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6 Ways Teachers Are Using Blended Learning #onlineschools


6 Ways Teachers Are Using Blended Learning

Imagine a classroom where the students have the ability to spend their class time collaborating with other students, receiving additional support from the teacher, or working on hands on projects with their peers. A hands-on enriched classroom is possible with blended learning.

What is Blended Learning?

The definition of blended learning is a method of learning that combines face-to-face and online instruction .

There are different types of blended learning . In general, this type of instruction empowers the teacher to work in a more collaborative manner during class time, which allows for a more efficient school day with the intent on greater student learning. Technology tools that are now available to teachers can be overwhelming, but below are six simple ways to incorporate blended learning into the classroom.

6 Blended Learning Models Platforms

1. Flipped Classroom

A flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which the lecture and homework has actually been reversed.

The classroom lecture is viewed at home either through online videos or video podcasts. After viewing an online lecture, the students have the ability to chat with each other through a discussion forum and to note questions that they have from the lecture. The homework is then completed in the classroom and will typically include some type of activity such as collaborative work with a team or a hands-on lab. The teacher is available to interact with the students and act a guide.

2. Alternative Credit Recovery

PLATO is an example of an online learning option outside of the realms of traditional schooling.

High school students can remain in school and earn the credits necessary for graduation. The PLATO classroom offers self-paced courses which students can work on completing both inside of the school and at home. There are pre-tests given to place students in the appropriate courses, and they have the opportunity to master the content and meet the rigorous academic standards set by the school district. The course is facilitated by a credentialed teacher, and upon completion the student can earn course credit.

3. Social Media Blending

There are many ways to integrate social media into the classroom setting.

By integrating social media, students can show mastery of content through a variety of digital tools such as blogging, Skype, Edmodo or video conferencing. Classmates have the option to constantly share knowledge and interact with each other well beyond the hours spent in the classroom and online discussions can become engaging.

This is a free website where students can access thousands of tutorial videos, along with interactive practice exercises, on almost any subject.

The Khan Academy is a good website to use within the classroom for students that either need remediation or acceleration. Teachers have the option to create classroom accounts and the teacher can monitor each student s progress by accessing data on completed exercises. The data indicates areas of strengths as well as problematic areas. Students are motivated by earning points and badges, and more importantly with being able to see visible progress to specific goals and content mastery.

5. Project-Based Learning

PBL is an hands on inquiry and collaborative based learning model in which students seek answers to a real world challenge or problem. It is a relevant and student-driven project completed in the classroom with presentations given to an audience.

If students access content at home .e.g, researching, compiling data, and general independent work the majority of their class time can be spent working collaboratively with their teams at school.

Moodle is a course management system that gives teachers options to post assignments, lectures, videos, and much more.

Students can interact with each other through discussion forums, private messaging and chat rooms. Students have the ability to upload completed assignments by attaching files. Grades are added to the gradebook on the same site and students can also view feedback given by the teacher. Moodle performs well when used in addition to face-to-face meetings.

The Benefits Of Blended Learning

Blended learning offers many opportunities for both the teacher and the student that a traditional brick and mortar classroom may not. With the increasing demands of state standards and busy school days, blended learning permits students to learn a portion of the academic content at home and gives teachers the ability to engage students in a richer, deeper, and more meaningful context in the classroom.

Blended learning enables the teacher to become more of a participant in student learning and can help facilitate student mastery of content with enriching learning activities introduced and completed when the class meets face to face.

Christi Wilson is a credentialed teacher of highly gifted students in northern Nevada. She has eleven years of classroom teaching experience. As a mother of three busy boys, she knows how important it is to keep students engaged in the classroom and interested in a lifetime of learning; this article was created by

My Lower Back – Lower Abdomen Hurt #my #lower #left #abdomen #hurts


My Lower Back Lower Abdomen Hurt

by JENNI WILTZ Last Updated: Aug 16, 2013

Jenni Wiltz’s fiction has been published in “The Portland Review,” “Sacramento News & Review” and “The Copperfield Review.” She has a bachelor’s degree in English and history from the University of California, Davis and is working on a master’s degree in English at Sacramento State. She has worked as a grant coordinator, senior editor and advertising copywriter and has been a professional writer since 2003.

Lower back and lower abdomen pain may indicate a serious condition. Photo Credit Tom Le Goff/Photodisc/Getty Images

Lower back pain is relatively common; however, in combination with pain in your lower abdomen, it may indicate a serious condition. If the pain doesn’t go away when you change positions or take pain medication, it’s likely serious enough to warrant immediate medical attention. If you have any doubts, call your physician’s office for advice.

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are clumps of crystalline matter that collect in the urinary tract. According to the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse, many kidney stones are small enough to pass without notice. However, larger stones can cause sharp pain in the back, side and lower abdomen. The pain usually continues as your body tries to move the stone through a narrow tube called the ureter into your bladder. Most kidney stones don’t require surgery. Your doctor may advise you to drink up to three quarts of water per day to help pass the stone.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm notes that persistent pain in your back, abdomen and groin may be due to an abdominal aneurysm. The aorta is a large blood vessel that runs from your heart to your abdomen. Sometimes, blood can cause a weak section of aorta to distend, like an inflated balloon. The aneurysm, or distended section of aorta, will cause pain if it continues to grow. Your doctor will need to identify the aneurysm through an ultrasound, CT scan or MRI; treatment usually involves surgery.

Ovarian Cysts

Women experiencing pain or abdominal swelling in combination with lower back or thigh pain should ask their doctors about ovarian cysts. The National Women’s Health Information Center explains that a cyst is a sac that fills with fluid. They can form on the surface or the inside of your ovaries. While many cysts are harmless, others — such as dermoid cysts or cystadenomas — can cause pain. Your doctor can identify cysts using an ultrasound or a regular pelvic exam. Painful cysts can be surgically removed.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Another disease affecting women, PID, or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, can cause both lower abdominal pain and lower back pain. According to the Boston Children’s Hospital’s Center for Young Women’s Health, PID is a bacterial infection affecting the cervix that often spreads upward to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. It’s usually caused by STDs such as gonorrhea or chlamydia, although it can also happen after surgery or an abortion. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infection and monitor you for scarring that might affect your fertility.


Some of these conditions require immediate medical attention. If an aortic aneurysm ruptures, for example, you’ll likely pass out or go into shock; the resultant internal bleeding must be stopped immediately. Ovarian cysts can sometimes become infected, causing dizziness, fever and vomiting. Monitor your symptoms carefully even after you receive a diagnosis. If you experience a sudden change or more severe pain, see your doctor immediately.

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Mysql partition #mysql #partition


Chapter 22 Partitioning

This chapter discusses MySQL’s implementation of user-defined partitioning.

As of MySQL 5.7.17, the generic partitioning handler in the MySQL server is deprecated, and is removed in MySQL 8.0, when the storage engine used for a given table is expected to provide its own ( “ native ” ) partitioning handler. Currently, only the InnoDB and NDB storage engines do.

Use of tables with nonnative partitioning results in an ER_WARN_DEPRECATED_SYNTAX warning. Also, the server performs a check at startup to identify tables that use nonnative partitioning; for any found, the server writes a message to its error log. To disable this check, use the –disable-partition-engine-check option.

To prepare for migration to MySQL 8.0, any table with nonnative partitioning should be changed to use an engine that provides native partitioning, or be made nonpartitioned. For example, to change a table to InnoDB. execute this statement:

You can determine whether your MySQL Server supports partitioning by checking the output of the SHOW PLUGINS statement, like this:

You can also check the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PLUGINS table with a query similar to this one:

In either case, if you do not see the partition plugin listed with the value ACTIVE for the Status column in the output (shown in bold text in each of the examples just given), then your version of MySQL was not built with partitioning support.

MySQL 5.7 Community binaries provided by Oracle include partitioning support. For information about partitioning support offered in MySQL Enterprise Edition binaries, see Chapter 29, MySQL Enterprise Edition .

To enable partitioning if you are compiling MySQL 5.7 from source, the build must be configured with the -DWITH_PARTITION_STORAGE_ENGINE option. For more information, see Section 2.9, “Installing MySQL from Source”.

If your MySQL binary is built with partitioning support, nothing further needs to be done to enable it (for example, no special entries are required in your my.cnf file).

If you want to disable partitioning support, you can start the MySQL Server with the –skip-partition option. When partitioning support is disabled, you can see any existing partitioned tables and drop them (although doing this is not advised), but you cannot otherwise manipulate them or access their data.

See Section 22.1, “Overview of Partitioning in MySQL”. for an introduction to partitioning and partitioning concepts.

Section 22.3, “Partition Management”. covers methods of adding, removing, and altering partitions in existing partitioned tables.

Section 22.3.4, “Maintenance of Partitions”. discusses table maintenance commands for use with partitioned tables.

The PARTITIONS table in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA database provides information about partitions and partitioned tables. See Section 24.15, “The INFORMATION_SCHEMA PARTITIONS Table”. for more information; for some examples of queries against this table, see Section 22.2.7, “How MySQL Partitioning Handles NULL”.

You may also find the following resources to be useful when working with partitioned tables.

Additional Resources. Other sources of information about user-defined partitioning in MySQL include the following:

This is the official discussion forum for those interested in or experimenting with MySQL Partitioning technology. It features announcements and updates from MySQL developers and others. It is monitored by members of the Partitioning Development and Documentation Teams.

MySQL Partitioning Architect and Lead Developer Mikael Ronström frequently posts articles here concerning his work with MySQL Partitioning and NDB Cluster.

A MySQL news site featuring MySQL-related blogs, which should be of interest to anyone using my MySQL. We encourage you to check here for links to blogs kept by those working with MySQL Partitioning, or to have your own blog added to those covered.

MySQL 5.7 binaries are available from However, for the latest partitioning bugfixes and feature additions, you can obtain the source from our GitHub repository. To enable partitioning, the build must be configured with the -DWITH_PARTITION_STORAGE_ENGINE option. For more information about building MySQL, see Section 2.9, “Installing MySQL from Source”. If you have problems compiling a partitioning-enabled MySQL 5.7 build, check the MySQL Partitioning Forum and ask for assistance there if you do not find a solution to your problem already posted.

Lantus (Insulin glargine) Drug Information #lantus #insulin #pens



What is Lantus?

Lantus is a brand name medication marketed by Sanofi-Aventis consisting of insulin glargine. This is a prescription diabetes medication, and it is a long-acting form of insulin. This type of insulin is not recommended for the treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis, as short-acting and intravenous insulin is preferred for the treatment of that condition.

There are presently no generic forms of this drug approved within the US. Lantus is thought to be a ‘biologic’ medicine, and regulations and rules keep manufacturers from making generic biologics. Plus, patents presently prohibit generic Lantus from becoming manufactured. It’ll work by decreasing glucose levels in your blood.

Lantus consists of micro crystals that are thought to slowly release insulin, and it can have a long duration of action between 18 and 26 hours. This profile is also considered to be peak less.

Lantus Uses

Lantus is used to treat type 1 and type 2 diabetes. It works by lowering the amount of sugar within the blood, and since it is long-acting insulin, it is usually only taken once per day.

It is used in injection form, and it is important that directions should be followed properly. It can be taken at any time during the day, but it needs to be taken consistently at the same time. Patients should also not take any more or less of the medication than prescribed, and the appearance should always be checked before using it.

Lantus is usually prescribed as part of a full treatment program which also may involve exercise, diet, weight control, as well as testing the blood sugar. Follow your medication, diet and exercise regimen extremely closely. Altering any of these could affect your level of blood sugar.

How Lantus is used

Lantus will be injected underneath your skin. You might be shown how you can utilize injections at home. Don’t self-inject medication if you don’t completely understand how you can administer it and correctly dispose of any used syringes or needles. You shouldn’t mix Lantus with additional insulin.

Lantus ought to be a clear, colorless and thin liquid. Don’t use the medicine if it has changed colors or possesses any particles inside it. Contact your physician for a new prescription. Utilize a separate place within your injection skin region every time you administer the Lantus injection. The care provider is going to show you the ideal areas on the body to administer the medicine. Don’t inject within the same area twice in a row.

Utilize disposable needles only once. Toss away used needles within puncture-proof structures (ask the pharmacist where you could buy one and how you can dispose of it). Keep the structure concealed from pets and kids.

Never share the Lantus injection cartridge or pen with an additional individual. Sharing injection cartridges or pens could permit disease like HIV or like hepatitis to pass from a single individual to another. A person’s blood sugar is going to have to be examined often, and you might require additional blood tests in your physician’s office. Regularly go to the doctor.

More information on Lantus

Dallas Movers – Dallas Moving – Home, Apartment – Office Movers Dallas #dallas #movers, #dallas


Dallas Movers Storage Company

Wrightway Moving Company s Residential Movers have been helping individuals and families transition between homes and apartments for over 15 years. And our Office Movers are experienced in all phases of commercial relocation. We specialize in the careful transport of your possessions from your home or business.

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We ve earned a reputation to be reliable, careful, and efficient home, office and apartment movers. Add to that our low price guarantee, and you can be assured your move will proceed smoothly. We know you aren’t just moving your possessions—you are moving your life. You can trust us to ensure your move will go smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

What are Wrightway Moving Company’s Moving Services?

• Complete Packing and Unpacking Service
• Packing Materials
• Packing Supplies
• Moving Boxes
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• Storage Referrals
• Shipping Transportation
• Texas Interstate Mover
• Move Out and Make Ready Cleaning

Wrightway Moving Company is proud to offer a complete range of moving services to help you through the moving process from start to finish. We can help you pack up your current home or office, and if you prefer to do it, can supply you the packing materials or instructions you need to pack everything safely and securely. Once everything is packed, we will move all of your belongings into one of our trucks or one of yours if you choose. We can even provide you with a Move Out Cleaning Service.

If you’re worried about the state of your new residence or business, we can also provide cleaning services in preparation of your arrival. Once at your new location, we will place all of your belongings inside and, if you like, unpack them and/or reinstall or assemble whatever necessary. We will never require you to do something you don’t need, so you can always pick and choose which of these services is right for your move without worrying about paying for unnecessary extras.

Who are Our Professional Home, Apartment and Office Movers?

We have experienced movers whose central job is to provide you with whatever you may need to make your move as simple as possible. We can provide you with as many movers as you need to get the job done safely and in whatever time frame you need, whenever you need. If you would like us to be in charge of most of the moving process, our movers are happy to keep you updated throughout the move so that you know when we have finished cleaning, arrived at the new location, etc. Again, whatever specific needs you may have, we guarantee that our movers will address them as best as possible.

What are Wrightway Moving Company’s Pricing Policies?

Wrightway Moving Company could not have enjoyed the success it has if we did not offer both top quality home and office moving services and affordable prices. As mentioned, all of our services are a la carte. We can design a moving package that meets your specific moving needs in addition to your price range and time frame. We are so confident in our movers that we guarantee the best service and best pricing in town. If you find a reputable local competitor offering the same services at a lower price, we promise to beat their pricing by 10%. Even more, we understand that the last few years have been difficult economically for many Americans. If you don’t mind scheduling your move at off-peak times, we are happy to extend you a discount for our services so that you can still get the moving help you need without digging too deep in your pockets. You can’t go wrong with Wrightway Moving Company.

What Areas are Served by Wrightway Moving Company?

Building on over 15 years of experience in moving and relocating Dallas homes and businesses, Wrightway Moving Company is an experienced Home and Office Mover in Dallas, serving the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex that s Arlington, McKinney, Richardson, Frisco, Garland, Irving, Plano, Addison, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Denton, Grand Prairie, and the complete greater DFW area. We have no problem going out of this area to help you with a more distant move as well.

Don’t place any more stress on yourself or your family during your move. Let our expert home and office movers help you throughout the moving process, making sure you have no moving mishaps and avoiding the organizational pressure involved with every transition. We can work with you to find the right combination of services to meet both your needs and your budget. Call Wrightway Moving Company today for information about your future move and a free, no obligation quote. What is there to lose? Let Wrightway Moving Company take away your moving worries today!

Call us today at 972-861-2980 for a great Dallas Moving Company .

Wrightway Moving Company, LLC

Your Rights and Responsibilities When Moving in Texas

MS Biology – William Paterson University #ms #biology


MS Biology

The M.S. in biology is a 30-credit degree program that offers advanced courses and seminars in many areas of Biology including molecular biology, ecology, organismic biology, and biotechnology. The program offers a solid background for further graduate study toward a doctorate in biology or related fields, provides teachers with additional experience in the theory and practice of biology, and trains biologists to pursue applied fields such as electron microscopy, tissue culture, ecology and biotechnology.

Students who opt for the thesis option must conduct original research under the mentorship of a full-time faculty member. Prospective thesis students are encouraged to contact a faculty member in their area of expertise prior to submitting their application. University policy states that all students must pass an exit examination. For students pursuing the thesis option, their thesis and its oral defense before a faculty panel will constitute the exit exam. Students pursuing a non-thesis option are required to complete a course in Independent Study or Independent Reading, write a paper and present their findings before the faculty, constituting their exit requirement.

Financial aid is available in the form of Graduate Assistantships and departmental scholarships to a limited number of graduate students.

Requirements for the M.S. in Biology*

1. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credits of graduate study,

2. Take the required distribution of courses,

3. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a scale of 0 to 4.0.

Option I: Thesis Degree

BIO 5330 Research Methods in Biology

BIO 7990 Thesis Research

And one of the following (by advisement)

BIO 7100 Seminar in Molecular Biology

BIO 7400 Seminar in Organismic Biology

BIO 7700 Seminar in Ecology

Choose from the following:

BIO 5030 Advanced Ecology

BIO 5040 Parasitology

BIO 5110 Physiology of Human Reproduction and Fertility

BIO 5130 Microbial Ecology

BIO 5220 Human Physiology

BIO 5240 Molecular Biology

BIO 5270 Endocrinology

BIO 5300 Biotechnology: DNA

BIO 5310 Biotechnology: Cell Culture

BIO 5360 The Neural Basis of Behavior

BIO 5400 Immunology

BIO 5410 Virology

BIO 5420 Aquatic Ecology

BIO 5440 Evolution

BIO 5460 Advanced Pathophysiology **

BIO 5600 Pharmacology

BIO 5700 Bioethics and Society

BIO 5750 Population Biology

BIO 5840 Scanning Electron Microscopy

BIO 5850 Transmission Electron Microscopy

BIO 5990 Selected Topics

BIO 6240 Advanced Molecular Biology

BIO 6310 Biotechnology: Gene Expression

BIO 6320 Biotechnology: Proteins

BIO 7000 Graduate Independent Study***

BIO 7010 Graduate Independent Reading***

BIO 7020 Graduate Independent Reading***

*Up to two 4000-level courses may be accepted towards degree with approval of the graduate program director.

