised work placement; recent placements have been based in government and charity-funded research institutions, healthcare companies, agrochemical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, environmental agencies and the NHS.

    Alternatively, you can choose to spend the year studying at one of our partner universities.

    Final year
    In your final year you will spend one entire semester carrying out an independent extended research project, enabling you to develop and hone the laboratory, research and documentation skills sought by employers. You will also study modules in pharmaceutical industry practice; simulating real life industry scenarios, and the translation of laboratory science into clinical trials and marketed products, as well as being able to specialise in a core discipline including medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical formulation development or pharmacology.

    Entry requirements.


    Please call the clearing hotline number on 0300 303 6300

    FierceCRO – s Top 5 Strategic CRO #promius #pharma

    #cro pharma


    FierceCRO s Top 5 Strategic CRO/Pharma Partnerships

    Contract research organizations go back decades, but it is only within the past few years that they have coalesced as their own force in the biotech industry. A noticeable shift occurred in outsourcing research and clinical work when Big Pharma R D costs skyrocketed. Companies like Sanofi ($SNY), Eli Lilly ($LLY) and Pfizer ($PFE) began turning to CROs to help with the budget pressures. That in turn led to the global rise of drug development outsourcing and that is what led us to launch FierceCRO in February.

    As the demand for outsourcing has grown, there has been an evolving need for how partnerships should be structured. Strategic partnerships now include configurations like functional service provider (FSP) outsourcing, which embraces a more specialized, individual service provider rather than a one-size-fits-all model with a company picking different CROs based on specific disciplines. Some agreements are emphasizing data managment, allowing companies a portal into expanded data resources and so saving time and money.

    With this in mind, FierceCRO presents the Top 5 strategic CRO/Pharma partnerships in descending order. For the record, let us state that this list, while thoroughly researched, is subjective.The partnerships highlighted are here because they are good examples of the innovative ways companies are structuring these arrangements. Whether you agree with the list or not, let me know your thoughts. And if you can think of better partnerships that we overlooked, let us know by either commenting below or reaching out to me via email or Twitter. There is always room to disagree.

    Studies tell us outsourced research and manufacturing shows no signs of slowing in the immediate future. As the work grows, new kinds of partnerships will develop to assure the best for the entities involved, and we assure you that FierceCRO will be there to tell you about it. — Nesa Nourmohammadi (email | Twitter )

    PME – Pharmaceutical Market Europe #pharma #rep #jobs

    #pharmaceutical marketing


    Pharmaceutical Market Europe (PME)

    Streaming Well is an award-winning video production company specialising in healthcare communications. We help healthcare providers tell their stories and.

    Slide Deck: Kinetic: A new approach shaping the future of advisory boards How many times have we attended meetings that have little direction, or no clear objectives and left feeling disinterested and disengaged? Our “Kinetic” consulting approach is set to change all.

    Alzheimer’s disease: reviewing the immediate treatment horizon Account Manager Stuart Goodman takes a look at some of the promising categories of Phase 3 treatments that could soon be available to patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

    Anthill awarded full Veeva certification We are proud to announce we have been certified level 4 Veeva multichannel content partner.

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    Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences – Wiley Online Library

    #pharmaceutical science


    Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Announcement

    Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Announcement

    Please note that Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences has moved to publication with Elsevier from 2016. New content will be available from January 2016 at:

    Institutional subscribers will receive 2016 renewal notices from Elsevier. Subscribers should contact Elsevier directly with any access queries or other issues relating to their subscription. Contact details can be found on this website:

    Most Original and Most Significant Scientific Findings – Free Virtual Issue

    We are pleased to present the Fall 2015 virtual issue, featuring Mike Hageman s comments for the paper he chose:

    To download the full, freely available virtual issue, click here.

    Top Accessed Articles – Free Virtual Issue

    The editors of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences invite you to find out what the top accessed articles were in the journal from July to September 2015 click here!

    Published on behalf of the American Pharmacists Association, with the support of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)

    Science Careers Forum – Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Faculty, Postdoc jobs on Science Careers #pharmaceutical #companies #market

    #ucb pharma careers



    • Home
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    Science Careers Forum Advisors

    Dave Jensen – Moderator

    Dave Jensen writes the popular “Tooling Up” column for monthly career tips and techniques on the AAAS Science Careers website. In addition to his work for the AAAS, his monthly column “Managing Your Career” has been visible in biotech industry trade journals for nearly twenty years. His column ran for twelve years in BioPharm and is now in each issue of Contract Pharma where he is Contributing Editor.

    Mr. Jensen has published nearly 400 articles on management and personal development topics for these journals along with regular features in Genetic Engineering News and various magazines published by the American Chemical Society or the American Society for Microbiology. Mr. Jensen has delivered seminars and workshops in industry meetings internationally, including keynote presentations at career events held by the National Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins University, UNC Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt, University of Rochester, UCSF and the California State University Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB). He has also been on the faculty of the “Teaching Survival Skills and Ethics” Program from the University of Pittsburgh.

