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European Pharma Summit, pharma conferences.#Pharma #conferences

European Pharma Summit

Pharma conferences

amber.kempf [at]

We invite you to attend the European Pharma Summit in Berlin, Germany on November 16-17, 2017. This event seeks to create a forum for colleagues across multiple disciplines, from both private and public sectors, to gather and exchange ideas. Delegates from pharmaceutical organizations, biotech companies, and leading academic institutions will gather to listen to presentations on innovative findings in drug discovery and network with both new and old colleagues.

The landscape for drug design has changed drastically over the past few years: private and public partnerships are changing how research is being done, researchers are using 3D model systems in hopes of improving clinical outcomes, and emerging target classes are changing traditional concepts of the drug discovery process.

The European Pharma Summit will have opening and closing plenary sessions on the following:

  1. State of Design and Industry in Pharmacological Drug Discovery
  2. Chemical Biology for Target Identification and Validation
  3. Hot Topics in Drug Discovery for the Future

12th Drug Design Medicinal Chemistry

  1. Tools and Technologies for Drug Discovery
  2. Novel Computational Methods Predictive Models
  3. Epigenetic Based Inhibitors

5th GPCR Targeted Screening

  1. GPCR Structure-Based Drug Discovery
  2. GPCR Signaling Pathways and Mechanisms
  3. Screening Technologies for GPCRs

3rd Kinase Inhibitors in Drug Discovery

  1. Technological Advances for Studying the Kinome
  2. Novel Alternative Approaches in Drug Discovery
  3. Optimizing Target Residence Times in Kinase Drug Development
  4. Overcoming Therapeutic Resistance

We hope to see you in Berlin!

The 2017 Advisory Committee

Amber Kempf at 626-256-6405 or amber.kempf [at]

Corporate Partner

Pharma conferences

Pharma conferences

Using novel epigenetic technology, Epiontis provides precise and reproducible immunomonitoring services for clinical trials. The epigenetic PCR tests are based on in-house developed and IP protected markers specific for immune cell types (Treg, Th17, overall Tcells, etc.). Frozen whole blood or tissue can be used, permitting easy storage and logistics.

Program Partners

Pharma conferences

Pharma conferences

Viracor Eurofins provides clinical trial biomarker testing services with expertise in custom assay transfer, design and validation for phase I-IV trials. Our CAP/CLIA and NY state accredited laboratory has over 30 years of experience in molecular testing, immune response monitoring, vaccine safety/efficacy assessment, allergy and hypersensitivity testing.

Pharma conferences

Pharma conferences

Cancer Genetics Inc. (CGI; Nasdaq: CGIX) is a leader in enabling precision medicine in oncology from bench to bedside through the use of oncology biomarkers and molecular testing. CGI is developing a global footprint with locations in the US, India and China. The Company offers a comprehensive range of laboratory services that provide critical genomic and biomarker information. Its state-of-the-art reference labs are CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited in the US and have licensure from several states including New York State. CGI has established strong clinical research collaborations with major cancer centers such as Memorial Sloan Kettering, The Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, Keck School of Medicine at USC and the National Cancer Institute.


Pharma conferences

Pharma conferences

Reaction Biology Corp. is a CRO that specializes in epigenetic and kinase HTS and profiling services. RBC’s radioisotope based assays feature the largest collection of kinase epigenetic targets available to the industry, including more than 559 kinases, 100+ reader domains, 30 methyltransferases, all HDACs and SIRTs, demethylases and more. RBC also produces high quality epigenetic proteins that are available for purchase.

Pharma conferences

Strategy, advocacy and partnering for the orphan drug industry, Orphan, gw pharma.#Gw #pharma


Download the brochure to find out exactly what’s in store for this year’s event.

Gw pharma


The 8th annual World Orphan Drug Congress is the marketplace for orphan drug professionals looking at the complete value chain of orphan drug development, from clinical development and R width: 250px; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;” src=”” />Sven Kili

Vice President and Head of Gene Therapy Development

Gw pharma

Dr Carlo IncertiВ

SVP, Head of Global Medical Affairs, CMO

Genzyme, A Sanofi Company

Gw pharma

Chief Executive Officer

Gw pharma

Gw pharma

Dr Bruno Sepodes

Gw pharma

Genetic Alliance UK


The Conference offers strategic keynote plenaries, themed tracks and dedicated networking sessions, you have the chance to really tailor the event to the needs of your day-to-day role.В

The Exhibitors В have a unique opportunity to put their business products and services in front of potential buyers looking to source the latest technologies in the orphan drugs industry.В

The pre-congress workshops will offer insights into Pricing, Reimbursement and Market Access Challenges and Accelerating Commercialization of Rare Disease Treatments in the afternoon.

Meet and listen to biotech start-ups and investors in our Pitch & Partner track where the most promising companies showcase their orphan drug technology and pipeline.