**This course is intended for students enrolled in the graduate program in nursing. Biology students may enroll only with the permission of the graduate program director or biology department chairperson.

***A maximum of 4 credits from BIO 7000, 7010, and 7020 courses will be accepted toward the master s degree.

Option II: Non-Thesis Degree

BIO 5330 Research Methods in Biology

One of the following (by advisement):

BIO 7100 Seminar in Molecular Biology

BIO 7400 Seminar in Organismic Biology

BIO 7700 Seminar in Ecology

One of the following:

BIO 7000 Graduate Independent Study

BIO 7010, 7020 Graduate Independent Reading

Choose from the following:

BIO 5030 Advanced Ecology

BIO 5040 Parasitology

BIO 5110 Physiology of Human Reproduction and Fertility

BIO 5130 Microbial Ecology

BIO 5220 Human Physiology

BIO 5240 Molecular Biology

BIO 5270 Endocrinology

BIO 5300 Biotechnology: DNA

BIO 5310 Biotechnology: Cell Culture

BIO 5360 The Neural Basis of Behavior

BIO 5400 Immunology

BIO 5410 Virology

BIO 5420 Aquatic Ecology

BIO 5440 Evolution

BIO 5460 Advanced Pathophysiology **

BIO 5600 Pharmacology

BIO 5700 Bioethics and Society

BIO 5750 Population Biology

BIO 5840 Scanning Electron Microscopy

BIO 5850 Transmission Electron Microscopy

BIO 5990 Selected Topics

BIO 6240 Advanced Molecular Biology

BIO 6310 Biotechnology: Gene Expression

BIO 6320 Biotechnology: Proteins

*Up to two 4000-level courses may be accepted towards degree with approval of graduate coordinator.

**This course is intended for students enrolled in the graduate program in nursing. Biology students may enroll only with the permission of the graduate program director or biology department chairperson.

Compact Cars Buyers Guide – 2017 Compact Car Prices, Reviews and Specs #compact #cars #buyers


2017 Compact Cars Buyers Guide

If you’re looking for style, fuel economy and technology at an easy-to-swallow price tag, then the compact car segment is the place to be. Compact cars are no longer the ugly, too-cheap-to-be-seen-in vehicles that they used to be and offer a ton of value for buyers.

What’s New in Compact Cars for 2017?

The Hyundai Elantra is completely new for the 2017 model year and is already available. The compact takes all the technology and features drivers want and packages it all up in a very easy-to-live-with sedan that’s also very competitively priced. Hyundai is also offering a rowdy Elantra Sport model for drivers who want more performance as well.

The all-new 2017 Subaru Impreza is also here with a new look, better driving dynamics, and a much-improved interior. Nissan is also trying to spice things up with its Sentra SR Turbo and NISMO models, which build upon the recently refreshed Sentra. The 2017 Nissan Sentra is much improved with more technology and better driving dynamics.

The Honda Civic Hatchback is finally back in North America for 2017, and now the Civic lineup is nearly complete — the sedan, coupe, and hatchback are all here. The only things we re anxiously awaiting are the Civic Si and Type R, which should debut sometime in 2017 as production models.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla has also been refreshed. It has a stylish new look, upgraded interior, and a bunch of new safety and driver assistance features that help make it more competitive. The Chevrolet Cruze is also now available in a hatchback and the popular Mazda3 just got a refresh for 2017 to make it an even better car for drivers. Kia has also refreshed its Forte. packing in even more value into the compact sedan.

What s Next in Compact Cars?

In the coming year, we can expect the hot hatch segment to heat up even more. With Hyundai s new N performance brand coming, the Korean automaker is getting ready to debut a new hot hatch based on the i30 compact car. The Honda Civic Si and Type R are coming, and even Toyota will be coming out with a hotter version of its Yaris.

The Volkswagen Golf also got a refresh that brings updated looks, more power, and a better infotainment system, but it won t arrive in North America until late 2017 as a 2018 model. The Golf R was also updated for Europe, but there are no details yet on U.S.-bound models.

Find Your Next Car

10 of 34 Compact Cars shown

How do points affect insurance rates? #how #do #points #affect #insurance #rates, #what #affects #your


How do points affect insurance rates?

The ways that points affect insurance rates doesn’t always correlate with the points on your state driving record. Car insurance companies have their own methods for inflating your rates after you’ve had accidents and violations. This means that not every company will penalize you the same. If you’ve recently seen your rate increase after an accident or violation, you should shop around for a cheaper rate.

Each traffic infraction you are convicted of — such as moving violations, at-fault accidents or driving under the influence — can be assigned a certain point value, if your state has a point system in place. Some tickets, such as non-moving violations like a parking ticket, typically do not have points associated with them.

The more points you have on your driving record, the worse your record looks to a car insurance company. Each auto insurer has its own method of evaluating applicants, so the points on your driving record may or may not have a direct impact on the rates you pay for car insurance.

Start now by finding car insurance companies in your area

A point system is simply the assignment of “points” or values to each infraction. Then, the rating system of the car insurance company evaluates the “points” instead of each infraction. The insurance company, thus, has its own insurance points system that may or may be the same as your state’s DMV points system.

For example, a company may use this type of system:

Because each insurance company has a different (complex) rating algorithm, there is no set dollar amount or rating point comparison that can be given. If you want to find the specifics for your insurance company, their rates are filed with the state’s department of insurance. You can request a copy of those rating factors and how they affect the companies’ specific rates or check out state car insurance information at our state car insurance rates page.

Typically, you can expect the company rating algorithm to try to put an insurance point value on each infraction (regardless of the state driving record point system). Based upon that point value a different rating factor is use to either raise or lower the rate. Again, it is different for every company. Some companies rating algorithms are much more complex and some are simple.

For example, one major violation can increase your rate by 25 percent with one insurer and 40 percent with another car insurance carrier. Most rating systems gradually lower the impact each year. Meaning it may be 40 percent the first year, 30 percent the second and 20 the third and if the violation then falls off your driving record the surcharge would be over by year four.

Please, enter the zip code! is a part of the family

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Disclaimer: The insurance products on are from companies from which QuinStreet may receive compensation. Compensation may impact where products appear on (including the order in which they appear). QuinStreet does not include all insurance companies or all types of products available in the marketplace.

Best home equity mortgages and loans lending company #home #equity, #home #equity #loan, #home #equity


Need to borrow money? Your credit, age or income are not an issue!

Since 1969, Alpine Credits has been helping people in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario get home equity loans (home equity mortgage) when they need it.

Home Equity Loans from Alpine Credits are the fastest and easiest way to get money from your home regardless of your income or credit history. If you own a home we can approve your home equity loan in as little as 24 hours and can get you the funding you need in a matter of days.

With a home equity loan you can use the money to renovate your home, invest in your business, purchase investments including real estate, pay for wedding expenses, pay for education, fund your dream vacation or, finance other temporary needs – whether it is topping up your RRSPs, clearing off tax debts, or even consolidating debt.

We go out of our way to offer great rates and excellent service. Unlike other lenders, our application process is simple and quick and we are always available to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on our helpful and knowledgeable team – no matter what your current financial situation is, we welcome you to contact us to learn more about your financing options.

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How We Help

There may be a variety of reasons why you need to borrow money – some of them are expected and some of them are unexpected – regardless of why you need to borrow money, Alpine Credits is here to help. Please click on any of the icons below to learn more about how we can help with any of your financing needs.

Debt Consolidation Loans

I recently contacted Alpine Credits regarding a non-standard mortgage financing request. Alpine Credits displayed the highest level of professionalism and commitment throughout the process, and worked diligently to satisfy my financing needs.

Bart in Vancouver BC

The fast, friendly service provided was exceptionally impressive. When I First called to speak with my representative on the phone, I must say his warm, friendly voice was one factor that prompted me to choose ALPINE to help me with my financial goals. I was further convinced I had chosen the right people to work with when I met with you personally to work out a good plan. The level of knowledge and professionalism was remarkable and instrumental in helping me make informed choices and decisions.

Poh in Mississauga, ON

“I am writing this letter to you to express my gratitude for treating me in a respectful, honest and dignified manner during our course of business. I am completely impressed with the speed, preciseness, thoroughness that you focused on my equity loans. That combined with simple, detailed explanations throughout the entire process made the experience for me stress free.”

Donald in Port Alberni, BC

Thank you for helping us through a most difficult time in our lives. I have never experienced losing our home, our business. We had no money to pay our bills…To our rescue, we called Alpine Credits and on the other end of the phone was our wonderful case worker. We spoke over the phone, all the numbers we could work with and came up with a solution.

Fraser and Jennifer in Chilliwack, BC

I am very appreciative of the prompt service which I have received, and thank you very much for taking time our of your lunch hour to accommodate me. So far it has been a pleasure dealing with you and at this point I have no suggestions for improvements. So far so good.

Assad in Calgary, AB

Thank you very much for looking after me so well and your help. I was very pleased with the service I received and will gladly recommend you to anyone. Even on the phone I got a better answer than I got from the bank in person, thank you again.

Sigrid in Markham, ON

Alpine Credits thank you for your outstanding, professional service. Your associate was direct and prompt with answers to me needs and questions. Alpine gave me the money to increase my property and gave me peace of mind at a very difficult period in my life. Thank you Alpine I would recommend your company to anyone. Please keep my file, as I m sure that I will be an ongoing client.

Diane in Red Deer, AB

We found Alpine Credits Limited very good to work with. Their staff was very pleasant and easy to talk to. They were very fast and willing to go the extra mile to accommodate our request. Over all we had a good experience dealing with Alpine Credits.

James in Brampton, ON

Dwayne and I would just like to thank you and Alpine Credits for all the help over the past few years. Your service is great, you always make us feel right at home. Thanks again for everything.

I have dealt with Alpine Credits for over 2 years and I am very pleased with their service, honesty, due diligence and would recommend them to anyone in the need of their assistance.

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. We greatly appreciate it. Everyone that we dealt with at Alpine was so pleasant and helpful. You took the time to help us out with the mortgage, you were great. Thanks again for all your help.

Wendy in Edmonton, AB

Friendly atmosphere and I was welcomed nicely. Easy to understand for the average guy and I would recommend Alpine if the need and circumstances arise for someone I know.

Richard in Vancouver, BC

Hi, I just want to say that you for talking to me and approving us after I got off the phone with you. I almost cried I have been so stressed out with CRA making so many threats and telling me we will lose our home and basically put my husband out of business. I had such a relief someone is willing to help us, I was dumbfounded after bank strung us along and said no. Thanks again you have no idea how much this means to us.

Cheryl in Pitt Meadows, BC

Risk assessment #security #risk #assessment #tools


Controlling the risks in the workplace

As part of managing the health and safety of your business you must control the risks in your workplace. To do this you need to think about what might cause harm to people and decide whether you are taking reasonable steps to prevent that harm. This is known as risk assessment and it is something you are required by law to carry out. If you have fewer than five employees you don’t have to write anything down.

A risk assessment is not about creating huge amounts of paperwork. but rather about identifying sensible measures to control the risks in your workplace. You are probably already taking steps to protect your employees, but your risk assessment will help you decide whether you have covered all you need to.

Think about how accidents and ill health could happen and concentrate on real risks – those that are most likely and which will cause the most harm.

For some risks, other regulations require particular control measures. Your assessment can help you identify where you need to look at certain risks and these particular control measures in more detail. These control measures do not have to be assessed separately but can be considered as part of, or an extension of, your overall risk assessment.

How to assess the risks in your workplace

Many organisations, where you are confident you understand what’s involved, can do the assessment themselves. You don’t have to be a health and safety expert.

When thinking about your risk assessment, remember:

  • a hazard is anything that may cause harm, such as chemicals, electricity, working from ladders, an open drawer etc
  • the risk is the chance, high or low, that somebody could be harmed by these and other hazards, together with an indication of how serious the harm could be


Four scenarios for the future of the pharmaceutical industry #onyx #pharma

#future of pharmaceutical industry


  • Strathprints home
  • Open Access

Research under the microscope.

The Strathprints institutional repository is a digital archive of University of Strathclyde research outputs.

Strathprints serves world leading Open Access research by the University of Strathclyde, including research by the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences (SIPBS), where research centres such as the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC), the Cancer Research UK Formulation Unit, SeaBioTech and the Centre for Biophotonics are based.

Four scenarios for the future of the pharmaceutical industry

Bradfield, Ron M. and El-Sayed, Hany (2009) Four scenarios for the future of the pharmaceutical industry. Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 21 (2). pp. 195-212. ISSN 1465-3990


Pharmaceutical companies are facing several major interrelated challenges, the most strategic being the decline in R D productivity resulting in empty product pipelines to replace products nearing patent expiry. A common response has been mergers and acquisition of competitors and biotechnology firms, but rather than resolving the problems, this has created new ones. While biotechnology promises to reshape the pharmaceutical industry, it too faces challenges: the industry as a whole is unprofitable and there is uncertainty regarding market acceptance of its products. This paper examines the current issues in the two industries, and describes a scenario process resulting in the development of a set of scenarios depicting four possible future paths along which the pharmaceutical industry may develop over the next 15 years.

Pharmaceutical Sales Resume Example: Pharmaceutical Sales Resumes #ajanta #pharma

#pharma resumes


Pharmaceutical Sales Resume

Above is a resume sample for a Pharmaceutical Sales Executive. Use this as a guide if you are applying for a sales position. Note the summary of qualifications section, a brief paragraph outlining Nicholas s skills and experience in the field. This section is followed by core competencies, strategic planning, forecasting, medical sales, client needs assessment, negotiation, etc. These are the skills that Nicholas has that directly apply for the position in Pharmaceutical sales he s applying for. Professional experience is next, listing job titles Field Sales Representative, Territory Manager and his self-employment experience. Each job title has relevant skills listed in bullet point format. Education and computer skills are listed at the bottom of the resume.

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Eisai Inc #sun #pharma

#eisai pharma


Welcome to Eisai Inc

Eisai Inc. (pronounced ā-zī) is a U.S. pharmaceutical subsidiary of Tokyo-based Eisai Co. Ltd. a research-based human health care (hhc) company that discovers, develops and markets products throughout the world. Established in 1995, Eisai Inc. began marketing its first product in the United States in 1997 and has rapidly grown to become an integrated pharmaceutical business.

Headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, we are dedicated to a tradition of genuine concern for people and are driven by the desire to help meet the diverse health care needs of patients and their families and caregivers. We are an agile, entrepreneurial organization managed by experienced leadership, backed by the strength, stability and historical successes of Eisai Co. Ltd. which has a strong and lasting commitment to the U.S. market.

Our heritage and mission have earned us recognition as an innovative, efficient, solution-oriented pharmaceutical company – a company that effectively works with healthcare professionals, hospitals and managed care organizations to develop and market specialty products that help address unmet needs. Our ability to forge strong alliances gives us a competitive edge.

In the United States, our rapid growth and strong performance result from putting patients and their families first when making decisions and from empowering the people who manage our operations. Eisai employees personify our values of integrity, respect, professionalism, quality and teamwork.

As you continue exploring our corporate web site, you will learn more about how our commitment to hhc is a motivating force for everything we do and everything we produce.

This is the website of Eisai Inc. a US company. This site is intended for US residents only. The health information contained herein is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace discussions with a health care provider. All decisions regarding patient care must be made with a health care provider, considering the unique characteristics of the patient.

Copyright © Eisai Inc. 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Please note that by clicking on this link, you will be leaving the Eisai Inc. US website and be taken to the Eisai Co. Ltd. Japan website

Please note that by clicking on this link, you will be leaving the Eisai Inc US website and be taken to an external website.

You are now leaving the Eisai Inc. US website and going to Morphotek, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eisai Inc.

Shareholder Campaign: Barr Pharmaceuticals #fda #and #pharmaceutical #industry

#barr pharma


Shareholder Campaign: Barr Pharmaceuticals

Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was a holding company with two main subsidiaries, Barr Laboratories, Inc. and Duramed Pharmaceuticals, that focused on generic and proprietary drugs, respectively. Barr and Duramed developed, manufactured, and marketed more than 100 products.

2005 Resolution: Give the Animals 5

With the help of PETA supporters who held stock in Barr Pharmaceuticals, a resolution was filed in the fall of 2004 calling on the company to Give the Animals 5 replace five crude and cruel animal tests with state-of-the-art and scientifically valid non-animal methods that were already in use in other countries.

Despite Barr s response that [w]e follow a policy that includes identifying, developing and using alternatives to laboratory animal testing whenever possible, Barr recommended that its shareholders vote against our resolution. PETA s resolution was voted on at Barr s annual meeting, garnering approximately 1.25 million shares.

2006 Resolution: Animal Welfare Policy

In 2006, PETA filed a resolution with Barr Laboratories calling on the company to develop and make publicly accessible an animal welfare policy that would include reducing the numbers of animals used and ensuring that social and behavioral enrichment measures were implemented for the animals used both in-house and at contract testing laboratories.

The resolution was largely the result of the horrors uncovered in the independent contract testing laboratory Covance Inc. whose officials boasted that their clients included just about every major company around the world .

Barr Laboratories challenged PETA s resolution at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), claiming that the resolution should be excluded because it concerned substantially the same subject matter as the 2005 resolution, which did not receive the required 3 percent of the vote to be reintroduced. The SEC ruled in Barr s favor, and PETA s animal welfare policy resolution did not appear in Barr s proxy materials that year.

In 2008, Barr Pharmaceuticals was acquired by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, a non-U.S. entity.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Resume Samples #pharma #manufacturing #process

#pharma resumes


Pharmaceutical Sales Representative resume samples

Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives work for companies selling medicine and other similar products. A successful sample resume for this job describes tasks like identifying new customers, networking with existing clients and stakeholders, organizing conferences and presentations, and updating client databases. Medical terminology familiarity, sales expertise, teamwork, and the ability to reach sales targets are often seen on Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives example resumes. The majorities of candidates have undergone some medical training and usually hold a Bachelor’s Degree.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Provided high impact territory management, sales strategies, and client relationship building for a leading pharmaceutical company with a broad product mix.