    From 2010 to 2015, Dave Jensen was Managing Director at Kincannon and Reed, a retained search firm working in the life sciences. In May of 2015, Jensen re-established the CTI Executive Search ( ) brand for his recruiting practice dating back to 1985.

    Richard Lemert

    I work for Synopsys, Inc. a world leader in providing software, intellectual property, and design services for semiconductor design, verification, and manufacturing. I am currently a Senior Design Consultant, using my knowledge of my company’s software to help semiconductor companies solve their design challenges on a contract basis. I’ve been with my company for nine years, although there was one short gap in in my employment after a corporate merger. This position represents a significant career change for me, as my previous experience includes six years teaching chemical engineering and four years serving as a chemical process engineer in a major nickel/copper metal refinery.

    I began my academic studies at the Colorado School of Mines, earning B.S. degrees in both chemistry and extractive metallurgical engineering. After a stint at the nickel plant I returned to school, getting a Master’s in chemical engineering from Lamar University. I then continued on to the University of Texas for my doctorate, which was earned under the direction of Keith Johnston. A one-year post-doc with Joe DeSimone at UNC-Chapel Hill preceded my faculty appointment at the University of Toledo. I was previously licensed as a Registered Professional Engineer, but have allowed my license to expire.

    Ana Mingorance-Le Meur

    I am a neurobiologist working in R this latter was a polymer-based biomaterials company which he helped found. He has also held managerial positions in sales, marketing and business development at a number of companies including Pharmacia Biotech, Ajinomoto and DSM Pharma Chemicals. At The Business/Technology Interface, Dick has provided consulting services in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals to over two dozen companies ranging from small start-ups to major multinationals. He has been involved with over a dozen start-up and early-stage companies for which he provided services in the areas of sales and marketing, business strategies and implementation. He has a BS in Biochemistry from Cornell University and a PhD in Molecular Cell Biology from The University of Alabama, Birmingham. In his spare time, he can be found masquerading as a carpenter at Habitat for Humanity build sites or annoying fish in the Florida Keys.

    Dave Walker

    I am a Key Account Manager for Active Motif, a biotech company specializing in products and services for life science research. After receiving a BA in Biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, I finished my PhD in Pharmacology at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. It was during my training that I developed an interest in the business side of science, and began volunteering at student-run associations in my spare time. I quickly realized the importance of networking and relationship building in career development. I became co-president of the Hopkins Biotech Network and interfaced with students and alumni across the science career spectrum; my extracurricular hobby had developed into a passion that opened doors. I had the opportunity to develop career training seminars and made many professional connections that I might have otherwise missed entirely. During grad school I lurked on the Science Careers website reading old articles and taking in as much as I could from the forum. After about a year I joined the community and began learning a great deal more.

    Quick Links

    Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis from JSB Market Research #pharma #careers

    #market research reports


    Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis

    JSB Market Research Pvt.Ltd was formed in 2013 and the portal for quality primary market research reports was launched to dedicatedly provide quick search service to global clients with no restriction to any industry verticals.

    We favour timeliness of deliverables as one of the prime points of business in today’s competitive market research arena. For us, the process adds value to our core business. But, as a competing firm with, JSB Market Research Pvt.Ltd is equally aligned to providing quality reports to clients.

    Accelerating business prospects with our market research reports

    Partnering with JSB enhances the industry analysis and market understanding. It also updates the present business line along with foresight to new ventures and spaces.

    JSB works on user requirements and how to promote business scale with end to end user specifications. This technique makes market research report and its outcome more beneficial for the clients. Not just restricted to pre-made services or products, JSB Market Research undertakes customization of projects, where in our clients can demand market research reports as per their specification.

    Market Research Reports and Forecasts from BCC Research #ranbaxy #pharma

    #market research reports


    Market Research Reports & Reviews

    BCC Research publishes over 250 market research reports annually. Our reports provide 5-year market forecasts with important statistical and analytical information on the markets, applications, industry structure, major players, market shares, industry dynamics, technology and technology shifts, and international developments relevant to these critical markets.

    Readers get a highly key, forward-looking information on hard-to-find market intelligence and insights into complex issues that allow them to acquire a competitive edge, refine their strategic planning and identify business opportunities.

    Coverage of Advanced Materials related industries like ceramics, glass, metals, alloys, construction material and other high technology processing areas.

    Covers automotive, rail and aviation industries.

    Expert analysis of leading-edge industry technologies involved in drug discovery, drug delivery, systems biology, proteomics, genomics, high-throughput screening, genetic diseases, nanotechnology, immunoassays or other biotech and pharmaceutical applications.

    Coverage of the Chemicals Industry that examines the impact of new technologies and the changing regulatory environment on both the specialty and commodity chemicals markets.