Purdue Pharma, Geisinger s study of Apple Watches for chronic pain therapy begins enrollment, MobiHealthNews,

mayne pharma

Mayne pharmaPurdue Pharma and Geisinger announced today that the first patient has been enrolled in the companies’ upcoming trial of medical wearables as an alternative therapy for chronic pain.

The ResearchKit study looks to see how wearables (in this case, the Apple Watch) can alleviate pain without relying on pharmaceutical painkillers, a commendable goal for a company whose painkilling opioid OxyContin has been at the heart of the US’ ongoing opioid epidemic.

“What we are really looking at is whether we can we decrease pain, improve functioning, and reduce reliance on pain medication,” Dr. Tracy Mayne, Purdue’s head of medical affairs strategic research, told MobiHealthNews in March. “They aren’t all necessarily . taking opioids, but these are very sick patients with chronic pain and a lot of comorbidities, and I would be very surprised if even some of them haven’t been on pain medication for a long time.”

In the non-randomized prospective trial, 240 adult multidisciplinary pain-program patients receiving treatment within the Geisinger healthcare system will receive an Apple Watch to measure physical activity, self-reported pain, heart rate, medication use, and other relevant variables over 12 months. The watches will be outfitted with a specialized pain app and healthcare provider dashboard that not only integrates with Geisinger’s EMR, but suggests alternative pain treatment strategies such as stretching, mindfulness, and thermotherapy.

“The goal of this technology is to improve patient function and quality of life while reducing the need for analgesic medications. It provides objective measures of numerous aspects of pain, function, and treatment effectiveness so that information can be gathered for the patient and the healthcare provider in between visits,” Dr. Tracy Mayne, head of medical affairs strategic research for Purdue Pharma, said in a statement. “We are pleased to partner with Geisinger on this important initiative and believe real-time data may have the potential to support an improved understanding of chronic pain patients’ experiences and needs.”

Purdue Pharma and Geisinger also plan to enroll 240 multidisciplinary pain patients as controls within the same 12-month period, in addition to a historic control group of 150 patients who previously completed the standard pain program. The study’s clinical endpoints include pain scores, medical depression scores, pain medicine use, and changes in physical function or disability over time. Researchers will also assess secondary study aims related to potential improvements in sleep, activity level, and daily pain scores resulting from the smartwatch-based program.

“The proposed multi-level integrated platform will facilitate and accelerate the speed of communication between the patient and healthcare providers, thereby allowing quicker patient access to appropriate care,” Dr. John J. Han, director of the Department of Pain Medicine at Geisinger, said in a statement. “Furthermore, it is hoped providing more education as well as alternative, non-opioid treatment options and coaching to promote a long-term sustainable healthy lifestyle will improve patient function and quality of life.”

As the most prominent smartwatch in the industry, Apple’s wearable has been front and center among the growing number of medical studies relying on wearables. Outside of the company’s own investigation of arrhythmias, startup Cariogram found in its mRhythm Study that an atrial fibrillation-detecting algorithm using the Apple Watch’s sensors could detect the irregularities with 97 percent accuracy. In February, Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Cognition Kit also announced that they would be collaborating on an Apple Watched-based depression study.

GW Pharma pledges commitment to UK growth as it cancels London listing, gw pharma.#Gw #pharma

GW Pharma pledges commitment to UK growth as it cancels London listing

G W Pharmaceuticals plans to expand manufacturing in the UK and boost cultivation of the cannabis plants it uses to make a treatment for severe epilepsy, its chief executive has said.

The British biotech is gearing up to submit Epidiolex, an experimental drug that has shown to be hugely effective in treating rare and life-threatening forms of childhood epilepsy, with US regulators in the first half of the year. Approval could come as early as the beginning of 2018.

The company has capacity to manufacture enough of the drug to treat 40,000 patients a year, but this will need to increase as Epidiolex gets the green light from regulators around the world.

Justin Gover, chief executive of GW Pharmaceuticals, said the plan was to increase capacity by extending GW’s existing UK manufacturing facility and growing more cannabis at sites across the country.

“If we expand, it will be in the UK,” he said. “We have no plans to grow plants or manufacture elsewhere.”

A ll of GW’s cannabis plants are grown in the UK, with most harvested by British Sugar in Norfolk in the largest glasshouse in the UK.

The company’s commitment to British manufacturing is good news for the country’s biotech sector, particularly given GW’s decision in October to ditch its Aim market listing in favour of trading its shares exclusively on Nasdaq in the United States. The shares were officially delisted this morning.

“Today is the first day of leaving the Aim and I have mixed feelings,” said Mr Gover. “It was genuinely complicated to manage a dual listing and given trading and our investor base is dominated by US investors, it was more practical and will make our life more straightforward. But we are resolutely a British company.”

Asked if he was feeling bereft, Mr Gover replied: “I’m not sure I would go that far.”

S peaking from a major epilepsy conference in Houston, Texas, Mr Gover said GW has been garnering a huge amount of interest from specialist doctors.

“There is a lot of excitement about Epidiolex being approved here. It is a subject of a great deal of conversation and a huge amount of interest within the epilepsy community,” he said.