  • Achieved #3 sales representative in the Southeast and #10 national sales representative across all 5 years
  • Finished 6th out of 510 sales representatives nationwide, achieving a Top 1% status
  • Increased Saturation of Market ratio from 5.5% to 17.5% for Cialis and subsequently improved SOM to over 85% for both Cialis and Strattera
  • Consistently achieved or surpassed quotas by deploying sales strategies centered on building strong client relationships and equipping providers with concise and relevant product knowledge
  • Secured numerous awards, including Director’s Counsel, P2P Champion, Evista Champion, STP Champion, Strattera Leadership Circle, and the Sarafem Green Thumb award
  • Acquired new accounts, managed a diverse portfolio including Cymbalta, Strattera, Cialis, and Evista, and successfully built territory by relentlessly pursing opportunities
  • Maintained excellent client retention rates by providing highly accessible service coupled with expert industry knowledge

years in

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Top 8% of Diabetes Health Representatives throughout the nation, while selling Humalog and Byetta

  • Incrementally increased the Bronx- East territory ranking from 450/491 to 37/491 over a 15 month period
  • Responsible for an increased Share of Market of Humalog from less than 10% to over 85% on key Physicians
  • Appropriately engaged customers based on segment to establish and maintain value-based relationships
  • Consistently led the team in increasing the number of new physicians utilizing the new injectable pen device
  • Initiated in-office programs in order to educate patients which increased product sales and market share

years in

at this job

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Marketed Actos and Uloric to Endocrinologists, Cardiologists, Internal Medicine and Primary Care physicians throughout the North Kansas City, St. Joseph, and Northwest Missouri region.

  • Promoted to Senior Sales Representative in June 2010 as a result of demonstrated leadership and positive impact on sales.
  • Coordinated the launch of two drugs while also promoting Actos.
  • Facilitated educational programs spotlighting key thought leaders to appropriate doctors to improve brand awareness and knowledge of Actos and Uloric.
  • Presented new, relevant information during district meetings to keep the team up-to-date and informed.
  • Implemented an ongoing quarterly business plan to focus on key physicians and important messages in an effort to be more methodical in the promotion of Takeda’s products.

years in

at this job

Senior Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Generated, developed, and grew sales of 9 pharmaceutical products in 3 geographical territories in the Chicago-land area. Built and managed key and long term relationships with targeted hospitals, primary care and specialty physicians, pharmacists, and administrators.

  • Ranked 79th in the nation out of 450 representatives in 2009 and exceeded sales goals by 23%.
  • Ranked top 18% in 2008 for national and regional sales generated.
  • Exceeded annual national sales goals 8 out of 10 years.
  • Comprehensive experience in project management and consultation surrounding managed care organizations, disease management, pharmacoeconomics, and outcomes research.

years in

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Responsible for marketing and selling cardiovascular, dementia, gastrointestinal, and pulmonary pharmaceuticals to Primary Care, Cardiologists, Gastroenterologists and Pulmonologists in the Southern Nevada Region. Mainly responsible for increased the use of promoted products through increasing the base of prescribing physicians.

  • Successfully launched 3 drugs in 3 years in the top 25% or better
  • Consistently recognized for exceptional sales messaging and related sales results.
  • FY12 Q3 – District Sales Person Award
  • FY14 Runner Up President’s Club
  • Lateral Leadership Acknowledgement
  • 3 Consecutive years ranked in the top 40% or better

years in

at this job

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Identified and established relationships with physician’s through market analysis and cold calling

  • Managed large geographical territory in GA selling compound pain and scar creams to specialized physicians (i.e. Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, OBGYNs, Rheumatologists)
  • Developed and grew territory – 20 new Rx’s per Doctor per month/including refills
  • Achieved 120% of plan for 5 consecutive months
  • Ranked number one sales rep for 6 consecutive months
  • Leverage for territory management (pipeline, reporting, and measurement (KPIs))

years in

Mississippi Jobs – Search Mississippi Job Listings #mississippi #jobs, #mississippi #job #listings, #mississippi #employment, #mississippi


Jobs in Mississippi

Mississippi Employment Information

Mississippi Overview

Mississippi has experienced its fair share of challenges, including the recession, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the BP oil spill in 2010, as well as floods and violent tornadoes in 2011. In the face of such adversities, the 1.3 million workers in the Mississippi job market are constantly redefining themselves. Today, Mississippi is attracting new businesses — led by the government, retail, manufacturing and agriculture sectors — that offer new jobs and higher wages.

Mississippi Job Opportunities

Agriculture and the state’s 42,000 farms employ nearly 30 percent of the Mississippi workforce. Leading products include poultry, eggs, soybeans and forestry. Legalized casino gambling on the Mississippi River and several currently in-progress billion-dollar manufacturing and energy projects also support the economy.

Most jobs in Mississippi are provided by the government and the trade, transportation and utilities industries. While most sectors in Mississippi have reported mixed performance in job gains, the education/health services sector is showing positive momentum. In recent months, the financial sector has also reported positive job gains.

Mississippi Employment Trends

Mississippi’s employment conditions reflect the challenges the state has weathered. From late 2009 to early 2012, the unemployment rate remained higher than 10 percent. The unemployment rate fell below 10 percent in February 2012 and continues to improve. On the other hand, Mississippi payrolls continue to fall, though at a slower rate since mid-2011. Some minor job growth was reported in September and November 2011. On a more positive note, online hiring has reported solid gains over the past year and is nearing prerecession levels.

Employment in Mississippi is expected to increase 1.3 percent between Q2 2012 and Q3 2013, on par with the 1.3 percent growth expected in the US job supply during that time, according to Moody’s Analytics.

Barcode Inventory Management Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, Warehouse Management Software #abc #inventory #software


Microsoft Dynamics AX Features

Microsoft Dynamics AX Inventory and Logistics Management

Logistics in Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you the flexibility to manage inventory and purchasing according to your needs, with functionality to support forecasting, classifying and tracking inventory and the efficient creation and management of bills of material. The solution exchanges information with many other functional areas in the solution including production, master planning, trade, finance and CRM, to help ensure a high degree of synergy between logistics and other key areas of your business.

Optimize inventory levels

Logistics in Microsoft Dynamics AX offers strong forecasting functionality that supports long-term planning, to help you optimize inventory levels. You can create sales and purchase forecasts based on items and time periods and use an unlimited number of forecast models to simulate various future scenarios. To quickly project cash flow, you can transfer item forecasts to the general ledger forecast.

With the graphical BOM designer, you can create a BOM and get an overview of existing BOMs and routes in the one window

Get detailed insight into your inventory

Inventory dimensions are a powerful tool for classifying your inventory according to storage and item characteristics, so that you can get a detailed overview of your inventory whenever you need it. You can track items throughout the system using batch and serial numbers. You can also view documents related to an item using a simple tree-graphic from anywhere in the system. At any time, you have direct access to information telling you where items were used and where they can be found.

Create bills of material quickly and easily

The graphical BOM designer is a graphical suite used to create and manage BOMs based on Microsoft drag-and-drop technology. The familiar, user-friendly environment makes it faster and easier to construct BOMs using a graphical tree-structure. The BOM designer displays all levels and components of the BOM, and you can drag and drop relevant items from the inventory table into the BOM.

The BOM designer also displays the route for the current BOM, allowing you to drag and drop items from the BOM into the operations on the route where they are to be consumed. This helps to achieve more accurate lead time calculations when scheduling production in Master Planning in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Flexible management of bills of material

Logistics in Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you an efficient and flexible means of managing bills of material to ensure you get the most accurate costing and materials requirements information. Forty BOM levels can be managed effectively and accurate consumption of raw materials can be calculated using formulas specific to each component. Price calculations, using cost price, can be performed for each level of the BOM, giving you accurate and detailed pricing information which is updated throughout the solution. You can create multiple BOM versions to provide maximum flexibility, and you can use the version date of each BOM to control the validity of different versions. Previous BOM versions can be accessed and reused at any time.


  • Optimize inventory levels by matching supply with customer demand.
  • Improve your inventory management with detailed insight into your inventory and item tracking.
  • Improve your materials requirements planning with flexible options for managing bills of material.
  • Create bills of material (BOM) quickly and easily using the graphical BOM designer.


  • Create sales and purchase forecasts
  • Use item and period allocation keys to allocate forecasts to individual items and time periods
  • Consolidate sales and purchase forecasts into one inventory forecast
  • Characterize single item by using up to three item dimensions:
    configuration, size and color
  • Rename the size and color dimensions to suit your purpose
  • Maintain valid combinations of item dimensions – can be allocated manually or automatically
  • Specify the number of item dimensions used per group of items
  • Set up specific prices and discounts per item dimension combination
  • Describe storage by using warehouse, pallets and locations
  • Track items using the serial and batch number dimensions

Advanced on-hand tracking

  • Get overview of current on-hand inventory per warehouse
  • Drill down to current on-hand situation by any item or storage dimension or combination of these
  • Tools for tracking batch and serial numbers throughout the system
  • Set aside items in quarantine using quarantine orders, either manually or automatically when receiving items
  • Look up quarantine inventory at any stage in the quality control process
  • Calculate ABC analysis using user defined limits
  • Calculate the ABC analysis based on: revenue, cost value, margin, and carrying costs

Bills of material (BOM) Management

  • Multi-level BOMs
  • Version and Date control of multiple BOMs
  • Approval routing
  • Formulas for calculation of variable or constant consumption
  • Supports phantom BOMs
  • Variance configurator
  • Allowances for scrap can be made in the consumption calculation
  • Where used feature
  • BOM explosion for materials planning and pricing calculation on all BOM levels
  • Dependent BOM versions

Placement and storage

  • Specify different location and storage policies at both the warehouse level and the item level
  • Specify warehouse locations on five levels: warehouse, aisle, rack, shelf and bin
  • RFID facilitates accuracy

Graphical BOM designer

  • Graphical suite for designing BOMs and gaining insight into existing BOMs
  • Based on Microsoft drag-and-drop interface technology
  • All levels and sub levels of the BOM are visible in a graphical tree structure
  • Drag and drop items from the inventory table to the BOM
  • Drag and drop items from the BOM to the route operations
  • Circulation check to control which functions can be performed on certain BOMs
  • System alerts notify when a BOM is active and should not be modified

Eight different dimensions to specify exact location of items in inventory Identification of:

  • physical location: warehouse and location*
  • physical location: warehouse, location and pallets
  • item origin: serial number and batch number
  • characteristics: configuration, color and size
  • Maintain multiple barcodes per item
  • Read and write the following four different types of bar codes: EAN128/UCC128, Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128

Serial and batch number control

  • Stamp a single item or a group of items with a unique number for tracking
  • Determine the storage location based on rules regarding size, volume and height
  • Allocate storage based on priority of picking locations first and then buffer locations
  • Use for item registration
  • Make items available on-hand in inventory immediately after posting of arrival journal
  • Have the option of either manual or automatic suggestion of arrival and output locations according to storage and item setup
  • Specify warehouse locations on five levels: warehouse, aisle, rack, shelf and bin
  • Drill down output orders to possible pick locations through the shipment journal
  • Send out electronically advanced shipping notification (ASN) to the receiver
  • Specify that shipments are sales order specific or customer specific
  • Include shipments for multiple orders per customer
  • Release order picking sales order ensures you have stock on hand to multiple
  • Derive output orders from sales order lines or production order lines
  • Generate output orders as requisitions to warehouse
  • Define shipments so that they result in the creation of optimized picking routes

Different pallet types

  • Create pallet transports from the following order types: input, output or refill orders
  • Allocate prioritization to order types
  • Consider different pallet types corresponding to different sizes when selecting locations
  • RFID registers the pallets, inventory items and controls them throughout the
    supply chain
  • Read and write the following five different types of bar codes: EAN128/UCC128,
    Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128.
  • Read and write to RIFD-EPC tags
  • RFID registers pallets and inventory items and controls them throughout the
    supply chain
  • Print pallet label, location label and bill of lading labels containing bar codes
  • Specify quarantine requirements at the item level
  • Automatically send and lock quarantine items pending inspection to the quarantine warehouse

*This functionality is included in the Standard Warehouse Management module. All other functionality listed on this data sheet is included in the Advanced Warehouse Management module.

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Companies Use Obamacare Confusion To Sell – Junk Insurance – Talking Points Memo #insurance #companies


Companies Use Obamacare Confusion To Sell Junk Insurance

Georgene Mortimer, who runs a winery and lives in Hilton Head, S.C. was recently having trouble accessing the online health insurance exchange. So she decided to check in with the local insurance agent who in 2010 had sold her an individual health insurance policy from a company named USHealth Group. It didn t take long for Mortimer to realize something was off.

She started to basically tell me how bad the exchanges are, and that the exchanges are only for the very sick people, Mortimer told TPM in an interview last week. And she said, Have you had cancer, heart attack, you or your husband? And I said no. And she said, Good, because if you said yes, I would have had to recommend the exchanges.’

The agent then proceeded to offer Mortimer a product that she touted as not meeting the minimum coverage requirements set by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The agent strongly recommended that Mortimer sign up before Jan. 1, and said that she could lock her premiums in for three years.

I said, I thought that non-compliant ACA policies can t be sold, Mortimer said. She said, we can still sell ACA non-compliant plans, but we can t compete on the exchange. And I didn t know I didn t think that was possible.

The Affordable Care Act was designed to make sure all Americans had a certain level of insurance. But TPM has learned that USHealth Group is actively telling consumers that they don t need that minimum level. In fact, company representatives are telling people they d be better off without it. And the company may be just one player in a larger industry trend, where companies see non-ACA compliant plans, like the so-called fixed benefit coverage marketed by USHealth Group, as a business opportunity.

Health care industry analysts have long derided the kinds of non-insurance health care coverage products the company is selling as junk insurance.

They were not intended to be health insurance, Sabrina Corlette, a research professor at the Health Policy Institute at Georgetown University, told TPM, speaking about fixed benefit plans. They were intended to be what are called income replacement policies. But over the years, these things have kind of morphed. And for many people, unfortunately, mainly because they come with a cheaper sticker price, they are marketed as and treated as health insurance. Even though the coverage is really crappy.

USHealth Group s pitch is three-fold, according to accounts provided to TPM by Mortimer and another prospective customer. First, it says, it is a misconception that everyone needs ACA-compliant insurance. Second, USHealth Group plans are cheaper than ACA-compliant policies, even after customers pay the tax penalty for failing to comply with the ACA s individual mandate. Third, Obamacare is scary.

The company s argument can resonate with some people, and seems at least partially geared toward attracting people who oppose the ACA for political reasons.

On a recent weekday morning, Joe T. s real estate office in Louisiana held its monthly company meeting. A representative from US Health Advisors, USHealth Group s distribution arm, was there. The agent handed out a pamphlet titled PPACA You , a scan of which Joe T. provided to TPM, and spoke to a group of 20 or so real estate agents.

I would say about 80 percent of his talk was spent on some sort of explanation or attack against Obamacare, and maybe 20 percent was about what his company could do, Joe T. who asked that his last name be withheld so as not to be identified by potential future clients told TPM. Which, the thing he mainly repeated over and over was that it would be cheaper to pay the penalty and get a plan through him.

According to Joe T. the agent opened by telling his audience that anyone who was insured would not be able to keep their existing plans, and even if they were already insured they would have to pay the tax penalty. When asked about subsidies, the agent said that almost no one in the room would qualify. And he raised the prospect of a nightmarish future under Obamacare: six-month waits for doctors appointments, spouses dropped from employer plans, employers dropping plans entirely.

He also said that the entire tax penalty was just a way to make the government rich and that the website was just a way to give kickbacks to Obamacare supporters by paying them to develop a website that doesn t work, Joe T. said.

The pamphlet the agent handed out argues that the ACA s insurance mandates have made an already unpopular healthcare system even more confusing and expensive. In comparison, the pamphlet says, USHealth Group s portfolio is exempt from PPACA mandates, giving you the flexibility to choose the coverage options that work best for you, your family and your budget!

One kind of non-compliant plan sold by US Health Group is known as fixed indemnity or fixed benefit coverage. Under this kind of plan, companies reimburses customers a fixed amount of money for medical services. The ACA doesn t prohibit the sale of this kind of coverage, but fixed benefit coverage does not satisfy the law s individual mandate, and people with fixed benefit plans would either have to buy other, compliant coverage or pay the tax penalty.

Karen Pollitz, a senior fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation, told TPM that a fixed benefit plan is not health insurance, in the sense its going to protect you in any way from going broke.

People do need to be careful, Pollitz said. Not just because they won t be satisfying the mandate but because they will be uninsured and that never works out well for people.

Laura Etherton, a health care policy analyst with U.S. Public Interest Research Group, echoed Pollitz s words.

Consumers had good reason to be wary of these plans before now, and that hasn t changed, Etherton said in an email to TPM. What s changing as the ACA takes full effect in 2014 is that many consumers have decent options for actual health insurance, so products like this look even worse.

USHealth Group is not some an upstart operation. Based in Texas, the company is a subsidiary of Credit Suisse, one of the world s largest banks, and claims to have served over 15 million customers over the years. It specializes in health care coverage products for the individual market. And while the company did not respond to multiple requests for comment for this story from TPM, it has not been shy in the past about its plans to offer alternatives to the level of insurance required by the ACA.

Now that we know health care reform is here to stay, many individuals especially those who are self-employed or own a small business, are seeking alternatives to the predicted rise in health premiums that are associated with mandated benefits set forth by the law, the company said in a press release issued in November 2012. Fortunately, for many of the nation s self-employed, small business owners and individuals, there may be some relief. Savvy healthcare shoppers may find an attractive alternative in the fixed-rate products being offered by USHEALTH Group through its wholly-owned distribution arm, USHEALTH Advisors USHEALTH Group offers a variety of coverage options for customers including fixed indemnity plans with unique escalating benefit options and available comprehensive coverage that is more flexible than traditional major medical plans.

Many other insurance companies currently offer fixed benefit policies. TPM asked a few if they saw non-ACA compliant plans as a growth area for the industry. Assurant, a New York-based company that offers both ACA-compliant and non-compliant medical plans, said in an email that though it does not disclose sales trend information, we expect that as more individuals purchase plans for 2014 coverage, we will see an increase across our product portfolio.

Corlette, the Georgetown research professor, anticipates many companies will try to sell non-ACA compliant coverage to consumers in the ACA era.

That s going to be a common thing, Corlette said. I think there are going to be a lot of companies out there trying to sell that kind of stuff it s not just fixed indemnity we re seeing, we re seeing really wacky kinds of policies out there.

Additional reporting by Dylan Scott.


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Fyringsolie – K – b hurtig billig fyringsolie online – DCC Energi #fyringsolie, #olie


Køb fyringsolie hos DCC Energi

DCC Energi er Danmarks st rste forhandler af Shell fyringsolie. Hos os nyder du derfor godt af den omfattende kvalitetskontrol og udvikling af produkter, som Shell foretager. Med det rigtige valg optimeres dit oliefyrs forbr nding og dermed din varme konomi.