    Uncover all the elements of this ever-changing area, including analysis of the utility, oil, gas, nuclear technologies and alternative sources of energy like wind, solar energy etc.

    Market research reports and industry analysis for Engineering processes, product development and technologies.

    Research studies examine major market developments and technologies surrounding air, water, waste treatment and final disposition.

    Our Food and Beverage category covers areas like food testing, supplements, sweeteners and packaging technology.

    This category focuses on alkaline, molten carbonate, and proton exchange membranes (PEMs) fuel cells.

    Market research reports, industry analysis and forecasts for the Healthcare industry. Much of the analysis focuses on medical devices, human and animal health technologies, dental market equipment and other diagnostic tools.

    Our Information Technology category includes reports that analyze opportunities in networking, software/hardware, switching and transmission components businesses.

    Our Instrumentation and Sensors category offers a number of research reports that explore new techniques, market developments, and new product development in measurement equipments.

    Includes reports on machinery and technologies involved in manufacturing a variety of products.

    This category includes market research reports that cover new developments of Membrane and Separation Technology as it impacts water treatment, recycling, biopharmaceuticals, fuels cells, waste treatment, food processing and many other areas.

    This category covers Nanotechnology and its impact on various industry segments such as manufacturing, biotech, environmental and pharmaceutical.

    Market research reports, industry analysis and forecasts for the Pharmaceutical industry. This category covers all important market research from clinical-specific studies such as Therapeutics for Inflammatory Diseases to current event topics like The Worldwide Influenza Market.

    Photonics is an enabling technology involving the use of light that is replacing traditional electronics in many applications. Photonics technology is driving growth in many major end markets, including advanced manufacturing, communications/information technology, energy, defense, healthcare and medicine, and others. Market coverage by BCC Research provides market size estimates, growth rates, technology evaluations, company profiles, and in-depth analysis of emerging photonics applications and markets.

    This category covers market research involving the spectrum of materials, additives, processes, applications, and intermaterials competition of plastics and polymers.

    Our Safety and Security category focuses on important topics as they relate to homeland security, information technology, forensics, surveillance, and anti-terrorism.

    This category explores new technologies, standards, and advanced processes in semiconductor manufacturing.

    Market Research Reports, Forecasts and Industry Analysis from BCC Research #big #pharmaceutical #companies

    #market research reports


    Market Research Collections from BCC Research

    This BCC Research report deals exclusively with wireless technologies employed in the personal area network (PAN) and local area network (LAN) topologies. It forecasts the market size of wireless sensors from 2015 to 2021.

    This BCC Research report analyzes and measures the market for conventional conductive polymer composites, which incorporate conductive fillers in an insulative resin to achieve a measure of conductivity. Includes forecasts through 2021.

    This BCC Research report provides a comprehensive analysis of the pharmacy automation market’s current operations and equipment, current trends and detailed patent analysis. Structure and current market size of the pharmacy automation market are outlined with forecasts through 2021.

    This BCC Research report assesses the current state-of-the-art in synthesizing QDs, identifies the current market players seeking to exploit QD behavior, evaluates actual or potential markets in terms of application, type and projected commercial market revenues. Forecast provided through 2021.

    This BCC Research report analyzes the changing global food industry and its business climate, including data relating to and discussion of the diet and food distribution systems and major factors that affect markets for food and food additives. Forecasts provided through 2021.

    This BCC Research report provides an understanding of the ballast water treatment equipment industry and the market forces that affect it. Forecasts provided from 2015 to 2020.

    This BCC Research report provides an update on the most advanced processes employed for the fabrication of thin films, nanofilms and ultrathin films. Includes forecasts through 2021.