Super service – super hurtigt – Vi nsker at yde Danmarks bedste Kundeservice og svarer over 90 % af alle opkald inden for 20 sekunder. I en analyse blandt vores kunder svarer 99 %, at de f r olie til tiden, 90 % udtrykker stor tilfredshed med DCC Energi og 3 ud af 4 vil anbefale os til andre. Gennem personlig kundebetjening og vores store netv rk af lokale chauff rer, sikrer vi dig hurtig og fleksibel levering hver gang ogs hvis du er l bet t r!

Fyringsolie af høj kvalitet

Shell Thermo Premium Fyringsolie

Den avancerede fyringsolie der giver dig mere end bare varme. Fyringsoliens avancerede sammens tning modvirker dannelse af urenheder og bundfald i tanken snavs, der kan blive suget ind i oliefyrets dyse og skabe u nskede driftsstop.

Den forbr nder mere effektivt
Shell Thermo Premium Fyringsolie soder mindre i oliefyrets kedel, og du opn r derfor den samme varme med et lavere olieforbrug. Samtidig er den mere hensynsfuld overfor milj et.

L ngere holdbarhed
Shell Thermo Premium Fyringsolie har en l ngere levetid i tanken, sammenlignet med traditionel fyringsolie. Derfor anbefaler vi denne olie, hvis du bruger solvarme eller br ndeovn i kombination med dit oliefyr.

Shell Thermo Premium fyringolie er frostsikret ned til 20 grader, og kan derfor anvendes p alle tidspunkter af ret.

Shell Thermo Eco Ultra Fyringsolie

Shell Thermo Fyringsolie er den moderne version af vores gennempr vede og gode basisfyringsolie. Det er en billig fyringsolie til dig, der vil have en god kvalitetsolie, som du trygt kan stole p , selv p de koldeste vintern tter.

Shell Thermo Fyringsolie er frostsikret ned til 20 grader, og kan derfor anvendes p alle tidspunkter af ret.

Fleksible løsninger og god service

Udover kvalitetsfyringsolie kan du som kunde hos DCC Energi v lge mellem forskellige servicepakker. nsker du ikke at bekymre dig om oliebeholdningen tilbyder vi en Automatisk Olielevering og vil du have tryghed i forhold til konomien, giver vi dig mulighed for at fordele olieomkostningerne i faste rater.

Du bestemmer ogs selv om du helst vil ringe og bestille din olie eller om du, nsker at bestille den via vores kundeportal DCC Online.

Automatisk Olielevering

Sk nk ikke olien en tanke – Hvis du nsker at slippe for at spekulere p , hvor meget olie du har tilbage i tanken, skal du v lge Automatisk Olielevering. S leverer vi helt automatisk, n r du har behov for olie.

Ved hj lp af oplysninger om din bolig og oliefyr samt graddagetal fra Teknologisk Institut, kan vi beregne, hvorn r du skal have leveret olie igen.

Sker der ndringer i dine boligforhold, der har betydning for dit olieforbrug, er det vigtigt, at du informerer os. Det g lder ogs hvis du f r installeret solvarme eller br ndeovn.

Automatisk Olielevering betyder Prisgaranti – Med Automatisk Olielevering f r du den laveste listepris 7 dage f r og 7 dage efter leveringsdagen – Det er Danmarks bedste Prisgaranti.


Hos DCC Energi har du mulighed for at fordele dine olieudgifter over rets 12 m neder. N r din konto er i plus, forrenter vi med 6 %. N r den er i minus, koster det dig ikke noget. Det er bedre end i banken!

En Varmekonto er en fordeling af dine varmeudgifter – ikke en afbetalingsordning
V lger du Varmekonto, l gger vi et budget for det kommende rsforbrug af fyringsolie. Du indbetaler halvdelen af prisen for f rste leverance og betaler herefter et fast bel b hver m ned. P den m de vil du noget af ret skylde os penge og i andre perioder have penge til gode.

Ring til kundeservice eller bestil online

Det er vigtigt for os at v re tilg ngelige og yde den bedste kundeservice. Hos os kan du v lge mellem at ringe og tale med n af vores dygtige kundekonsulenter eller om du hellere vil betjene dig via vores kundeportal DCC Online. hvor du 24 timer i d gnet har mulighed for at:

  • Bestille fyringolie
  • Se og downloade fakturaer
  • Oprette nye leveringsadresser og tanke
  • Se og ndre dine kontooplysninger

East Bay Rehabilitation Center – #1 for Physical Therapy in Clearwater FL Therapy Services –


Therapy Services

Therapy Services

Today, you have the opportunity to blend modern therapeutic equipment, comfort and the latest conveniences with rehabilitation that fulfills your unique health care needs. We rely on an inter-disciplinary approach with our team of physical, occupational and speech therapists. On a grand scale, we recently acquired new state-of-the-art equipment from leaders of the active and aging arena in order to exceed our patients’ needs and accelerate the healing process.

Skilled Rehabilitative Services

At East Bay Rehabilitation Center, our patients have expedient access to a full continuum of health care services, including physical, occupational and speech therapy. We’re known for our rehabilitative outcomes that give measurable results. Come to experience advanced care from experienced health professionals in an atmosphere that fosters emotional and physical well-being. We look forward to exceeding your expectations and offer unparalleled programs to enhance life quality.

Other Specialized Programs We Offer

Your injury and conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system — all the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves that keep your body moving is of high concern to us. When dealing with post-surgical orthopedic conditions or current injury, it can be relieving to step into an expert team of orthopedically oriented health professionals that’s dedicated to helping you heal and joyfully recover.

Enhancing heart longevity is goal one. Your program of health education, exercise, training and lifestyle counseling aimed at building heart-healthy lifestyles is personalized therapy at its best. We offer a medically directed program to help our patients recover as fully as possible from any type of cardiac event such heart attack, angina, bypass surgery, coronary stent or valve surgery.

No matter where you are in your recovery journey, there’s always room for more possibilities. Stroke patients can now benefit with therapies geared to overcome limitations and improve capabilities to live life to the fullest potential. There are so many therapeutic ways to assist in your road to recovery and to provide the best opportunity to return to the life that you want to live.

Sometimes a chronic lung condition can take away your every breath. The good news is that our close supervision can monitor your oxygen and blood pressure rates. You will be shown better breathing tolerance with every activity. We can help you find a place where you can manage your breath, a place of refreshment and a point that brings you back in control. It’s a systematic approach given by our team of therapists and licensed/certified respiratory practitioners. With pulmonary therapy, everyday people are capable of extraordinary things. Let us show you how. Learn More

We listen to our patients who live with issues of urinary incontinence in order to offer many treatment options in a sensitive and healing environment. Everything you couldn’t easily ask can be answered by our specially trained therapists. There are new computer inter-active therapies that can improve weak bladder-pelvic muscles to hasten your return to a better life with newfound control. Learn More

Restoring comfort and the joy of movement lost by post-surgical swelling, chronic edema, venous circulation deficiencies and a weakened lymphatic system is one of our specialties. In fact, we are one of the few fully certified teams that have hundreds of additional training hours in order to bring you early detection and sophisticated interventions. We reduce swelling through a protocol system of hands-on therapy that promotes your best results. Learn More

Balance problems are complicated, but they don’t have to be. There are so many tools and diagnostic tests that can simplify the even tenor that comes from the ears, eyes, joints and how they give instant signals to the brain. When this harmonious system is off, we’re here to make things right. Let’s pinpoint the areas that are keeping you from confidence. We will give specific-customized exercises that coordinate all those structures that need an immediate neurological response to help improve your reaction to dynamic movement. Learn More

Your safety is our concern and we have the newest inter-active technology and latest techniques to keep you on your feet. Our addition of BioSway, which is a high-tech device that re-trains balance and gait skills through progressive testing and training modes, is a valuable tool for your balance recovery. Our trained and certified team of experienced therapists and their skilled intervention can put you on an improved path.

Finding out how to gain comfort and get relief is important to you and it’s most important to us. The broad range of heat and cold modalities and other components brought by new electrical technologies coupled with our experienced hands-on approach can make a real difference in the daily lives of our patients. Take advantage of our medical insights and our vast array of devices that are geared to help you move forward. Let us assure that you’re not held back by anything, especially pain. Whatever the diagnosis, your worst pain brings out our best efforts. It’s our promise.

Another feature that sets us apart is our wound care services. We are a physician-led team of professionals that provide services to patients with chronic, non-healing wounds. Always looking for a chance to promote healing in the shortest time possible, we team-collaborate on optimum bed surfaces, perform nutritional review for maximum wound health and analyze wheelchair padding, positioning and seating choices.

We use MIST® therapy, one of the most up-to-date treatment techniques given by our specially trained staff. This therapy is a deep healing-comfortable energy used to jump start the wound healing process. The ultrasound waves coupled with sterile saline is applied to wounds to promote the stoppage of harmful bacteria survival and often speeds up recovery.

Physical therapy can foster each patient’s independence and enable functional mobility skills following orthopedic or neurological conditions or injuries. Innovative techniques are used to restore maximum function and minimize pain. Improving range of motion strength, coordination and muscle control will bring you closer to your functional goals.

Speech-language therapy helps patients improve their communication skills in speaking, problem solving, reading, writing, and verbal expressions. Therapists also provide evaluation and treatment for a variety of swallowing disorders.

Occupational therapy focuses on achieving greater independence in the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and eating following an illness or injury. To promote maximum function and mobility, our therapists use rehabilitation techniques and train residents in the use of specialized equipment.

FREE Chart of ISO – Shutter Speeds – F stops » PhotographyUncapped #photography #uncapped,ken #storch,kenny


FREE Chart of ISO Shutter Speeds F stops

The Lists – – Shutter Speeds – F stops – ISO Settings – – Click for a full sized printable image

This is a list of commonly used Whole ISO settings, Whole Shutter Speeds. Whole F stops. and the hard to find in-between settings of third F-stops and half stops (when they are available.)

I often get questions asking, What are (1/3) one third f-stops? , What are these numbers on my Shutter Speed dial? or Why are there all these extra F-stops? Why do my camera settings look different that in my textbook? There are many online explanations for 1/2, 1/4 1/8 sec. and so on, but what about 1/3, 1/6, 1/10 sec. etc? Or, how about the F/ stops: F6.7, F9.5, F19 and so on? The 1/3 (one-third) stops and 1/2 (halves or half) stop settings are hard to locate online.

I ve found that when photographers and students get to know these numbers, at least in part, then there are fewer exposure mistakes. I have used versions of this list for many years, and this is the result of research and refinement.

I have taken details for the fractional settings, one halves, and especially the one thirds, from many sources.

Most books and online sources agree on the whole shutter speed settings, and the whole aperture settings ( F stop and aperture are used interchangeably), but they often vary on some of the in-between numbers. Some camera manufacturers favor a group of settings over others, and sometimes they even disagree with some of their own published literature and camera manuals.

The list is pretty consistent with most sources of this kind of information.

How to use the lists:

  • The columns are separate. and read up or down, not across from one to another.
  • The shaded area contains the Whole ISO Speed. Whole Shutter Speed. or Whole Aperture .
  • The area to the right of the shaded whole settings are the 1/3 or third stop numbers .
  • The area to the left of the shaded whole settings are the 1/2. or half stop settings .
  • ISO values don t come in halves.

There are a few information gaps where no one can agree (such as the ranges between 1/4 sec and 2 secs.) and I couldn t find an aperture number between f45 and f64.

FREE ISO F-Stop Shutter Speed Chart

PERMISSIONS: You may this list use this for yourself. or your classes. and may copy it as long as you leave in the copyright info (as a courtesy, please). Please link back here to this page as the source, and so, don t distribute the file on your own .

I hope you find it useful,

Open the full sized version then print it, or right click to save it.

15 Responses to FREE Chart of ISO Shutter Speeds F stops

beth coats says:

Thank you, I go back and forth DSLR, film slr, pocket digital(nixon great/kodax broken or worn out) I see horizontal lines on LCD, like an old T.V you know what that could be. I like putting my cannon EOS 7 and change up Shutter/aperture, and vice verse. but still use old fashion light meter, do not have the softwear for my cannon I bought it used. BUT BACK TO YOUR CHART, IN MY BAG AT ALL TIME FOLD MARKS ON IT. THANK YOU bjc

Hi Beth,
Glad the chart is useful for you.

The horizontal lines sound like a shutter speed issue.
If on DSLR, lower shutter speed below 1/60th, to say, 1/30th or slower.
If on a phone, that s because of the scan rate of the device. Try a brighter light setting to change the scan rate.
I hope this helps.

Mississippi Business License Applications #cheap #delaware #incorporation


Apply For A Business License Mississippi – MS

Does Mississippi require my business to have a state license?

In Mississippi, not all businesses require a state business license. However, depending on your type of business, you may need local or state licensing or both. State licenses are generally required for professional licenses, such as contractors, real estate agents, and medical professionals. Most cities and counties have their own licensing requirements that must be obtained by most types of businesses.

How do I know if my business has a specific license needed?

A good place to start is by contacting the state online or by calling. You may be able to find links to the Mississippi agencies for specific licensing, permits, or regulations. Visit the State of Mississippi’s list of professional licenses at

Are there local licensing requirements in my city/county?

It is best to check with your local cities clerk to find the required licensing for your business. Most cities in Mississippi do require their own business license. There may also have specific regulations needed to be met by the zoning department. Some cities such as Gulfport, don’t have a local general business license required like the city of Jackson, but do have a Privilege License Application to be completed. Local city or county general business licenses may have different names. Most can be found easily on through the city/county websites.

How do I register my business?

Business registration is different than licensing. The business registration depends on the type of entity you operate your business with, such as a corporation or limited liability company. To register your business, you will first need to determine what type of business entity you choose and what type of business activity you will do. If you choose to do business as a limited partnership or decide to incorporate, you will need to register with the Business Services Group at the Office of the Secretary of State. Go to or call them directly at 1-800-256-3494 to learn more about registering. If you decide to do business as a general partnership or sole proprietorship, you do not need to register with the state. However, always check with your local city/county for additional permits or licensing needed.

Click the link to your city below to apply for a business license

There has never been a better time to get a degree. Even top Universities across the U.S. have joined the movement that’s allowing millions to get an education online. Business degrees are the perfect stepping stone for building a career, increasing earning potential, and ultimately growing your business.

Find out how to improve your knowledge and increase your earning potential by getting an online business degree. Click here to find the program that’s right for you.

Search by State

To find more information about a business license in your state choose the state below.

FHA 203k loan rehab guidelines and requirements #fha #203k #loan,203-k,home #improvement #loan,fha, #fha #203k #home


HUD FHA 203k loan rehab program

Search for a 203-k Consultant

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which is part of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), administers various single family mortgage insurance programs. These programs operate through FHA-approved lending institutions which submit applications to have the property appraised and have the buyer’s credit approved. These lenders fund the mortgage loans which the Department insures. HUD does not make direct loans to help people buy homes.

The FHA 203k loan program is the Department’s primary program for the rehabilitation and repair of single family properties. Basically a home improvement loan. As such, it is an important tool for community and neighborhood revitalization and for expanding homeownership opportunities. Since these are the primary goals of HUD, the Department believes that FHA 203k loan is an important program and they intend to continue to strongly support the program and the lenders that participate in it.

Lenders have successfully used the FHA 203k loan program in partnership with state and local housing agencies and nonprofit organizations to rehabilitate properties. These lenders, along with state and local government agencies, have found ways to combine the FHA 203k loan with other financial resources, such as HUD’s HOME, HOPE, and Community Development Block Grant Programs, to assist borrowers. Several state housing finance agencies have designed programs, specifically for use with FHA 203k loan and some lenders have also used the expertise of local housing agencies and nonprofit organizations to help manage the rehabilitation processing.

HUD also believes that the FHA 203k loan program is an excellent means for lenders to demonstrate their commitment to lending in lower income communities and to help meet their responsibilities under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). HUD is committed to increasing homeownership opportunities for families in these communities and Section 203(k) is an excellent product for use with CRA-type lending programs.

This program can be used to accomplish rehabilitation and/or improvement of an existing one-to-four unit dwelling in one of three ways:

� To purchase a dwelling and the land on which the dwelling is located and rehabilitate it.

� To purchase a dwelling on another site, move it onto a new foundation on the mortgaged property and rehabilitate it.

� To refinance existing indebtedness and rehabilitate a dwelling;

To purchase a dwelling and the land on which the dwelling is located and rehabilitate it, and to refinance existing indebtedness and rehabilitate such a dwelling, the mortgage must be a first lien on the property and the loan proceeds (other than rehabilitation funds) must be available before the rehabilitation begins.

To purchase a dwelling on another site, move it onto a new foundation and rehabilitate it, the mortgage must be a first lien on the property; however, loan proceeds for the moving of the house cannot be made available until the unit is attached to the new foundation.

Learn how aperture, shutter, and ISO affect exposure #what #does #iso #mean #in #photography


From the example of the sunset picture in installment #1 of this photography basics series. you have learned the importance of taking full control over the exposure on your camera. Now, it’s time to dig into your camera and learn the three most basic tools available to you in controlling the exposure.

Those tools are shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. After I explain what each one does, I’ll explain why we need three separate tools to control the brightness or darkness of the photo.


A small aperture in a camera lens.

The aperture is a small set of blades in the lens that controls how much light will enter the camera. The blades create a octagonal shape that can be widened (we photogs call it shooting wide open ), or closed down to a small hole. Obviously, if you shoot with the aperture wide open, then more light is allowed into the camera than if the aperture is closed down to only allow a tiny hole of light to enter the camera.

So suppose you take a picture that is too bright. How do you fix it? Simply choose a smaller aperture. Simple! Aperture sizes are measured by f-stops. A high f-stop like f-22 means that the aperture hole is quite small, and a low f-stop like f/3.5 means that the aperture is wide open.

Let’s test your knowledge to make sure you have it down. If you take a picture and it’s too dark at f/5.6, would you choose a lower f-stop number or a higher one? Yep! You’d choose a lower f-stop number, which opens up the aperture to let in more light. The size of the aperture controls more than the brightness or darkness of the picture, though.

The aperture also controls the depth-of-field. Depth-of-field is how much of the picture is sharp, and how much is blurry. If you want to take a picture of a person and have the background be blurry, you’d use shallow depth of field. If you want to take a picture of a sweeping mountain vista, you’d want to use a small aperture size (high f-stop number) so that the entire scene is in sharp focus. If you, like me, are more of a visual learner, then I think this graphic will help solidify the information about aperture. Take a minute and make sure you understand this info before moving on.