    Semiconductor Manufacturing – August 2016

    • Important Milestone Reached in 3-D Printed Circuit Boards An Israel-based electronics printing tech firm has completed the development of a software package for integration in the company s 3-D printer. The DragonFly 2020 3-D printer, currently in development, will use proprietary inks and the integrated software to quickly create fully functioning printed circuit board (PCB) prototypes.
    • Home Users Are Catalyst for Patient Monitoring Device Market Remote patient monitoring is drawing keen interest in the market for patient monitoring devices (PMDs). According to projections by BCC Research, the PMD market will grow from nearly $16.9 billion in 2015 to almost $23.8 billion in 2020, reflecting a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.1%. Last year, hospitals were the largest segment of the PMD end-user market, representing 51% of the total end-user market. But in terms of growth, home users are the fastest-growing end-user segment. The market for glucose monitoring and other devices that enable patient self-monitoring at home is expected to grow during BCC Research s forecast period.
    • In Space, No One Can Hear You Bio-Print Human Organs Two high-tech companies have teamed up to develop a 3-D bio-printer capable of manufacturing human organs and tissues in orbit. The joint effort could result in the ability to manufacture transplantable organs in space for patients on earth, and help enable long-duration human exploration of deep space.
    • The Brave New Applications of PCR Technology Technological advances are yielding different types of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques. BCC Research reveals in a new analysis that the use of PCR technology continues to expand into nonconventional applications, producing solid growth in the global market. PCR allows DNA sequencing, as well as the production of millions of copies of a specific DNA sequence, within minutes. As a result, PCR technology has helped make molecular diagnosis easier and faster. It is used frequently to diagnose disease, identify bacteria and viruses, and aid forensic investigations. And, so much more.
    • Biosimilar Therapies for Rheumatoid Arthritis Win Favor of FDA Panel The race is on to get biosimilar versions of the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatments Humira, the world s top-selling drug, and Enbrel, also in the top five, to market. Companies are simultaneously defending their own biologic treatments and developing biosimilars. Case in point: Last month, Amgen floated on a recommendation from an FDA panel to approve its alternative to AbbVie s Humira. But the following day, Novartis Sandoz division won similar support for FDA approval of a biosimilar to Amgen s Enbrel. The landscape is changing fast, as companies both vie to protect their blockbusters and try to chip away at their competitor s market share.
    • Marketing Your Business During Major World Events – Part Two Major world events, such as national or international sporting competitions are a great time to connect with your customers and introduce or even reintroduce yourself. You can build upon a great relationship by demonstrating to your customers that your company has passion, or a sense of humor, or even just that you support the things they care about.
    • Marketing Your Business During Major World Events – Part One Some things are just better when enjoyed with other people. We are social beings, and there is both a thrill and a primal satisfaction in sharing an experience. Two examples are watching an anticipated film in a theater full of eager moviegoers, or celebrating your hometown team s victory in a packed stadium. In both cases, the energy and excitement of others fuels and heightens the emotional impact to the individual.
    • Accenture Launches Advanced Analytics Applications to Detect Fraud Advanced analytics enables all stakeholders who deal with fraud to analyze their organization s business data to gain insight into the dynamics of internal controls and identify fraudulent or suspicious transactions that heighten the risk of fraud.
    • Obama Names Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute Winner This past June, the Obama administration highlighted America s capacity for creativity and invention by announcing that the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) will lead the new Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute, in partnership with the Department of Energy.

    Featured Reports

    Global Markets for Automotive Sensor Technologies

  • 3-D Scanning: Technologies and Global Markets

  • Global Markets for Catheters

  • Bulk API #schwarz #pharma

    #api pharma


    Bulk API

    High-quality APIs backed by regulatory know-how

    With almost 200 years of experience in research and production of high-quality APIs, we provide excellent production know-how and comprehensive regulatory support.

    From a complete portfolio of innovative folates to custom synthesis, our customized and scalable solutions meet your specific production needs.

    All of our state-of-the-art production sites are located in Western Europe, comply with cGMP standards and have a spotless FDA track record with no findings.

    • EMPROVE® api
    • Custom Synthesis
    • Folates
    • Nitroglycerin
    • Tri-Sodium Citrate Dihydrate
    • Urea

    Click here to see the products that have obtained Rx-360 audits.

    Related Resources

    Biopharmaceutical services

    pharmail Newsletter
    More news, more service

    Research. Development. Production.

    We are a leading supplier to the global Life Science industry: solutions and services for research, development and production of biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug therapies.

    Copyright © 2016 Merck KGaA. All rights reserved.
    Merck Millipore is a part of Merck.

    Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, 2014. All references to Merck refer to Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

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    Pharmaceutical Research and Development Jobs #pharmacia

    #pharmaceutical research companies


    Pharmaceutical Research and Development Jobs

    Research and Development is the lifeblood of our business. The epicentre around which everything else revolves.

    The world population has doubled in the last 50 years from three billion to six billion. By 2050, it s expected to reach nine billion. The medical need is great. But at AstraZeneca, we are there, meeting today s pharmaceutical needs. Exploring solutions. Poised to conquer the challenges of the future. At the heart of our unwavering commitment to breakthrough prescription biopharmaceuticals: Research and Development (R D) Careers.

    Our 12,000 pharma scientists are united across three continents by a common goal: to get effective new medicines to those who need them as quickly and safely as possible. We provide pharmaceutical R D jobs in our centres of excellence in the US, UK, Canada and Sweden as well as our new Global R D Centre in Cambridge, UK. This site is set to be our largest centre for oncological research and innovation. Specialising in medicinal chemistry and high-throughput screening, this site also accommodates a number of AstraZeneca’s pre-clinical research capabilities. We seek to continue building our R D presence in emerging markets so that we can understand and respond quickly to unmet patient needs in these regions.

    Click here to learn more about our state-of-the-art R D Centres worldwide, including Cambridge, UK.

    Our dedication to Pharmaceutical R D is even evident in our expenditures: each year, we invest on average over $4 billion, focusing on six therapy areas where we believe our skills and resources can have the greatest impact. These areas together represent a major worldwide burden of disease: cancer. cardiovascular/metabolic disease and respiratory, inflammatory and autoimmune disease. Alongside this, we remain active in infection and neuroscience with targeted investments in opportunities and collaborations.

    A significant portion of this investment is in key capabilities to ensure we have the skills, technology and tools to deliver success throughout the medicines life-cycle:

    Integrated small/large molecule approach

    Our small molecule and biologics capabilities are not divided; in AstraZeneca and MedImmune, R D is one truly global team. This allows us to search for solutions to unmet medical needs regardless of therapeutic modality.

    Collaborations that work

    We recognise that to deliver true value we need to work with the best that science can offer, and with partners who share our interests and share our passion. Our ‘new opportunities’ iMed group proactively explores opportunities to deliver externally sourced, proof-of-concept therapeutics that may expand the breadth of internal development. We have the capabilities and resources to create strategic partnerships with organisations of all shapes and sizes to complement our own efforts, and to ensure we are continually at the forefront of groundbreaking research into human disease.

    Our commitment to innovation goes beyond research and development. You’ll find it in every part of our business. We invite you to explore further with the links below. There is much to discover – not the least of which is the opportunity for you to build an incredibly rewarding career.

    Biometrics at AstraZeneca

    At AstraZeneca, innovation is more than just research. As one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, we’re focused on providing medicines that make an impact on patient care.

    Last reviewed: January 23, 2015

    Specialty Pharmacy News – Drug Store News #roxro #pharma

    #pharmacy news


    Specialty Pharmacy News

    Two recent unanimous approval recommendations from FDA advisory committees regarding biosimilars is a signal of growing scientific acceptance and understanding of the biosimilar regulatory pathway, suggested The National Law Review in a report Tuesday. The National Law Review has created a chart summarizing pending and approved BLAs for biosimilars using publicly available information, the publication noted, but there are still two barriers to entry. As biosimilars gain FDA approval, patent issues remain a barrier and the exorbitant R D cost prevent significant price disparities. Accordingly, insurers may be slow to add biosimilars to the formulary, The National Law Review suggested. (The National Law Review )

    Among the portfolio s products are U.S. rights to acne treatment Fabior (tazarotene) foam and plaque psoriasis treatment Sorilux (calcipotriene) foam.

    The New Jersey location will consolidate the operations for its specialty brands groups, and the company is continuing its investment in the St. Louis, Mo. area, including construction on its manufacturing facility there.

    The New York Times is reporting that the market for osteoporosis drugs might be getting a shakeup soon, as a competitor to Forteo, Eli Lilly Co. s osteoporosis treatment, completes a large clinical trial. The new drug uses a hormone that can build bone growth, and its maker, Radius, has an application pending before the Food and Drug Administration that the report says is expected to be approved. (New York Times )

    Retail Health 2027

    DSN examines what retail pharmacy might look like over the next 10 years. One thing seems clear: Community pharmacy will emerge as the center of the healthcare ecosystem. Read more.


    In this issue, Drug Store News examines what retail health care will look like in 10 years in a special Retail Health 2017 report, features Q As with a number of industry leaders across multiple categories; spotlights in-depth coverage of pharmacy spending and the hottest trends sweeping the OTC and beauty aisles; and more! Read more.

    New Products

    SteriPack Drives Pharmaceutical Packaging Growth – Blister Packaging #spi #pharma

    #pharmaceutical packaging companies


    • PL + 48 71381 8199
    • MY + 60 33167 3596
    • US + 1 863 648 2333

    SteriPack Malaysia Drives Pharmaceutical Packaging Growth

    SteriPack s facility in Malaysia ensures that the group can offer state of the art blister packaging services all over the globe.

    SteriPack is a worldwide packaging solutions provider, serving the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. Since its foundation in 1994, the company has invested significantly by building its processes and quality systems to extremely high standards throughout its facilities located in Ireland, Poland, Malaysia, and the US.

    In recent times, SteriPack s facility in Asia has specialised in pharmaceutical opportunities, with pharma now accounting for 50% of its business exports to over 52 countries. The facility, which is located in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, has been extended in recent months, expanding its pharmaceutical packaging services within its new purpose built cGMP compliant Grade D facility, assisting pharmaceutical and allied healthcare companies who require outsourced blister packaging services. “Companies from the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector have to comply with very strict safety rules,” explains John Ward, Managing Director SteriPack Malaysia. “As well as ensuring the best protection of the drugs and allowing full traceability, the contribution of the packaging to greater efficiency and cost reduction has become a major factor.”

    The SteriPack Malaysia MD believes that “the days of air freighting finished product all over the world are starting to end”. This is where SteriPack have a huge advantage: “The ability to be able to offer state of the art packing facilities in Asia is a major attraction for our global customers.”