Shutter Speed

The shutter is a small curtain in the camera that quickly rolls over the image sensor (the digital version of film) and allows light to shine onto the imaging sensor for a fraction of a second. The longer the shutter allows light to shine onto the image sensor, the brighter the picture since more light is gathered. A darker picture is produced when the shutter moves very quickly and only allows light to touch the imaging sensor for a tiny fraction of a second. The duration that the shutter allows light onto the image sensor is called the shutter speed, and is measured in fractions of a second. So a shutter speed of 1/2 of a second will allow more light to touch the image sensor and will produce a brighter picture than a shutter speed of 1/200 of a second. So if you’re taking a picture an it is too dark, you could use a slower shutter speed to allow the camera to gather more light.

That’s me! Typing away on this article from my studio in Meridian, Idaho.

Just as the aperture affects the exposure as well as the depth-of field, the shutter affects more than just the exposure. The shutter speed is also principally responsible for controlling the amount of blur in a picture. If you think about it, it makes sense that the shutter speed controls how much blur is in the picture.

Imagine me sitting here at my computer desk waving to you (you don’t have to imagine very hard if you just look at the picture on the right).If you take a picture of me with a shutter speed of 1/30th of a second, then my hand will have moved in the time that the camera is recording the picture. To get rid of the blur, you need to increase the shutter speed to around 1/320th of a second. At this speed, my hand is still moving, but the camera takes the picture so fast that my hand travels only such a small distance that it is not noticeable in the picture.


The funny thing about ISO is that it is an acronym, but nobody really knows what it stands for. It is always just called ISO even though it really stands for International Organization for Standardization. Every once in a while, you’ll hear an older photographer pronounce it I-so , but almost everyone pronounces it I.S.O. The ISO controls the exposure by using software in the camera to make it extra sensitive to light.

A high ISO such as ISO 1,600 will produce a brighter picture than a lower ISO such as ISO 100. The drawback to increasing the ISO is that it makes the picture noisier. Digital noise is apparent when a photo looks grainy. Have you ever taken a picture at night with your cell phone or your pocket camera, and noticed that it looks really grainy? That is because the camera tried to compensate for the dark scene by choosing a high ISO, which causes more grain.

What constitutes a high ISO is constantly changing. Camera companies are constantly improving the ability of cameras to use high ISOs without as much grain. A few years ago, only the highest-end pro DSLR cameras could achieve 2,000 ISO, and now even entry-level DSLR cameras can shoot at this level. Since each camera is different, you would do well to do a few tests with your camera to see how high of an ISO you can shoot at without making the image overly grainy.

Right now, you will commonly find new DSLRs that advertise expandable ISO ranges. To learn more about that, click here .

Putting It All Together

Bighorn sheep in Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Jim Harmer (Founder of Improve Photography)

I know exactly what you’re thinking: Why do I need three tools to control the exposure. Wouldn’t one suffice? The answer is no, and I’ll explain why with an example. In January 2012, I took a trip to my favorite place on the planet to take pictures Yellowstone National Park. My guide informed us that the bighorn sheep in the park were dying off very quickly due to whooping cough, so I worked hard that week to capture pictures of the last few sheep in that area of the park. Around 9AM on a cloudy day, I found a small group of bighorn sheep and started photographing them with a long 600mm lens. The early hour and clouded sky made the situation quite dark for shooting.

The lens I was working with (which costs $11,000 don’t they know I’ve gotta send my kids to college?) Anyway, it had a maximum aperture size of f/4. So I set my aperture at f/4 to gather as much light as possible. This also impacted the depth-of field to blur out the rocks behind the bighorn sheep. Next, I set my shutter speed. I wanted to capture action in the photo, so I set my camera to 1/1000th of a second shutter speed. I knew that this fast of a shutter speed would prevent any motion blur from the sheep running on the mountain side. Then, I took a picture. WAAAY too dark! I couldn’t compromise my shutter speed or aperture, so I knew I needed to use the third player in the exposure triangle the ISO.

I played around with my ISO and found that if I increased it to ISO 640, it made the picture bright enough to take the picture without making it overly grainy. Yahtzee! This combination of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO worked out perfectly. Now can you see why you need to know how to shutter, aperture, AND ISO, and know how to set them independently on your camera?

Click the link below to continue reading this totally free photography basics series of articles, but if you’re more of a visual person and want to see how to set the camera settings for various situations, you should really check out Photography Start.

If you’re a visual learner and want to really learn your camera, then be sure to check out my beginner photography class. which I call Photography Start. It’s a series of 22 short videos where I take you on location to shoot waterfalls, landscapes, people, kids, and macro photos. You can look over my shoulder and see exactly how I set up my camera to take professional photos. Best of all, the video series is priced REALLY reasonably at just $15. Check it out here .

In part 3 of the Photo Basics Series, I’m going to teach you how to set these on your camera.


I am really liking this series! Thanks so much for putting it together!

There is one minor error that you may want to fix. It can be found in the last sentence of the first paragraph of the section called Shutter Speed

You wrote: So if you’re taking a picture *an* it is too dark, you could use a slower shutter speed to allow the camera to gather more light.

But you should have written: So if you’re taking a picture *AND* it is too dark, you could use a slower shutter speed to allow the camera to gather more light.

(Sorry. I m an English minor in college. I ll let you know if I spot any more. =) )

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Stock: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA) #research #pharma

#barr pharma


Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA)

This article refers to the pharmaceutical company. For the Brazial real (BRL), see Brazilian Real (BRL) .

Barr Pharmaceuticals (formerly BRL) was the parent company for Barr Laboratories and Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. before being acquired by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA). Through its two subsidiaries the company produces roughly 75 different generic pharmaceuticals and 19 brand name pharmaceutical products, largely focused on women’s health and birth control.

On July 18th 2008, generic drug manufacturer Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA) announced it would buy Barr for $66.50 / share in cash and stock. Under the terms of the deal, each share of Barr common stock will be converted into $39.90 in cash and 0.6272 Teva American depositary receipts. Teva said it expects the deal to close in late 2008. [1]

Barr differentiates itself from the competitors in that it only seeks to formulate hard to reproduce brand name drugs, those with complex formulations or difficult to source materials. This strategy provides it with some measure of protection, by making it more difficult for other generics companies to replicate its products. The company may also benefit from overall growth in the generics market as Medicare and private insurance become increasingly receptive to generics, in the face of rising health care costs.


Business Financials

Barr makes most of its money from sales of generic products. Its sales of $1.3 billion in 2006 were about 75% from generic products and only 25% proprietary medications. As a subset of these areas, Barr’s most important therapeutic area is contraceptives and birth control. The striking difference between revenue and profits (net earnings) in the graphs could in part be caused by Barr’s increased marketing efforts of proprietary products in 2003-2004. Initial costs for marketing a product are very high, and as the patient base expands, these costs decrease meaning profits can increase.

An interesting strategy Barr employs is filing patent challenges first. If the challenge is successful, the company that filed the challenge receives 180 days of “exclusivity” wherein there is no competition from other generic producers.

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Barr Annual Report [2]

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Barr Annual Report [3]

Key Trends and Forces

*Towards Generic Drugs: The generic market has grown significantly in recent years. The percentage of overall prescriptions filled with generic products grew from 46.5% in 2000 to 57.3% by 2005 [4]. The aging population. rising health care costs, and insurance companies’ attempts to minimize costs could all contribute to a further increase in demand for generic products. Medicare spending could also play a significant role in the continued growth of the generics industry. The program which accounts for approx. 12% of the federal budget has been under pressure to cut costs. If Medicare moves to encourage greater use of generics, it would be a huge win for the industry and companies like BARR.

*Patent Expiration: Because Barr’s main focus is on generic drugs, one of the most important factors in determining its profitability are patent expirations of other companies’ successful medications. Pharmaceutical patents are generally short, and the process for gaining FDA Approval for a generic drug is much less rigorous than for a new medication. Often, generic manufacturers only have to prove that their product is equivalent. They do not have to go through the lengthy and expensive process of clinical trials.

When patents expire, often companies will attempt to reformulate products to maintain the patents. By adding new ingredients or changing the formula slightly, patent life can be extended, or brand domination can be maintained through the new formula. Thus, even if it appears that a patent will expire, there is no guarantee that this will really open up the market for generic manufacturers.

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Barr Annual Report [5]

*Legal Challenges: Part of being a generic manufacturer means dealing with the “edge” of patents. That is, there is likely a gray area between when a product is protected by patent and when it is not. Because of this, companies such as Barr often face law suits from brand manufacturers. Currently, Barr has been fighting over patents on Yasmin, Ortho, Try-Cyclen Lo, and Allegra-D, which seem to be coming to an end soon.

*Brand Loyalty: Because patent laws allow brand name medications to monopolize the market for a certain number of years, brands have a chance to build loyalty and get people “hooked.” For example, if a patient is taking medication for a life-threatening condition, such as heart disease, doctors are unlikely to switch the patient to a new medication.

*Contraceptive Products: The market for contraceptives is especially important to Barr. One of its major products, the “morning after pill” called Plan-B, is very controversial in some areas. The product causes a fertilized egg not to implant itself in the uterus, and many claim that this is essentially a type of “pre-abortion.” Thus, legislation effecting abortion, as well as pharmacists’ ability to refuse to fill prescriptions, will effect sales of Plan-B. Also, there is constantly new research on side effects of oral contraceptives and hormones. If it is found that there are negative effects, Barr’s sales could suffer.


Because patent expiration means that any company can now access the formula of a medication and manufacture it, competition is fierce. Barr has a unique way of side-stepping some competition. It relies on four “qualifications” in deciding what products to produce. These include:

  1. Those with complex formulation or development characteristics;
  2. Those requiring specialized manufacturing capabilities;
  3. Those where sourcing the raw material may be difficult;
  4. Those that must overcome unusual regulatory or legal challenges, including patent challenges.

These conditions are designed to create generics that other companies cannot easily create. Barr goes after the more difficult products to manufacture, meaning that it will face less competition than if it went after easy products.

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Company Annual Reports [6]

Barr’s major competitors including are:

  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA). Teva Pharmaceuticals USA is one if the largest producers of generic drugs. Its products include therapeutic areas such as anti-infective, cardiovascular, oncology, dermatological and anti-inflammatory.
  • Sandoz, a generic division of Novartis AG (NVS). Sandoz’s major therapeutic areas include antibiotics, preparations for treating the central nervous system, cardiovascular, hormones and antiallergics.
  • Mylan Laboratories (MYL) is the third largest generic producer in the US. Mylan also owns subsidiaries that produce proprietary drugs and hospital packages.
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories (RDY) is one of the largest generic manufactures in the US by revenue. It also manufactures branded products. Dr. Reddy’s products include those for hypertension, allergies, urological disorders, cardiovascular, and antibiotics.


Pharmaceutical marketing companies #marketing #pharmaceuticals

#pharmaceutical marketing companies


social media directory

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Careers at Intouch Solutions Pharma Agency #world #pharma

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At Intouch, our goal is to deliver innovative digital healthcare marketing. Not for awards or recognition—although we do receive those too—but to partner with our clients to positively affect the lives of people with serious health needs. Our work offers new treatment information, dispels myths, and opens dialogues between doctors and patients. What we do makes a difference. And succeeding here takes brains, heart, and more.

Learn about working here by exploring the areas below:

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We’re dedicated to providing real work experience to college students considering a career in marketing. Plus, we value our interns enough to pay them.

Intouch has grown by evolving with digital technology while meeting the challenges presented by our clients. We’re always seeking new talent—and we invite you to apply.

Senator calls for investigation of Purdue Pharma following Times story on OxyContin – LA Times

#purdue pharmaceuticals


Senator calls for investigation of Purdue Pharma following Times story on OxyContin

A U.S. senator on Friday called for federal investigations of OxyContin s manufacturer in response to a Los Angeles Times report that found the bestselling painkiller wears off early in many patients, exposing them to increased risk of addiction.

Sen. Edward J. Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat whose state has been hit hard by prescription drug abuse, urged the Justice Department. the Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission to launch probes of drugmaker Purdue Pharma.

OxyContin s main selling point is that it lasts 12 hours. The Times investigation published this month found that when the effects don t last, patients can suffer symptoms of narcotic withdrawal, including intense craving for the drug, and experience a cycle of agony and relief that experts say promotes addiction.

OxyContin is the original sin of the current opioid epidemic. Sen. Edward J. Markey

The newspaper found that Purdue had evidence of the problem for more than two decades, but continued to insist the drug lasted 12 hours, in part, to protect its revenue. OxyContin s market dominance and premium price hinge on its 12-hour duration. Purdue instructed doctors who complained about the drug s duration to prescribe stronger, but not more frequent, doses. Research shows that patients taking high doses of opioids are at greater risk of an overdose and death.

‘You want a description of hell?’ OxyContin’s 12-hour problem

Harriet Ryan, Lisa Girion and Scott Glover

Harriet Ryan, Lisa Girion and Scott Glover

These are serious allegations, Markey wrote of The Times findings in a letter to Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch. They raise questions about ongoing deception by Purdue, harm to the public, continued costs to the United States, and the availability of further judicial recourse against Purdue

In a separate letter to the heads of the FDA and FTC, Markey called OxyContin a leading culprit in the current opioid and heroin overdose epidemic. More than 194,000 people have died from overdoses involving opioid painkillers since 1999 and abuse of those drugs is blamed for the resurgence in heroin addiction in the U.S. Markey said the agencies should proactively warn prescribers, patients, and the general public about problems the newspaper identified with OxyContin.

Purdue, a family-owned Connecticut company that has collected more than $31 billion from OxyContin sales, rejected The Times findings. In a statement, the company said Purdue shared Markey s concerns about the opioid epidemic, but noted that the FDA approved OxyContin as a 12-hour drug.

We promote our medicines only within the parameters approved by FDA and, given FDA has not approved OxyContin for eight-hour use, we do not recommend that dosing to prescribers, the statement said.

A Justice Department spokesman said the department was reviewing the letter and an FTC spokesman confirmed the agency had received the letter, but declined comment.

An FDA spokeswoman said the agency was reviewing the letter and would respond directly to Markey. Previously, the agency spokeswoman told The Times the FDA will revise labeling as necessary to improve proper prescribing and treatment, but also placed responsibility with doctors.

It should be well understood by physicians that there will be some individual variability in the length of time that patients respond to this drug, the spokeswoman said.

Dr. Lewis Nelson, a New York University professor of emergency medicine who has advised the FDA on risks of prescription opioids, said that in his experience teaching physicians around the nation, many doctors have forgotten their medical school training about how opioids work in individuals.

I don t think the average doctor would recall the difference between changing a dose to q8, medical shorthand for every 8 hours, or increasing the dose, Nelson said.

He said the Times findings were credible and the FDA should change the label.

It would seem like this is a very fixable problem, Nelson said.

OxyContin s history is inextricably linked with the prescription drug epidemic. Purdue launched the drug in 1996 with an aggressive marketing campaign to primary care doctors that presented the painkiller as appropriate treatment for back aches and knee pain. Purdue and three company executives pleaded guilty in 2007 to federal charges of drug misbranding for what the company acknowledged was an attempt to downplay OxyContin s risk of addiction. They were ordered to pay $635 million.

Markey has been an outspoken critic of the role of pharmaceutical companies and the FDA in the opioid crisis. In January, he temporarily blocked the nomination of Dr. Robert Califf as FDA commissioner to protest the agency s approval process for opioids, including its August decision to approve OxyContin for use in children as young as 11. Califf was later confirmed.

OxyContin is the original sin of the current opioid epidemic, Markey said in a statement to The Times. For years, Purdue Pharma lied to federal regulators and the public about the addictiveness of OxyContin and countless patients got hooked on this deadly painkiller. We need to know if Purdue once again lied about the longevity of OxyContin s pain-relieving properties and hold Purdue accountable.

Markey s focus on opioids reflects Massachusetts severe problem with painkillers and heroin, which has been embraced by many prescription drug addicts as a cheaper alternative to pills. The death rate from opioid overdoses is more than twice the national average and climbing. More than 1,300 people died from opioid-related causes last year, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Four people die every day and we haven t been able to bend the trend, said Marylou Sudders, the commonwealth s secretary of health and human services. That s not a problem. That is a crisis.

Sudders attributed the problem, in part, to doctors over-prescribing opioids. A state law passed in March requires doctors to receive additional training and limits first-time opioid prescriptions to seven days.

The Times report concerned an issue that went largely unnoticed in the scrutiny of OxyContin: the drug s duration. Purdue s clinical trials demonstrated the problem. In the first test on patients, for example, OxyContin wore off early in about half of participants.

After the drug hit the market, the company was confronted with additional evidence, including complaints from doctors and research by outside scientists.

In his letter to Lynch, Markey wrote that if warranted the Justice Department should try to recoup taxpayer dollars that federal healthcare programs may have needlessly and unnecessarily spent on OxyContin prescriptions.

12:52 p.m.: This post has been updated to include statements from the FTC and statistics about opioid deaths in the U.S.

10:33 a.m.: This post has been updated to include statements from Purdue.

9:46 a.m.: This post was updated to include responses from the Justice Department and the FDA.

This article was originally published at 7:10 a.m.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals – Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing #pharma #solutions

#hitech pharma


Protect and Strengthen Your Brand With Hi-Tech

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a leading global healthcare supplier that develops, manufactures and distributes over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription pharmaceuticals, nutritional products, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and consumer products. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is one of the world’s leading generics and branded pharmaceutical companies, providing products to customers throughout the world. The company maintains one of the industry’s broadest and highest quality product portfolios, which is regularly bolstered by an innovative and robust product pipeline. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has attained leading positions in key international markets through its wide array of dosage forms and delivery systems, significant manufacturing capacity, global commercial scale and a committed focus on quality and customer service. The company ranks among the top generics companies in several markets around the world and has among the largest capacity of U.S.-based manufacturers.

*On an annual basis, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals can manufacture 35 billion tablets and 10 billion capsules. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals can also package 500 million bottles, 250 million blister packs, and 150 million pacquettes. Hi-Tech has Four Ultramodern facilities for producing Tablets, Capsules, Liquids, Creams, RTD’s, Animal Health products and powders.

About Hi-Tech

Since 1979, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has been providing quality custom manufacturing services to the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and beverage industries. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is a cGMP certified company that operates out of Four (4) US facilities, totally over 377,000 sq. ft. both located outside Atlanta, Georgia in the Norcross and Suwanee Advanced Technology areas. Hi-Tech also has Two (2) facilities located outside State College, Pennsylvania. Hi-Tech holds a Drug Manufacturing License issued by the State of Pennsylvania Food and Drug Branch and is registered as a Food and Drug Establishment with the FDA in both Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals specializes in Private Label, Over-the-Counter Drug Manufacturing,
Private Label Pharmaceuticals, Contract Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, & OTC Drug Manufacturing.