    For SteriPack, demand for Blister Contract Packaging continues to grow amongst their pharmaceutical client base. “We have plans to expand our pharmaceutical packaging service offerings in 2013 to allow for bulk bottle filling, powder filling and liquid filling, all within a cGMP environment,” Ward noted. “This extra facility will be fully operational by January 2014.”

    SteriPack also provide a wide range of cleanroom manufactured barrier foil packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. SteriPack s focus is to provide customers with a responsive, can-do attitude to almost any pharmaceutical packaging request.


    SteriPack are recognised globally as an industry leader in providing medical packaging solutions and contract services. Since its inception 19 years ago, the group has grown steadily, with manufacturing facilities now located in Ireland, Poland, Malaysia and the USA.

    Their ISO Class 8 cleanroom production facilities house all manufacturing capabilities, ensuring that SteriPack remain at the very highest levels of quality and service at all times.

    The group s head office of SteriPack Group is located in Clara, Co. Offaly, while the US business, specialising in flexible medical packaging and contract manufacturing service solutions, is based in Lakeland, Florida.

    SteriPack Poland was established in 2006 to serve customers in central and eastern Europe. Specialising in contract manufacturing services, the company is located in Jelcz-Laskowice, Poland. SteriPack Asia was established in 2008 and operates a 8,500 square metre facility in Malaysia.

    Jobs ucb Group – at ucb Group Careers – Experteer #pharma #regulatory

    #ucb pharma careers


    Jobs at ucb Group

    289 openings matching your search Jobs in ucb Group”

    Raleigh, NC – Director, Patient Safety Scientist
    Director, Patient Safety Scientist UCB on LinkedIn Featured Careers Pharmaceutical Medical Careers Scientific Careers Sales and Marketing Corporate Careers Sign in Our Company Search by Keyword Search by Location Director, Patient Safety Scientist Apply now » Apply now Start apply with LinkedIn Start apply with.

    Atlanta, GA – Associate Director, Romosozumab Global / US Marketing
    Requisition ID 41026 – Posted 06/24/2016 – United States – Georgia – Atlanta – Marketing We all share one big ambition. What’s yours? Everyone who works at UCB holds the same ambition – to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. Of course we have other associated ambitions too – including a.

    Denver, CO – Regional Associate Director, Immunology Field Medical – West
    Requisition ID 40841 – Posted 06/16/2016 – United States – Field Based – Field Based – Medical Affairs We all share one big ambition. What’s yours? Everyone who works at UCB holds the same ambition – to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. Of course we have other associated ambitions too -.

    Raleigh, NC – Associate Director of Partnership Management- Business Excellence
    Requisition ID 40882 – Posted 06/17/2016 – United States – North Carolina – Raleigh – Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance We all share one big ambition. What’s yours? Everyone who works at UCB holds the same ambition – to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. Of course we have other associated.

    Seattle, WA – Immunology Medical Science Liaison – Pacific Northwest
    Requisition ID 3413 – Posted 11/20/2014 – United States – Washington – Seattle – Medical Affairs At UCB, we strive to be the patient centric biopharmaceutical leader. We are small enough for each member of our team to feel that their contribution counts and large enough to ensure that our combined efforts have an.

    Atlanta, GA – National Partnership Lead – Southeast
    Requisition ID 36804 – Posted 02/10/2016 – United States – Georgia – Atlanta – Sales We all share one big ambition. What’s yours? Everyone who works at UCB holds the same ambition – to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. Of course we have other associated ambitions too – including a desire to.

    New York City, NY – National Partnership Lead – Northeast
    Requisition ID 36805 – Posted 02/10/2016 – United States – New York – New York – Sales We all share one big ambition. What’s yours? Everyone who works at UCB holds the same ambition – to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. Of course we have other associated ambitions too – including a desire.

    Atlanta, GA – Global Marketing Lead, axSpA
    Requisition ID 37641 – Posted 02/24/2016 – United States – Georgia – Atlanta – Marketing We all share one big ambition. What’s yours? Everyone who works at UCB holds the same ambition – to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. Of course we have other associated ambitions too – including a.

    Atlanta, GA – Global Marketing Lead, axSpA
    Requisition ID 37641 – Posted 02/24/2016 – United States – Georgia – Atlanta – Marketing We all share one big ambition. What’s yours? Everyone who works at UCB holds the same ambition – to transform the lives of people living with severe diseases. Of course we have other associated ambitions too – including a.

    Tampa, FL – Executive Account Manager (Tampa)
    Requisition ID 37402 – Posted 02/20/2016 – United States – Florida – Tampa – Sales Could you sell a lifeline? Are you passionate about selling, but want to make a difference to people’s lives? UCB is a solutions company treating not just diseases but individual people, enabling them to lead a fuller life. Our.

    UCB Jobs, Reviews – Working at UCB – #pharma #supply #chain

    #ucb pharma careers


    Schwarz Pharma Limited is located in the Shannon Industrial Estate, Co. Clare. It is part of the UCB Group, a Belgian owned global Biopharma Company with operations in over 40 countries and global revenue of 3.2 billion in 2010.