Car Accidents – Law Offices of Larry H #accident #injury #attorney


Car Accidents

Injured in a car accident? Trust The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker to help you fight for maximum compensation.

Being involved in any kind of car accident can be a traumatic experience, especially if you are seriously injured. Trying to handle your car accident injury claim on your own will only add to the stress you’re feeling. Even worse, you may miss out on valuable compensation by doing so.

Don’t Go It Alone!

Hire The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker as Your Car Accident Attorney

At The Law offices of Larry H. Parker, we believe you deserve to focus on your recovery, not worry about all the red tape associated with pursuing your claim. As your car accident attorney, we will guide you through every step required to bring your case to the most favorable conclusion possible.

We can help you:

  • Gather evidence to prove liability for the accident
  • Find caring and compassionate doctors
  • Interact with insurance companies in a way that protects your rights interests
  • Pay your medical bills
  • Avoid financial difficulty while out of work
  • Recover full and fair compensation

Now You May Wonder…

…What Kind of Compensation Can I Receive?

Unlike most car accident attorneys, The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker assists with ALL areas of compensation, including property damage to your vehicle. You can rely on us to make sure your injuries, pain, suffering, and other damages are properly documented and seek full and fair compensation for:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Property damage

….What If I Am Accused of Helping to Cause My Own Car Accident?

Because California is a comparative fault state, you can recover compensation even if you played a role in causing the accident. However, the amount of compensation you receive will be reduced by a percentage equal to your share of liability for the accident. You can rely on our attorneys to work hard to ensure that liability is assigned correctly in your case so that you receive the full compensation you deserve under the law.

No Case is Too Big or Too Small for Us to Handle

Whether you have been involved in a relatively minor fender-bender or a catastrophic highway accident, The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker can help. After 39 years of experience, over 100,000 clients served, and over $2 billion in compensation recovered, we know exactly how to approach all kinds of car accident cases. We will take your case seriously and fight aggressively for the best possible outcome in or out of court, as the case may require.

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

Wondering if you have a strong case for compensation following a car accident? Curious if a settlement offer you have received from the insurance company is fair? Call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 to discuss your case during a free initial consultation. If you decide to hire us as your car accident attorney, we’ll provide top-quality representation at no out of pocket cost. You only pay our legal fee if we win your case.

Submit your case online & receive a 10% Discount* See disclaimer page for exclusions & details

Investing, Stock Market Lesson Plans, Teaching Worksheets #stockmarket #investing


Investing Money

Lessons and worksheets for teaching, learning, and understanding basic investing and financial concepts.

This category includes personal finance, money management, and investment educational resources.

Teach and learn stocks, the stock market, investing, savings accounts, bonds, and basic economics. Material also may be used to improve real-world math skills.

Introduction to Understanding Investing

Before investing, you first should know the answers to basic questions including:

  • How much money do you want to invest?
  • What type of investment return do you expect to achieve?
  • How much risk are you willing to take?
  • What are the tax consequences of your investment decisions?
  • How does inflation impact your investments?

Use the following investing lessons to help answer these questions and to teach and learn important investment concepts:

Basic Investing Lessons

This material provides a foundation in basic investing principles.

An introduction to the concept of risk and return. Risk and return is a basic concept that must be understood prior to investing money.


A worksheet lesson introducing students to the concept of return on investment, or ROI.


An introductory lesson and worksheet on saving for retirement and retirement planning. Students learn fundamentals related to saving for retirement and investing, such as return on investment, compound interest, and planning for different rates of savings.

Students learn about saving for retirement.

Students learn about the different needs of individuals as it relates to saving for retirement.


Here we include lessons and worksheets for teaching and understanding basic finance and economic concepts. Including time value of money, compound interest, supply and demand, and inflation.


Learn how much to invest in different investment options. Learn to use the simple interest formula I = prt to calculate total interest.

Stocks and the Stock Market


Learn about stocks. What is a stock? A stock represent a share in the ownership of a company. If you own a company’s stock, then you are a owner, or shareholder, of the company. A stock represents a claim on the company’s assets and profits. A stock is also known as equity .

The stock market tables gives you basic information and price history for stocks. You can use it to see how stocks you own or are interested in owning are performing, and how they have performed in the past. Reading a stock market table is simple once you understand how to do it.


Learn about the stock market. A lesson plan to take you through the steps to teach a simulation of the stock market to your class.

Practice calculating stock price times shares.

Practice calculating how many shares you can buy.

Microtype software #file #analysis,file #analyzer,profiler,profiling,malware #analysis,file #forensics,pdf #analysis,pe #analysis,doc #analysis


Profiler Standard

Cerbero Profiler is a tool designed primarily for malware and forensic analysis. It supports a huge number of file formats (listed below) on which it performs analysis and lets the user inspect their internal layout. Profiler is often used to identify 0-day threats and personal information inside of files. However, given the scale of the project, it has many other uses and we encourage you to visit our blog in order to see Profiler in action.

Click here to download our brochure.

Some of the file types supported by Profiler are:


Product information

Cerbero Profiler represents a new approach to security and file analysis. It is not an antivirus nor does it behave like one, instead it creates a profile of a scanned file by identifying threats and privacy issues, and exposes this profile to the user along with warnings and other information. It is mainly intended for security and forensic analysis. However, it can be used also by medium and advanced users: an inexperienced user might not be able to evaluate the risk of JavaScript code, but a system administrator can. This makes the software accessible to companies outside of the security industry as well. On top of that, the product offers an easy risk evaluation so that even users with little experience can benefit from it.

The main intent of Profiler is the analysis of 0-day exploits and private information contained in files. The key point is the interaction with the user who can evaluate in detail any issue discovered by Profiler and perform further inspection on the file. Another important feature is the ability to analyze embedded or referenced files, since in many cases the security issue may not be in the originally scanned file, but in a file contained in or referenced from it (a simple case would be a JPEG disclosing geolocation information embedded into a PDF). The analysis of one or more files can be saved into projects which may also include a copy of the files themselves.


Check out our most recent video uploads featuring Profiler in action!


This is a list of some relevant features of Profiler. Please note that it is not possible to enumerate all features because of the complexity and on-going improvement of the product.

  • Various scan modes
    • Single file scan
    • Directory scan
    • Full and custom disk scan
  • Fast multithreaded profiling
  • Automatized updates
  • Large files support
  • Identification among many other things of:
    • Embedded files
    • Personal information
    • Parsing issues
    • Possible shellcode
    • Unused, unreferenced or custom data
      • Entropic analysis of foreign data
    • Metadata
    • Scripting and bytecode
  • File format view
  • Extraction of C++ types via Clang
    • Support for all advanced C++ type features
  • Supported file formats:
    • Android Application Package (APK)
      • Binary XML converter
    • Compound File Binary Format (DOC, XLS, PPT, MSI, etc.)
      • Visual Basic Application code extraction
      • DOC safe text preview
    • Compression formats (GZIP, BZIP2, LZMA)
    • Dalvik Executable (DEX)
      • Dalvik disassembler
      • Layout ranges
    • Device Independent Bitmap (DIB, BMP)
    • Executable and Linkable Format
      • Preliminary support
    • Fonts
      • Compact Font Format (CFont)
        • Type1 and Type2 disassembler
      • Embedded Open Type (EOT)
        • TrueType converter
        • MicroType Express (cvt, hdmx, VDMX tables not rebuilded)
      • Open Type (OTF)
        • TrueType bytecode disassembler
        • Compact Font Format
      • Tag Image File Format (TIFF)
      • TrueType (SFont, TTF)
        • TrueType bytecode disassembler
      • TrueType Collection (TTC)
      • Type1 (T1, PFB)
        • Type1 disassembler
      • Web Open Font Format (WOFF)
        • TrueType converter
    • Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
    • Info-Tech Storage Format (CHM, CHI, CHQ, CHW, etc.)
    • Java Class (CLASS)
      • Class bytecode disassembler
      • Layout ranges
    • Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)
    • Mach-O (App, Kext, DyLib)
      • Universal binaries
      • Apple code signatures
      • Apple binary protection
    • Program Database (PDB)
      • Types extraction/li>
    • Portable Document Format (PDF)
      • Decryption
      • JavaScript extraction
      • Object search
    • Portable Executable (PE, EXE, DLL, SYS, OCX, etc.)
      • Analisys
      • Layout ranges
      • Embedded resources validation and analysis
      • Embedded resources preview
      • Digital certificates validation
      • Full format support
      • MSIL disassembler
    • Portable Network Graphics (PNG, APNG)
    • Rich Text Format (RTF)
      • OLE extraction
      • Safe text preview
    • Shockwave Flash (SWF)
      • ActionScript2 disassembler
      • ActionScript3 disassembler
    • SQLite3
      • Tables inspection
      • Free pages inspection
    • Windows Encoded Scripts (VBE, JSE)
    • Windows Lnk (LNK)
    • XML Data Package (XDP)
      • Embedded PDF extraction
      • JavaScript extraction
    • XML
    • Zip Archive (ZIP: covers many file extensions)
      • Decompression: Deflate, BZIP2, LZMA
      • Decryption: ZipCrypto, WinZip AES
      • Zip bomb detection
      • Incomplete archives support
  • Advanced report saving functionality:
    • Generate reports for millions of files
    • Include the scanned files into the report project itself
    • Optional compression
    • Optional symmetric encryption
  • Powerful Python 3 SDK
    • Custom scripts
    • Access to core classes
    • Access to format classes
    • Access to filters
    • User defined actions
    • Action configuration
    • Hooks
    • Key providers
    • Logic providers
    • Scan providers
    • Use of imported C++ types
    • Creation of new views
    • Output console
    • Command line
    • Capstone support
    • libmagic support
    • YARA support
  • Powerful filter technology including:
    • Conversion algorithms
    • Compression algorithms
    • Encryption algorithms
    • Cryptographic hashes
    • Disassemblers
    • Capability to apply filters to embedded files
    • Range parameters
    • Sandboxed Lua scripting
  • Plugins and actions
    • JavaScript beautifier
    • JavaScript debugger
    • Pastebin upload
    • XML indenter
    • Entropic analysis
  • Embedded file analysis
    • Custom embedded files (with optional filters)
  • Intuitive workspace
    • Advanced and customizable hex view
      • Visualization of data ranges
    • Plots and pie charts
    • Easy risk evaluation
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Media preview
    • Global and individual bookmarks
      • Analysis view jump
    • Global and individual file notes
    • Dock-based interface with navigability
  • Cryptographic hashes
  • Advanced password input dialog
  • Names unmangling
    • Visual C++
    • GCC 3 & 4
  • Tools
    • Header Manager
      • C++ types importer via Clang
      • Explorer
    • Full-fledged JavaScript debugger
  • 3rd Party Libraries
    • Capstone (including Python bindings)
    • libmagic (including Python bindings)
    • YARA (including Python bindings)

    This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (

  • Microsoft Certification Training – Boot Camps for IT Professionals #microsoft #certifications, #microsoft #training, #microsoft #courses


    Microsoft Certifications Training

    Founded nearly forty years ago, Microsoft continues to be one of the most relevant software companies in the world. Its products and services span practically every major industry category, consistently generating billions of dollars in revenue every fiscal quarter. From cloud services to desktop computing, to consumer electronics and office productivity, Microsoft is a dominant force in the software industry.

    Microsoft’s training and certification program, Microsoft Learning, offers a number of IT industry-recognized certifications that cover its core products.

    Why Should You Become Microsoft Certified?

    One key finding from the 2012 Microsoft Certification Program Satisfaction Study says it best:

    “91 percent of hiring managers consider certification as part of their hiring criteria.”

    Put simply, earning a Microsoft certification is one of the best ways to show a potential employer that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to work with a specific MS product or service. Microsoft certification can help you to get hired, and re-certifying when required can help you to maintain your value to an organization.

    Earning a Microsoft cert also grants access to the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) site, which offers additional certification and career planning resources, as well as access to the online MCP community.

    Additionally, certain Microsoft certifications, once earned, can be used to apply for US college credit, through the American Council on Education (ACE) College Credit Recommendation Service.

    Microsoft Certification Listings

    Here’s a breakdown of the Microsoft Learning certification options. Click one of the links below to view more information about the selected certification.

    Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)

    The MCSE is Microsoft Learning’s premier certification. The MCSE is an expert-level designation for candidates who have several years of professional experience working on IT/IS solutions. The MCSE cert can be earned in one (or more) of the following specializations:

    • Server Infrastructure
    • Desktop Infrastructure
    • Private Cloud
    • Data Platform
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Messaging
    • Communication
    • SharePoint

    Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

    The MTA designation is the entry-level cert for people who are just starting out in IT/IS, or who want to augment their current non-technical job role, with related technology knowledge. The MTA cert has the following tracks:

    Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

    The MCSA is for candidates with experience designing and building IT/IS solutions. The MCSA is a mid-level professional certification, more advanced than the MTA, and less advanced than the expert-level MCSE. The MCSA offers the following tracks:

    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7
    • SQL Server 2012
    • SQL Server 2008
    • Office 365

    Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

    The MCSD is Microsoft’s software development certification. It is suitable for developers with industry experience creating applications using Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2013 development suite. MCSD tracks are as follows:

    • Windows Store Apps
    • Web Applications
    • SharePoint Applications
    • Application Lifecycle Management

    Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

    The MOS enables candidates to prove their expertise with one or more applications in the Microsoft Office suite. The MOS program has two additional advanced tiers: MOS Expert and MOS Master. The MOS can currently be earned on the following MS Office suites:

    • Microsoft Office 2013
    • Microsoft Office 2010
    • Microsoft Office 2007

    Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

    The MCT designation is for experts who want to become official Microsoft trainers. Candidates must have a qualifying Microsoft-related cert before initiating the MCT application process.

    Microsoft Specialist

    Microsoft Specialist certifications are for IT/IS pros with expertise in a particular Microsoft technology. Microsoft Specialist certs are available for a number of products, and only require passing a single exam to attain.

    Microsoft boot camps

    Microsoft boot camps are designed for those who want to prepare for certification exams quickly. These intensive training programs feature targeted lectures and fast-paced review sessions on the key exam materials.

    Microsoft boot camps span the wide variety of certifications provided by this vendor, with credentials targeting specific technologies. Boot camp topics range from .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications to Microsoft Office 2010. A few of the MCITP boot camp options are listed here:

    • Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010. Offers skills to work as a lead engineer for messaging solutions within an enterprise organization, using Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.
    • Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician. Covers the Microsoft domains of knowledge for the certification exams. Two exams are required to earn the certification, and both are offered during the boot camp.
    • Windows Server and Enterprise Administrator Combo. Focused on the Server 2008 Server Administrator and Enterprise Administrator certifications. Also includes preparation for the MCTS: Windows 7, Configuration certification.

    Boot camp courses are jam-packed with information and often offer simulated exams for practice; they may also provide free vouchers to re-take the exams if needed. Combination boot camps can lead to time and tuition savings by merging the coursework for multiple boot camps.

    “Skill Development | College Career Readiness | Microsoft,” Microsoft, December 13, 2014,

    Results for your search Refine

    How To Become A Dialysis Technician – Salary, Training, Schools, Job Description & More #certified


    Dialysis Technician

    Years of School

    Job Outlook

    Dialysis technicians perform a number of roles related to dialysis treatment, from monitoring and maintaining dialysis equipment to acting as primary care giver for patients who are undergoing dialysis treatment.

    Dialysis Technician Salary

    A dialysis technician, who can also be referred to as a hemodialysis technician, a renal dialysis technician, or nephrology technician, can expect to earn between $25,000 and $40,000 per year. Less experienced dialysis techs can expect to earn a salary in the $25,000 to $30,000 range while senior technicians can expect to earn around $40,000 per annum. The median salary for this field is just over $33,000.

    However, there are some additional factors that might raise or lower a salary, such as being in rural or urban areas. For instance, the dialysis tech salary median in Massachusetts is in the mid-$30,000 range, but in Alabama, the median dialysis tech salary is in the mid-$20,000 range. This is primarily due to the adjusted cost of living.

    Dialysis Technician Job Description

    Dialysis techs are responsible for operating and maintain the equipment associated with the dialysis treatment. They will function in multiple roles, from equipment repair and maintenance, to water treatment monitoring, to dialyzer reprocessing, vascular access monitoring as well as direct patient care. Dialysis techs will need to assist their patients with any physical or mental concerns they may have before, during or after the procedure.

    Dialysis Technician Duties

    • Patient Blood Sterilization
    • Taking blood pressure
    • Checking patient’s weight
    • Inspect and maintain hemodialysis machine before, during and after the procedures
    • Fluid removal rate calculations and adjustments
    • Create patient records before, during and after each procedure
    • Inform nurse or physician of changes in patient condition
    • Ready to perform certain medical emergency procedures instantaneously, such as CPR during an event, such as a patient going into cardiac arrest
    • Blood flow rate measurements and adjustments

    Alternative Jobs Titles:

    • Renal Dialysis Technician
    • Hemodialysis Technician

    How To Become A Dialysis Technician

    In order to become a dialysis tech, one will need to earn a degree in this program from a community college. It is noted that the program only lasts two semesters, so the student can complete the program within a year.

    Education Training Requirements

    In regards to the required education and training for this career, students will need to complete a state approved program from a community college, technical school, or hospital that offers dialysis technician training. As previously mentioned, these courses can be completed in less than a year.

    Upon graduation, students will need to become certified by the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology, which is otherwise known as BONENT. This body certifies that the graduate has not only completed their course work, but that they also know how to apply the concepts to real-world practices. In order to take the BONENT exam, one must pay a $210 fee for the paper version or $240 for the electronic version. Both tests will feature 150 questions. In order to maintain the certification, a dialysis tech must pay an annual fee or $55.

    During the early part of 2008, the Medicare and Medicaid services passed a new law that requires all workers in this field to either be certified by the state in which they work or at a national level. The National Nephrology Certification Organization (NNCO) certification will meet the certification requirements for both levels. This exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions, and the cost to take the exam is $245.

    Core Curriculum For The Dialysis Technician

    For those who are interested in the dialysis tech degree program, here are a few example courses that students will take.

    • Overview of dialysis environment
    • Patients with kidney failure
    • Dialysis principles
    • Medical devices of the field
    • Vascular Access
    • Procedures and complications associated with hemodialysis

    Students can find more information on the core curriculum from the NNCO core curriculum 3th edition.

    Certification Licensing

    To become a certified hemodialysis technician, a person must complete the required program at a local community college. Once they have done so, they will be eligible to take the exam to earn a hemodialysis technician certification, which is issued through BONENT.

    To work in this field, one must be certified at both the state and national level. The two certifying bodies are BONENT and NNCO. The BONENT exam consists of 120 multiple choice questions, and it costs $210. However, the BONENET exam only certifies techs at the state level.

    To be certified at both the state and national level, one will need to take the NNCO exam. This exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions, and it costs $245. Both of the exams have three hour time limits.

    Dialysis Tech Job Outlook

    The projected job growth for a dialysis tech over the next decade is expected to be in the 13% range. As baby boomers continue to age, the demand for dialysis techs is expected to rise.

    Additional Links Resources

    The Best Online Gunsmith Training Schools #acredited #online #schools


    The Best Online Gunsmith Training Schools

    (Via )

    A gunsmith is a firearms expert who modifies, repairs or manufactures guns. Training options for this profession include online certificates and career diplomas in gunsmithing. All gunsmiths must have a Federal Firearms License in order to be in compliance with the Federal Firearms Act of 1938. A Federal Firearms License can be obtained by making application to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. There are a number of online gunsmith programs that have a great reputation.

    The American Gunsmithing Institute (AGI)

    AGI is one of the nation’s best online gunsmithing schools. This school offers an expansive selection of courses for both career gunsmiths and hobbyists. Those seeking a career in the gunsmithing industry can obtain a professional gunsmith certification. Unlike most trade schools, the AGI gunsmith certification can be completed in as little as three months. With over 108 hours of instruction, students learn about shotguns, rifles, revolvers and pistols. Students also learn about the design, function and repair of these firearms.

    All of the gunsmithing courses offered by AGI are presented by accomplished gunsmiths with well-known reputations in specialty areas. The video presentation of the courses offers great specific detail, and the techniques of gunsmithing are easily learned. One of the unique features of the online gunsmith program at AIG is that students can pick and choose their own curriculum. Students can choose to pursue a complete gunsmith certification program or take individual courses. The professional gunsmith certification costs approximately $700, and individual courses are approximately $49.

    Penn Foster Career School

    The online gunsmith program at Penn Foster offers a diploma upon completion of the program. Typically, the program can be completed in less than three months. Students learn how to use, repair and customize a wide array of firearms, including shotguns, rifles and pistols. Instruction is also given on how to fit and mount telescopic sights, design metallic rifle sights, restore antique firearms and custom load ammunition.

    The tuition for the program is $695. Tuition includes all books, industry guides and complete instructions for getting a Federal Firearms License. Upon completion of the gunsmith program, students are qualified for work at a gun shop or can start their own business repairing and customizing firearms. Students are also prepared to custom-make ammunition and restore valuable antique firearms. This online gunsmith school also provides excellent student support with online advisers.

    >>>>Click HERE for free info on Penn Foster s Gunsmithing Program

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    Email Service Providers #secure #email #service #providers


    Email Service Providers

    Products and services to enable you to offer email to your users

    Powerful email hosting for businesses, with Outlook Web Access, POP3 and IMAP4, anti-spam and anti-virus filtering, and at least 1GB storage per mailbox.

    Productivity features include personal and shared calendars, contacts, task lists and a corporate address book.

    And, of course, you can use your own domain name with your email address.

    If you are planning on building an email service from scratch, then this article about the perfect email service may help.You can also see what people are saying about setting up and running an email service in the discussion forum. If you want to outsource your email provision or run an email service in-house using commercial software, the companies below offer a wide range of possibilities to suit every site and budget.

    This server-based solution comes in four different flavours, supporting from 10,000 to 1 million+ email mailboxes, depending on the version purchased and the limitations of your hardware. The software sports a very impressive list of features, including POP3 and web-based email support, SQL integration and much more. The most powerful version of the software supports distributive load processing across many servers, and tasks can be allocated to servers so that one (or more) handle SMTP sending, and other(s) handle the login process, etc. Note that when you purchase At Mail, you will also have access to the full source code of the program so that your technical team can customize it at will. Pricing for the At Mail software begins at $499.

    A major player in the corporate messaging space, Critical Path offers a wide variety of solutions, from their Messaging Server that supports Web, SMTP, POP and IMAP through to remotely hosted solutions, calendaring solutions and more.

    This company offers web-based email server software that can be purchased and downloaded on a local server. This provides web-based email with a variety of features, including address books, folders, spell checking, POP mailbox access and more. EMUmail can also be outsourced under two pricing schemes: a cheaper scheme in which EMUmail adds advertising and shares part of the profits and a more expensive service provided on a per-user basis, but without EMUmail advertising.

    EnterGroup provides a wide variety of hosted email services, from a Family plan that comes with 8 mailboxes to outsourced solutions for organizations needing tens of thousands of mailboxes. EnterGroup also provides a pass-through solution with user-specifiable pricing for those seeking to set up a for-fee vanity email service.

    Gossamer Mail is a sophisticated email server package that supports pluggable authentication (integrates with existing user registration-based applications), multiple templates, support for unlimited domains and more. The package is available in Windows and Linux versions, with pricing starting at $650.

    Aimed at organizations that need the highest level of email security, the HushMail private label program enables you to offer secure branded email service that takes advantage of HushMail’s world-leading security features. HushMail features 2,048 bit digital key encryption and integrates with PGP for a totally flexible email solution. The service is sold on a setup plus monthly fee basis, with per-user charges beginning at $1.99 a month.

    You can set up an instant free email service for your site (you can offer email addresses of the form and there’s no cost to join up. You can customize various aspects of the presentation of your free email service. You co-own the database of users, and can split the advertising revenue with Outblaze (make sure you read the small print for the full details on how this works). I-P mail offers a wealth of features, including auto-reply, multiple signatures, external mail collection, address books, time settings, filters, and more!

    LoadMail offers a variety of email messaging services, with different packages tailored to small businesses, email providers, and larger organizations. Their private label service starts at $19.95 a month for up to 100 mailboxes.

    NextPortal combines web-based email with member access control, chat, message forums and other tools that can be integrated into a portal-type site. The software is available in a number of configurations, from a 24-user package for development purposes to an unlimited user package for US$299.

    Runbox has been active in the email market since 1999. As well as offering a paid consumer-oriented email service, Runbox offers outsourced business email solutions for up to 10,000 mailboxes. Each account comes with 10GB of email storage and a separate 1GB of file storage, plus the ability to send and receive 100MB messages, superior anti-spam/virus filtering, access to your email via Web, POP3, IMAP, SMTP and WAP, secure access via SSL, and more. Pricing starts at US$29.95 per account per year.

    SwishMail offers a number of business email packages, with 10 service levels covering solutions for 25 to 1,000 email mailboxes, plus custom configurations on demand. The service includes IMAP/POP3 access, secure access, SMTP, autoresponders and other features. Prices start at US$19.99 a month for the 25-account package.

    Synacor offers a suite of communications tools that include web-based mail, IMAP, POP3 and WAP solutions.

    UserMail offers a series of email packages aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. All accounts come with anti-virus/anti-spam filtering, and are managed via a central control panel. Their service offerings begin at US$100 a year for a 5-mailbox package.

    For organizations seeking to set up their own free email service, X and Mail offers a variety of web-based email solutions from around $10k.

    Email Service Reviews

    Western Pennsylvania Division – Drug & Alcohol Programs #salvation #army #drug #and #alcohol #rehab, #drug


    The Salvation Army has a long-standing history of working with people impacted by spirital affliction. While success does not happen overnight, most who come to our centers succeed with God s help.

    Adult Rehabilitation Centers

    Men and women with identifiable and treatable needs, resulting from spiritual addiction, come to these centers for help when they are no longer able to cope with their problems. Click here to learn more and view locations.

    Harbor Light Centers

    Harbor Light Center provides religious rehabilitation services to substance abuser s families.Click here to learn more.

    Public Inebriate Program

    Contact your local service center to learn more.



    The Salvation Army, an evangelical part of the universal Christian church established in 1865, has been supporting those in need in His name without discrimination for 130 years in the United States. Nearly 30 million Americans receive assistance from The Salvation Army each year through the broadest array of social services that range from providing food for the hungry, relief for disaster victims, assistance for the disabled, outreach to the elderly and ill, clothing and shelter to the homeless and opportunities for underprivileged children. 82 cents of every dollar spent is used to support those services in 5,000 communities nationwide.

    Mission Statement

    The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

    Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer #suffolk #county #divorce, #suffolk #county #divorce #lawyer, #suffolk #county #divorce #attorney,


    Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney

    For Legal Representation Throughout Suffolk County – Call 631-232-9479

    Family law or divorce typically signifies a change in your life. The decisions you make now will likely have a significant impact on your future. Seek advice and counsel from an experienced family law and divorce lawyer to ensure you make informed decisions.

    Located in the heart of Central Islip, the Law Offices of Shawn R. Kassman provides quality representation to men and women in family law and divorce matters throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County.

    Our commitment to you is to provide quality legal representation at a reasonable price. We can assist you with your family law or divorce issue now, as well as in the future, and we will ensure your interests are fully protected. We are a resource and a friend you can call upon anytime, and will be there in your time of need.

    Our attorneys will take the time to listen to your situation, your concerns and your objectives. We welcome questions and will tailor our representation to best accomplish your goals. We are winners, and we fight hard to protect your interests and achieve your objectives.

    To speak with an experienced Suffolk County family law attorney about your divorce or family law matter, please call 631-232-9479 (toll-free 1-888-545-2944 ).

    Experienced Suffolk County Family Law and Divorce Lawyer

    We offer experienced advice and representation in all areas of family law and divorce, including the following:

    • Divorce – including contested divorce and uncontested divorce
    • Child Custody – including joint child custody and sole child custody issues
    • Child Support – including determining each parent’s obligation under the New York Child Support Guidelines (New York Child Support Standards Act – CSSA)
    • Child Visitation – including child visitation issues involving relocation or child visitation supervision
    • Property Division – including the distribution of marital debt and assets, as well as property division issues such as classification of property as marital property and valuation issues
    • Post Divorce Modifications – including child custody modification, child support modification and modification to visitation schedules
    • Paternity Suits – including establishing parentage for child support, or custody and visitation rights
    • Prenuptial Agreements – including divorces involving prenuptial or postnuptial agreements
    • Domestic Violence – including handling the criminal defense of domestic violence charges

    Contact An Experienced Suffolk County Divorce and Family Law Attorney

    If you have Divorce or Family Law related questions, please call attorney Shawn Kassman or a member of his legal team at 631-232-9479 (toll-free 888-545-2944 ) or fill out our online intake form. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and represent clients located in Central Islip (main office location), Holtsville (office location), Bayshore, Brentwood, Oakdale, Sayville, Port Jefferson and Riverhead and both Suffolk and Nassau counties.

    We also serve clients in the following areas:
    Huntington, Brookhaven, Babylon, Bayshore, blue point, Bohemia, Oakdale, Center Moriches, Centereach, Centerport, mastic, cold Spring Harbor, Commack, Northport, Coram, Deer Park, Hauppage, Islandia, Lake Grove, Manorville, Lindenhurst. including Smithtown, Huntington, Brookhaven, Babylon, Bayshore, Islip, Amityville, Bayport, Bellport, Blue Point, Bohemia, Brentwood, Center Moriches, Centereach, Centerport, Central Islip, Cold Spring Harbor, Commack, Copiague, Coram, Deer Park, East Northport, East Setauket, Farmingdale, Farmingville, Greenlawn, Hauppauge, Holbrook, Holtsville, Huntington Station, Islandia, Kings Park, Lake Grove, Lake Ronkonkoma, Lindenhurst, Manorville, Mastic, Mastic Beach, Medford, Melville, Middle Island, Mt. Sinai, Nesconset, Northport, North Babylon, Patchogue, Port Jefferson, Port Jefferson Station, Ridge, Riverhead, Rocky Point, Ronkonkoma, St. James, Sayville, Selden, Setauket, Shirley, Shoreham, Sound Beach, Southold, Stony Brook, Wading River, West Sayville, West Islip, Woodbury, Wyandanch, Yaphank, Syosset, Jericho, Massapequa, Plainview, Brooklyn, Queens, Westchester, Staten Island, Orange County, and Manhattan.

    NTP time server #atom #dedicated #server, #ntp #time #server


    Time Synchronization using NTP Time Server

    For more information prices please use our Contact Form

    Call us (Toll Free): 866-434-0843


    “Lintott Control Systems manufacture and program General Alarm Systems for HM Prisons. Synchronised time is very important to our systems because of the need to produce an accurate history of all alarms and events for audit purposes.

    We are very happy with Galleon unit (Server atomic clock and NTP driver software
    TS-700-MSF). The very first system which have installed has been working without problems since 2001. The only problem being that the Hardware has out lasted our PC (Windows 98) and we are currently installing new PC system (XP). Galleon Systems were very helpful in providing us with an upgraded driver to allow us to continue using the existing hardware.”

    Matthew Knights
    Senior Engineer
    Lintott Control Systems

    “we rely on our galleon time synchronisation product to keep all our servers and workstations synchronised. without it we would never be able to ensure workstation transactions were logged correctly in our business system. the galleon system does this impeccably and at a very reasonable cost as well. on top of all this we can rest assured in the fact that we have lifetime support to help resolve any problems should they ever occur.”

    Mike Sheard
    Systems Administrator Gower Furniture

    Correct network time on your computer network using NTP Time Servers. Galleon has supplied thousands of time synchronization solutions to companies across the globe from NASDAQ to Buckingham Palace.

    Network Time Server

    Receiver modules for OEM products

    The NTP Time Servers supplied by Galleon provide accurate time as well as network security because they receive the time from either the GPS satellites or the Radio Atomic Clock in Colorado. This time is available without compromising your computer networks security they receive the time off air by radio signals or from satellites so maintain your firewall and network security.

    Server GPS Clock

    To synchronize commercial networks the Server GPS Clock provides safe guaranteed accurate time, an NTP server for key Windows based applications.

    Server Atomic Clock

    If you want an Atomic Clock Time Server for Windows computer networks then this product is an excellent solution.

    Is Pharmaceutical Sales Right for You? #new #pharmaceuticals

    #pharmaceutical sales industry


    Is Pharmaceutical Sales Right for You?

    By Holly Larsen | Monster Contributing Writer

    Why do so many people want to work in pharmaceutical sales? The biopharmaceutical industry seems to radiate success in a world where so many other enterprises are floundering. Another strong attraction is the job itself, which offers freedom, variety and challenges. Finally, the job s earnings potential and perks also draw interest.

    Strong, Stable Industry

    The modern pharmaceutical industry should thrive as long as people need medical treatment. In the US, pharmaceutical companies employ more than a quarter of a million people and sell more than $200 billion in drugs annually.

    The aging population, which requires increased medical attention, is one primary driver. Furthermore, healthcare is shifting away from acute hospital treatment in favor of medicines. Today, pills are the preferred treatment for a number of serious conditions, including AIDS. cancer, cholesterol and diabetes, marking a trend that augurs well for the industry.

    Challenging Job That Offers Freedom

    Dependent on sales revenue, the pharmaceutical industry invests heavily in sales teams. On-the-job training and support give sales representatives clear guidelines on how to get the job done. Notwithstanding this support, sales reps enjoy the freedom of choosing their own work hours.

    Another valued job feature is the constant challenge. Reps can learn something new every day. Training sessions, industry meetings and opportunities to entertain clients stave off monotony.

    One challenge pharma sales reps never face is cold calling. Instead, reps are expected to visit physicians within a given geographic area and specialty.

    Also high on the list of what distinguishes this career is the personnel involved. Pharmaceutical companies attract creative, bright people, and their clients comprise a high-powered group; reps often build long-term relationships with clients.

    Well-Paying Prospect

    With a salary, commission and bonus, the successful rep may take home a substantial income. The exact figure depends on location, specialty and company, but an experienced pharma sales rep can expect to earn somewhere in the low six figures. Reps also enjoy the rich menu of benefits most pharmaceutical companies offer.


    Although the industry is generally healthy and sound, individual companies may face significant challenges. Among the most worrisome are the long lead times for discovering and commercializing new drugs and the tremendous loss of revenue when drug patents expire. The trend in the industry has been toward consolidation through mergers and alliances events that may threaten job stability.

    While reps determine their own schedules, long hours are typical. Traveling to meet clients and the paperwork that follows can eat up hours. Furthermore, to keep up with the fast pace of the industry, reps often invest time in learning about their products, researching clients and reading industry journals.

    Competition in this field is ruthless. Even seasoned reps report courting pharmaceutical companies for years before finding one that would take a chance on them. Once in the field, reps face competition from other products and HMO reimbursement decisions that may favor another product. They also compete with other sales reps for face time with physicians. Moreover, with busy schedules and a surplus of sales reps knocking, not all physicians are willing or able to spend time listening to pitches; some physicians can be quite brusque. Reps must learn to deal with rejection and strategize solutions or find another career.

    Is the Job Right For You?

    Successful pharmaceutical sales representatives are almost religious in their enthusiasm for their work. If challenges, competition and hard work give you a rush, it could be worth your while to explore this field in greater depth.

    font size= 4 ; Also on SalesHQ:

    SPI Pharma And Oregon Freeze Dry Form Alliance #pharmaceuticals #news

    #spi pharma


    SPI Pharma And Oregon Freeze Dry Form Alliance

    Source: Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc.

    SPI Pharma expands its capabilities to offer Microencapsulation and Lyophilization technologies to the global Pharmaceutical market.

    Albany, OR SPI Pharma, a leading manufacturer and supplier of Excipients, Delivery systems and Antacid actives to the global Pharmaceutical industry has added, through strategic alliances, two complementary and enabling technologies to its portfolio.

    Taste-masking / Controlled release: SPI Pharma (SPI) and Particle & Coating Technologies (PCT) have signed an exclusive licensing agreement giving SPI global exclusivity to manufacture and market, microencapsulated actives using PCT’s patented and proprietary technologies. Combining PCT’s proven expertise in the selection of coating materials and efficient processes, with SPI’s know-how in Formulation development and testing along with cGMP manufacturing, will enable SPI to offer a broad base of Pharmaceutical solutions.

    Lyophilization: SPI Pharma (SPI) and Oregon Freeze Dry (OFD) have signed an exclusive licensing agreement giving SPI global exclusivity to market OFD’s patented Lyophilization technology to the Pharmaceutical market. OFD has over 40 years of designing, installing and operating Lyophilization systems. Combining their cGMP bulk processing and packaging capability with SPI’s Drug development & testing will provide a total solution to SPI’s global customers.

    As a result of these strategic alliances, SPI Pharma will be able to provide a full range of services for QUICK DISSOLVE, CHEWABLE and CONTROLLED RELEASE formulations.

    SOURCE: Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc.