    UCB’s focus is in two therapeutic areas; the Central Nervous System and immunology while maintaining a selective presence in primary care.

    Schwarz Pharma Ltd. manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for a number of indications including cardiovascular and is embarking on an exciting project to introduce new products to its current portfolio and thus expanding its manufacturing capabilities. In addition, the Shannon site manages the supply chain of Neupro, a new innovative product for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

    The Site has three operations plants. SP1 will see the introduction of new products over the coming two years and SP3 is a dedicated nitration plant while SP2 is a pharmaceutical plant, the primary focus of which is API finishing by blending and milling.

    This recruiter has no active jobs

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    Jobs: How to apply #pharmaceutical #industry #articles

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    UCB is an equal opportunity employer – we value and encourage diversity in the workplace.

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    Welcome to Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Europe Ltd

    Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Europe acts as the European Headquarters of one of Japan’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation. Based in London, we are dedicated to the clinical development of new medicines for the European markets. We are the marketing authorisation holder for Exembol®, Argatra®, Arganova® and Novastan® (argatroban) and support commercial operations for other in-house products.

    Clinical Research

    Making new medicines available for patients is a complex process taking many years, in which our company investigates thousands of potential new medicines for every one that proves to be safe, effective, and can be prescribed by doctors.

    Disease Areas

    Our headquarters, Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, based in Japan, is involved in many research projects into many different diseases, some of which involve Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Europe.

    Work For Us

    This is simply a great place to work. We care about the careers and lives of our employees, which is rare in subsidiaries of large global corporations. This makes us special.

    Press releases will be uploaded here as they become available

    Our Products

    This section contains specific information on our products in individual countries.

    Pharmaceutical BI Group: Professional Opportunity in Pharma and Business Intelligence #medical #sales #jobs

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    Pharmaceutical BI Group: Professional Opportunity in Pharma and Business Intelligence

    If you are seeking a new challenge in 2016 and you are a mature and very experienced EXECUTIVE or a mid-career SCIENTIST, PhD, MD/PhD, PharmD, Pharmaceutical BI Group has a ROLE for you.

    IF YOU ARE SEEKING A NEW CHALLENGE in 2016 and you are a mature and very experienced EXECUTIVE or a mid-career SCIENTIST, PhD, MD/PhD, PharmD we have a ROLE for you

    LPBI Group is Equity Sharing NOT Fee for Service

    Schedule your Skype interview with me, SkypeID: HarpPlayer83


    Business Management

    Executive Talent for Biotech Start Up in Three Enterprise Types – Is that for you? Are we for you? Are you for us?

    IF YOU NEED A NEW BUSINESS to invest in and to grow it:



    BioTech and Pharma R D



    e-Publishing: Life Sciences Medicine


    IF YOU WISH TO BECOME an EDITOR in e-Scientific Publishing


    PLEASE BROWSE MY OWN INVOLVEMENT in e-Scientific Publishing

    Editorial Publication of Articles in e-Books by Leaders in Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence: Contributions of Aviva Lev-Ari, PhD, RN

    I, personally, wish you to contact me, with a PROPOSAL on, one of the above opportunities.

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    7. Reinforcement Learning and the Internet of Things

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    Healthcare Informatics 100 Companies by Revenue

    As in past years, we at Healthcare Informatics are proud to share with you our unique offering: the Healthcare Informatics 100. This listing of healthcare IT vendors is the only ranking of its kind in healthcare IT, and provides you, our readers, with detailed information on the most recent vendor revenues, as well as other data on the companies listed.

    In addition, we welcome you to enjoy several companion articles. Three of these articles are profiles of this year’s “Most Interesting Vendors ”: vendor companies that we at Healthcare Informatics. and our readers, agreed, were organizations they wanted to learn more about. This year, our most interesting vendors include Allscripts / Eclipsys. OptumInsight (formerly Ingenix ), and Zynx Health. Each has a very interesting story to tell, and all have senior executives willing to share their market strategies with our readers.

    In addition is this year’s anthology of “Up and Comers”-a report on smaller companies that are making waves because of unusual business models, intriguing technologies, exceptional leadership, noteworthy growth trajectories, or some combination of those elements.

    This cover story package also includes Mark Hagland’s analysis of revenue trends, on page 42, and Ben Rooks’s annual look at mergers and acquisitions (page 46).

    Meanwhile, opposite, please find an explanation of our methodology for creating the Healthcare Informatics 100. Once again this year, we’ve used an expert team of researchers and analysts to help us sort through data and information, both from vendors that self-reported revenues to us, as well as a small number of companies that did not submit, but whose profile in the industry we cannot ignore. We sincerely thank our researchers and analysts as their diligence enables us to provide you with a list of the highest integrity and usefulness.

    Our Methodology and Experts

    As previously, two firms were instrumental in compiling, editing, and reviewing the 2010 revenue figures for this year’s Healthcare Informatics 100 issue, Porter Research and ST Advisors, LLC.

    The sales figures were compiled and reviewed by Porter Research, who consulted with both its staff and other business partners to ensure inclusion of the deserving companies, as well as fairness in their reporting.

    For those firms that did not disclose their sector-specific revenues, Porter, working with ST Advisors, sought to estimate data based on patterns of previous years’ revenue arcs derived from industry press releases and unrelated healthcare industry consultants. We believe these estimates present a fair approximation of those firms’ influence and rankings in today’s corporate healthcare information technology environment.

    Porter Research ( ), a sister company to Billian’s HealthDATA. and based in Atlanta, provides market research services to generate quantitative and qualitative knowledge of market opportunities, customer loyalty and experience, win-loss sales analysis, brand awareness, and more. Cynthia Porter, president of Porter Research, is an experienced healthcare technology executive with more than 25 years of experience in all disciplines of the healthcare market-payers, providers, and vendors .

    ST Advisors, LLC ( ) offers both long-term and project-based relationships to HCIT companies and financial sponsors. Founder Ben Rooks worked as both a healthcare IT equity research analyst and investment banker for close to two decades. He is also a member of Healthcare Informatics ‘ editorial board.

    Thank you to Cynthia, Ben, and their colleagues for their time and input in assembling this year’s compendium.


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    I found CHASE to be excellent to deal with. Real people who really understand Pharma.

    I found CHASE to be excellent to deal with. Real people who really understand Pharma, with excellent industry relationships, and who really listen to what you’re looking for in your next role.

    This allowed me to have genuine insight into different companies, and evaluate the pros and cons of different opportunities, to understand which were really worth pursuing.

    Terry, Marketing Manager

    Janice, Health Services Manager

    I was pleased to find a Company with a personal interest in the individuals they would be working with. Your friendly and professional manner made the decision to join CHASE an easy choice.

    I was pleased to find a Company with a personal interest in the individuals they would be working with. Your friendly and professional manner made the decision to join CHASE an easy choice.

    I was particularly impressed with your individual approach to myself and understanding my particular needs and requirements for a new job. You have made looking for a position hassle free, and when the job came in you seemed to hand pick it for me.

    I would recommend CHASE to any of my colleagues looking to join a quality company.

    Janice, Health Services Manager

    I just wanted to write you a quick note to say how grateful I am for the support I have had from CHASE throughout the duration of my contract.

    I just wanted to write you a quick note to say how grateful I am formuch easier than the company for whom I am working the support I have had from CHASE throughout the duration of my contract.

    I have been so impressed with how supportive you have been, how helpful when I have had any problems and how you’ve gone the extra mile for me.

    All the office staff I have dealt with have been really helpful, and I would gladly recommend this agency to other colleagues.

    I have found CHASE a pleasure to work with. All the office staff I have dealt with have been really helpful, and I would gladly recommend this agency to other colleagues.

    I have found the Head Office support to be excellent with a team who are committed to ensuring the field are well informed and made to feel valued.

    I have found the Head Office support to be excellent with a team who are committed to ensuring the field are well informed and made to feel valued.

    Reliable, professional and extremely polite in the office.

    I have found CHASE to be a very professional organisation from the moment I first contacted my recruiter Kelly.

    I have found CHASE to be a very professional organisation from the moment I first contacted my recruiter Kelly.

    She was excellent at keeping me up to date with opportunities as they arose.

    Now that I am an employee of CHASE I have found the administration and processes so easy and clear to follow.

    The administration staff are always on hand to help and I love the way they even remind us to send our figures in on time!

    Having spoken to some of my colleagues who work for different contract companies, I feel very relieved that I am with CHASE. I have heard horror stories with other companies of expenses going missing etc

    Don, Galen, Sales Director

    Recently having re-established a working partnership with CHASE I am delighted at the service level achieved and the candidates for Healthcare Managers referred to me.

    Recently having re established a working partnership with CHASE I am delighted at the service level achieved and the candidates for Healthcare Managers referred to me.

    Careful listening to my profile brief for candidates. rigorous pre-screening by CHASE consultants has made the recruitment process very efficient.

    I have recruited 4 HSMs from the 5 presented to me just outstanding!

    Don, Galen, Sales Director

    Michael, NSM, Tillotts

    I have worked both for CHASE and with CHASE for many years so I have worn both an employee and client hat.

    I have worked both for CHASE and with CHASE for many years so I have worn both an employee and client hat.

    Regardless of the role I can say with total honesty that their professionalism shines through everything they do. Be it the speed and quality of back office support as an employee or the way they go the extra mile to find me the highest quality candidates for vacancies I find the processes are faultless. I particularly value the fact that they face to face interview every potential candidate for roles as that enables me to trust their recommendations and not waste my time when recruiting staff.

    Michael, NSM, Tillotts

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