    Pharmaceuticals industry #manufacturing #pharmaceutical #companies

    #pharmaceuticals industry


    Pharmaceuticals industry

    Belgium is a world leader in the pharmaceuticals industry. The latter is a key sector in terms of jobs: it employs almost 30,000 workers in Belgium and this figure is growing year on year. Pharmaceuticals account for over 10% of Belgium’s total exports.

    Accordingly, both the pharmaceuticals industry and the Belgian government are investing heavily in developing this sector even further and major drives are under way to promote innovation and R D.

    Private investment

    Every year, the pharmaceuticals industry ploughs over €1.5 billion into R D. This represents 40% of all private investment in R D in Belgium, double the European average.

    Government support

    The government also supports the pharmaceuticals industry – and R D in general – via a range of tax incentives and discounts and by offering assistance in hiring qualified researchers. A consultation platform to forge links between the pharmaceuticals industry and the government has also been set up to improve public health and boost innovation and employment.

    More info

    Astellas Pharma South East Europe #mayne #pharma

    #astellas pharma



    We strive to be best-in-class in therapeutic areas where there is a vital need for treatments that improve and lengthen patients’ lives. Treatments that offer patients and their doctors genuinely new options for improving care.

    Astellas Pharma South East Europe is improving the future of patients in five key therapeutic areas


    Innovative therapies in preventing organ rejection after transplantation


    World-leading approach in R D to satisfy unmet patient needs in urological conditions


    Our commitment is to developing first-in-class and best-in-class therapies


    Addressing the complex challenges of serious fungal and bacterial infections

    Pain Management

    Pioneering treatments that effectively manage chronic pain

    Future of Pharmaceutical Industry – pharma innovation gaps, patent expiry, empty drug pipelines #pharma #conference

    #future of pharmaceutical industry


    The pharmaceutical industry is facing huge challenges – described in video above and in powerpoint slides below. Notes on content: Over the last five years there has been serious lack of innovation in pharma companies and product pipelines have been emptying. It takes up to 15 years and $1 billion in investment to bring a single new treatment to market, after which there may be as little as a decade left before patents expire. But before that happens there may be serious threats to the pharmaceutical industry from generic manufacturers. And at any point in development or after launch, an adverse problem can result in product recall. For these reasons Pharmaceutical companies tended to focus on the search for blockbuster drugs in the early years of the 2000s: drugs with expected revenues of more than $1bn a year.

    Need a world-class pharma keynote speaker? Phone Patrick Dixon now or email.

    The top 10 pharmaceutical companies have enjoyed research and development budgets greatert than the combined GDP of the world’s poorest 130 nations, yet have produced only 30% of new drugs being approved each year. The rest have largely been developed by some of the 4,000 small biotechnology companies, working on large molecule therapeutics.

    It is an immensely complicated and risky process, working through laboratory studies, animal studies and then clinical trials. A key issue for the future will be routine gene profile typing and pharmacogenomics – or matching drug therapy to someone’s genetic code. This will result in better targetting of the most effective therapies in each situation, but also in lower sales for each therapy since only those people in whom it is most likely to work will actually receive it.

    Watch out for a shift from health care or treating sickness, to wellness, disease prevention, enhanced performance and lifestyle drugs. This is the age of Viagra-like drugs, designed to rejuvenate, or to increase deteriorating function such as memory. But drugs developed for a condition like Alzheimers will also be widely used or abused, if they are shown to really stimulate human memory capacity for example.

    Expect a new emphasis also on common cellular mechanisms of disease. There are only a few ways in which human cells age for example. If we can block one or two of these mechanisms the result may be an effective treatment for a wide range of conditions which are more common as people get old – and remember that diseases of ageing drive most health care spending in developing nations. Indeed 75% of health spending in America and Western Europe is on those over the age of 65.

    Watch out for major shifts in government purchasing policies, changes in US medicare and in health insurance cover. Over the counter and pharmacists sales will grow rapidly, helped by deregulation in developed nations, allowing more products to be available without prescription, “over the counter”. Expect huge growth in so-called nutraceuticals (foods with active health-stimiulating ingredients) and cosmetics with all kinds of anti-ageing properties.

    While most budget will be spent solving common chronic diseases, expect innovation in childhood diseases, with a special focus on emerging nations, funded by philanthropic foundations. Expect major progress with new vaccines. Rheumatoid arthritis and asthma share a root cause in abnormal immune systems – expect huge research into tackling auto-immune problems.

    Expect also big investment into next generation antibiotics to solve multiple drug resistance problems, which are one of the major challenges for the future.

    Other issues include future health funding and ageing populations – contrast with emerging markets. Health economics: treatment access and justice.

    Winning the Public Debate about Pharma

    Problem: Negative public image of big pharma / pharmaceutical industry major players

    Impact: Hostile regulators, hostile media, hostile web communities, aggressive activists and analysts, loss of best talent to other industries / biotech, difficult pricing negotiations with governments etc. Cost to whole industry could be billions of dollars a year.

    Cause: Confused messages directed at analysts and consumers. Same kind of problem seen in insurance and energy industries. A simplification: Analysts: bottom line, return on equity, competitive advantage, keeping product prices high, exploiting market gaps – and by implication making as much money as possible out of as many sick people as possible. Consumers: saving lives, helping humankind, helping get safe, low cost treatments to all who need them – and by implication less concerned about things like intellectual property rights or threat from generic manufacturers. Consumers often find messages aimed at analysts offensive and bordering on unethical. Analysts often find messages aimed at consumers worrying and maybe unbusinesslike.

    Solution: simple, powerful message revealing the truth about Wyeth: an inspiring, world-changing and business success story. Use BP Chairman’s and HSBC Chairman’s approach – similar messages in 2005 to defend record profits in both organisations to hostile media. Each Chairman adopted a simple, powerful and compelling message designed to appeal to every audience and market. Pharma industry has not managed this effectively (yet) – a surprise since nature of pharma should make task relatively easy.

    Result: better media coverage, better corporate image, better government relations, better talent recruitment and retention, better morale and productivity.
    Content of message: How pharmeceutical industry is helping create a better kind of world for individuals, families, communities, wider humanity. Urgent need for new treatments (mainly to treat older people), and how pensioners and pension funds are providing 75% of the investment needed to develop them. How pharmaceutical industry not only is touching millions of lives, but is also providing financial security for millions of pensioners, by investing wisely in innovative, affordable treatments that really make a difference. Product pipeline, outlook etc.

    Need a world-class pharmaceutical industry keynote speaker? Phone Patrick Dixon now or email.

    Slides / keynote presentations on

    Future of the pharmaceutical industry – for Wyeth (2008)

    Future of the pharmaceutical industry – for International Conference for Pharmaceutical Medicine (ICPM 2008)

    Alcohol – Drug Test for Insurance #life #insurance #drug #testing


    Alcohol & Drug Test for Insurance

    Almost every major life insurance company requires new policy applicants to submit to a medical exam that includes a blood and/or urine test for drugs and alcohol. There are several legitimate reasons for this type of test, and it can become difficult to obtain an appropriate life insurance policy without submitting to these examinations.


    The blood and urine tests conducted by life insurance companies as part of the underwriting process are designed to search for and evaluate a number of different aspects of your particular health situation. Typically, these tests will search for nicotine, illegal drugs, alcohol, and other controlled substances in your body. Additionally, these tests will determine your cholesterol level, protein counts and identify any diseases you may have.


    The purpose of testing for drug and alcohol presence in your body is so the life insurance company can more accurately determine how much financial risk you present to it if it ultimately decides to issue you an insurance policy. Previous experiences by the insurance company have demonstrated that individuals with high levels of drugs or alcohol in their bodies have resulted in a higher number of claims, so it is necessary for the company to know your status to determine accurately its potential monetary outlay.


    The significance of drug and alcohol tests, as well as the other medical exam results, is that your life insurance policy, if issued, will be much more accurately priced to suit your lifestyle. A properly priced policy results in a much better chance that the insurance company will be able to properly address its potential financial risk and continue to offer prices that are competitive.


    Since your drug and alcohol tests result in a life insurance contract with a premium that is appropriately customized to your specific situation, the benefit is a policy that is exactly accurate to your particular level of risk. After your exam information is reviewed and a final price determined, you will have a much better gauge of your risk status as compared to your peers.


    Many people attempt to cheat on their paramedical exams in order to appear healthier and to hide the presence of drugs and alcohol in their systems. It is nearly impossible to successfully mask or otherwise make undetectable the presence of illegal substances. The tests that life insurance companies conduct on your blood and urine are usually designed to search for the most common substances and elements that consumers can purchase to make these attempts, and if found, the application will either be completely denied or result in a policy with a significantly higher premium.

    Meet the Doctors & Providers #comprehensive #dermatology #pasadena


    Meet the Doctors Providers

    Narin “Dr. Joe” Apisarnthanarax, M.D. F.A.A.D.

    Narin “Dr.Joe” Apisarnthanarax, M.D. F.A.A.D. is affectionately known as “Dr. Joe” to his patients. A native of the Clear Lake area of Houston, TX, he graduated from St. John High School before attending Washington University in St. Louis, MO. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and then attended the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

    Upon finishing medical school, Dr. Joe completed a residency at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, one of the leading research universities in the country. In addition, Dr. Joe conducted three years of skin cancer research at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, located at the University of Texas. Dr. Joe currently teaches medical and physician assistant students while serving as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston.

    Dr. Joe is recognized as an authority on dermatology and has been published in medical publications and medical textbooks. In practice, his specialties revolve around skin cancer and psoriasis. He has been regarded as an expert on cutaneous lymphomas, which are cancers of white blood cells that affect the skin. Dr. Joe also has a keen eye for aesthetics and is an artistic master at cosmetic dermatology and laser procedures.

    Dr. Joe is board certified by the American Board of Dermatology. He is also a member of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, and a Fellow with the American Academy of Dermatology. He has been in private practice for nearly 10 years and has hospital privileges at Clear Lake Regional Medical Center in Webster, TX.

    Dr. Joe is proud to welcome new patients to Clear Lake Dermatology.

    Lindsey Hunter-Ellul, M.D. F.A.A.D.

    Clear Lake Dermatology is proud to welcome our newest physician addition, Lindsey Hunter-Ellul, M.D. F.A.A.D. who is a native Houstonian. She received her undergraduate degree with Honors at The University of Texas at Austin, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and minor in Biology. She then attended The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston for medical school, was elected to the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society and completed the Honors Research Program in Dermatology, receiving summa cum laude honors and the Dean’s Award for Research Excellence.

    Dr. Hunter-Ellul went on to complete her Internal Medicine internship and her Dermatology Residency at UTMB where she served as Chief Resident and was awarded UTMB Intern of the year and Dermatology Resident of the year for two consecutive years. She has authored over twenty publications in peer-reviewed journals, books, and local magazines and has special interest in general medical, surgical, and pediatric dermatology. Always looking to contribute to her profession, Dr. Hunter-Ellul has served on several committees for the American Academy of Dermatology and was the Physician Editor for the AAD Directions in Residency Newsletter. She is a board certified dermatologist, a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, member of the Harris County Medical Society, Houston Dermatological Society, Texas Dermatological Society, Society for Pediatric Dermatology, Women’s Dermatologic Society, American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, and the Texas and American Medical Associations. She has hospital privileges at both Clear Lake Regional Medical Center and Bay Area Regional Medical Center in Webster, TX and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

    In her spare time, Dr. Hunter-Ellul enjoys spending time with her husband, children and two dogs. She also loves to travel, paint, and discover great food.

    David Raimer, M.D. F.A.A.D.

    David Raimer, M.D. is an ACGME Fellowship trained Mohs micrographic surgeon and American Board of Dermatology-certified dermatologist. Born and raised in Galveston, Texas, Dr. Raimer completed his undergraduate studies at Tulane University in New Orleans and then attended medical school at the University ofTexas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston. He completed both his internal medicine internship and dermatology residency at UTMB and then achieved expert training in Mohs micrographic surgery and procedural dermatology at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. Dr. Raimer performs all Mohs surgery cases and other advanced skin surgery procedures at Clear Lake Dermatology.

    Prapand “Dr. A” Apisarnthanarax, M.D. F.A.C.P.

    Prapand “Dr.A” Apisarnthanarax, M.D. F.A.C.P. is a Board-certified Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and is also board-certified in Dermatopathology. Dr. A graduated with his Bachelor’s degree at Chulalongkorn University and medical degree at Siriraj University, both prestigious universities in Bangkok, Thailand. He completed his Dermatology residency training at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Dr. A achieved Board certification in Dermatopathology and went on to serve on the faculty of the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston as an Associate Professor and as Director of Dermatopathology for 10 years. He established the current dermatology practice now known as Clear Lake Dermatology in 1981. Dr. A. has been an author on 25 publications throughout his career. He has particular interests in skin cancers and serves as the dermatopathologist for the practice.

    Stephanie Kokolis, PA-C

    Stephanie Kokolis, PA-C is proud to be a lifelong Houston native, attending high school at the prestigious St. John’s School and earning her Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Baylor College of Medicine where she graduated with High Honors.

    Prior to discovering her passion for dermatology, Stephanie received a Bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University’s Business Honor Program and worked as a financial analyst in Houston’s energy industry. Stephanie has completed specialized training by Dr. Joe and the physicians at Clear Lake Dermatology and currently works under their supervision to diagnose and treat dermatological diseases and conditions and to help provide high patient quality of care. She is certified by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants and is licensed by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners. Stephanie is a member of the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants and the Texas Association of Physician Assistants. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and exploring Houston’s diverse dining scene.

    Heather Tran, MSPA, PA-C

    Heather Tran, MSPA, PA-C is proud to be a lifelong native of League City, Texas. She graduated from Clear Creek High School, then received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. Her passion of dermatology was discovered early in life, after spending summers in high school shadowing and working with her uncle whom is a dermatologist in Orange County, California. Upon completing college, Heather spent a year as a medical assistant for a dermatology practice where she took keen interest to the visual inspection, physical diagnosis, and patient education associated with this field.

    Heather then migrated to the beautiful Savannah, Georgia to earn her Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at South University with honors. During PA school, she chose dermatology as her elective rotation where she gained extensive dermatological experience in a rural city of Georgia. Now, Heather has moved back to her hometown to serve her community offering excellent patient care and education. She has received comprehensive dermatological training under Dr. Joe and the physicians at Clear Lake Dermatology. Establishing long-term relationships with patients and helping them control and clear their skin conditions brings Heather ultimate fulfillment.

    Fast-track programs – Durham College – Oshawa, Ontario, Canada #fast #track #nursing #programs


    Fast-track programs

    Fast-track programs are designed specifically for applicants with existing academic credentials and present a unique opportunity to complete diploma requirements in fewer semesters. Please review specific entrance requirements for each program offering to determine your eligibility.

    Students can complete the diploma requirements in two semesters, while learning the advanced skills necessary for employment within your field of study.


    To help answer your questions about the program and career path that is right for you, we offer the following resources:

    • Graduate program guide
    • Diploma to degree
      • Provides information for college graduates about earning credits towards pursuing a university degree.
    • Second Career
      • Helps recently laid-off workers obtain the skills training they need for high-demand jobs in their communities.

    If you are a domestic or internationally educated student with an Electrical Engineering, Electronics or Biomedical degree you may be eligible for this compressed, fast track opportunity to complete your diploma requirements in four semesters. […]

    In our Biotechnology laboratory, you will conduct extensive experiments in cell and molecular biology in order to develop essential laboratory skills including learning how to isolate and manipulate DNA; purify and characterize proteins; and grow and maintain cells in tissue culture. Once your basic skills are developed, you will […]

    This fast-track option is designed to complement the post-secondary education you have already received and provide you with skills specific to the field of chemical engineering technology […]

    If you are a domestic or internationally educated student with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical or Electronics or Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, you may be eligible for this fast-track delivery.[…]

    If you are a domestic or internationally educated student with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, you may be eligible for a compressed, fast-track opportunity to complete your advanced diploma requirements in two semesters.The Environmental Technology program focuses on the chemical and biological sciences as they relate to environmental pollution. An emphasis is placed on […]

    The three-semester Law Clerk Advanced program will provide you with extensive training in the theory and practise of law as well as the advanced computer training required to give you the edge to launch an exciting […]

    This program will provide you with the training and hands-on experience necessary to begin a career in [. ]

    If you are a domestic or internationally educated student with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, you may be eligible for this compressed, fast-track opportunity to complete your advanced college diploma requirements in only two semesters. The Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology program provides […]

    Cai insurance #cai #insurance


    CAI-CV is the leading source of education, advocacy and professional credentialing for common interest developments (CIDs) in the Coachella Valley. CAI-CV is one of sixty CAI chapters in the U.S. and abroad with more than 33,000 members worldwide. CIDs are the fastest growing form of housing in the world today. Through CIDs, homeowners can share common areas such as pools, roads, recreational facilities and other resources. CIDs are typically organized and managed as homeowner associations (HOAs). CAI members include homeowners, homeowner associations, HOA board members, community managers, community management companies, and business partners and experts who provide services to CIDs.

    The Coachella Valley chapter of CAI has more than 700 members and affiliates, representing hundreds of local communities. CAI welcomes members and potential members to browse our website and to contact the CAI-CV office at (760) 341-0559 for more information.

    Platinum Sponsors

    Community Associations Institute of the Coachella Valley (CAI-CV)

    • 41-905 Boardwalk, Suite A-2, Palm Desert, CA 92211 •

    Albert Management, Inc.

    Medical Definition of Defecation syncope #syncope #pronunciation


    Defecation syncope: The temporary loss of consciousness (syncope) upon defecating (having a bowel movement). Syncope is the temporary loss of consciousness or, in plain English, fainting. The situations that trigger this reaction are diverse and include having blood drawn, straining while urinating (micturition syncope ) or defecating, coughing or swallowing. The reaction also can be due to the emotional stress of fear or pain.

    Under these conditions, people often become pale and feel nauseated, sweaty, and weak just before they lose consciousness.

    Situational syncope is caused by a reflex of the involuntary nervous system called the vasovagal reaction. The vasovagal reaction leads the heart to slow down (bradycardia ) and, at the same time, it leads the nerves to the blood vessels in the legs to permit those vessels to dilate (widen). The result is that the heart puts out less blood, the blood pressure drops, and what blood is circulating tends to go into the legs rather than to the head. The brain is then deprived of oxygen. and the fainting episode occurs.

    The vasovagal reaction is also called a vasovagal attack. And situational syncope is also called vasovagal syncope. vasodepressor syncope. and Gower syndrome after Sir William Richard Gower (1845-1915), a famous English neurologist whose name is also associated with a sign, a solution, another syndrome, and a tract in the central nervous system .

    Last Editorial Review: 5/13/2016

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