“It is all coming to fruition. In terms of timings, 2016 has all been about generating the data to support Epidiolex, next year is all about submitting and making it a reality.”

GW reported an £86.2m loss in the 12 months to the end of September, larger than the £57.1m it lost in the previous year, as it ramped up R D spending and other investments.

Asked what the biggest challenge had been so far, Mr Gover said: “The 18 years it took to get to this point, dealing with the ups and down of our sector. We are not there yet, but are on our way. To have such strong data for this area of such high unmet medical need is incredibly rewarding.

Shares in GW were up 6pc to $119 by midday.

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma, dainippon sumitomo pharma.#Dainippon #sumitomo #pharma

dainippon sumitomo pharma

Dainippon sumitomo pharma

Dainippon sumitomo pharma

Dainippon sumitomo pharma

Dainippon sumitomo pharma

Dainippon sumitomo pharma

Dainippon sumitomo pharma

  • What’s New
  • News Releases
  • Nov. 21, 2017 (PDF/252KB)Licensing Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma and Angelini Announce Partnership for Commercialization of Latuda (Lurasidone Hydrochloride) in Europe
  • Nov. 13, 2017 (PDF/206KB)R ?>

Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma, pharma marketing research.#Pharma #marketing #research

pharma marketing research

Pharma marketing research

Pharma marketing research

Pharma marketing research

Pharma marketing research

Pharma marketing research

Pharma marketing research

  • What’s New
  • News Releases
  • Nov. 21, 2017 (PDF/252KB)Licensing Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma and Angelini Announce Partnership for Commercialization of Latuda (Lurasidone Hydrochloride) in Europe
  • Nov. 13, 2017 (PDF/206KB)R ?>

Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: Akamai, Alexion, Altria, Chipotle, MEI Pharma, Netflix, PayPal and More,

24/7 Wall St.

Top Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades: Akamai, Alexion, Altria, Chipotle, MEI Pharma, Netflix, PayPal and More

Alexion pharmaStocks were indicated to open higher again on Thursday, and the S P is indicated to be above 2,400 and the Dow is to be above 21,000. The bull market is more eight years old, and investors keep showing that they will buy every big sell-off. Those same investors are also looking for new trading and investing ideas.

24/7 Wall St. reviews dozens of analyst research reports each day of the week. The goal is to find new investing and trading ideas for our readers. Some of these analyst reports cover stocks to buy and others cover stocks to sell or to avoid.

Some additional color and commentary has been added on most of the following analyst calls. Consensus analyst price targets are from the mean of the Thomson Reuters sell-side research service.

These were the top analyst upgrades, downgrades and other research calls from Thursday, May 25, 2017.

Akamai Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM) was started as Neutral with a $50 price target (versus a $47.62 prior closing price) at Instinet. Akamai has a 52-week trading range of $46.90 to $71.64 and a consensus analyst target price of $63.65.

Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: ALXN) was raised to Overweight from Equal Weight with a $138 price target at Morgan Stanley. The shares closed down 3.4% at $101.08 on Wednesday and were indicated up 2.9% at $104.00 on Thursday. Their 52-week range is $98.63 to $157.02, and the consensus target price is $159.53.

Altria Group Inc. (NYSE: MO) was started with an Overweight rating and assigned a $76 price target (versus a $72.85 close) at Piper Jaffray. Altria has a 52-week range of $60.82 to $76.55, and it has a consensus analyst price of $74.31.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. (NYSE: CMG) was raised to Buy from Hold with a $550 price target (versus a $478.80 close) at Argus. The stock was up 0.8% on Wednesday and was indicated up 1% at $484.00 on Thursday. It has a 52-week range of $352.96 to $499.00 and a consensus target price of $447.88.

MEI Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: MEIP) was started as Outperform and assigned a $6 price target (versus a $1.67 close) at Oppenheimer. Shares were indicated up almost 9% at $1.82, in a 52-week range of $1.23 to $2.28.

Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) was reiterated as Overweight and the price target was raised to $190 from $166 (versus a $157.75 close) at Piper Jaffray. Netflix was indicated up 1.9% at $160.72 on Thursday, in a 52-week range of $84.50 to $161.78. The consensus target price is $157.68.

PayPal Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PYPL) was downgraded to Hold from Buy with a $51 price target at Stifel, after it closed at $51.05 (three cents shy of its all-time high) in a valuation call. PayPal was indicated down 0.7% at $50.69 on Thursday, in a prior 52-week range of $34.00 to $51.08 and with a consensus target price of $51.38.

Other key analyst calls were seen in the following:

Encore Capital Group Inc. (NASDAQ: ECPG) was started as Outperform and assigned a $45 price target (versus a $38.25 close) at Keefe Bruyette Woods.

Equinix Inc. (NASDAQ: EQIX) was started with a Buy rating and assigned a $490 price target (versus a $440.43 close) at Nomura.

Etsy Inc. (NASDAQ: ETSY) was downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Citigroup. Shares closed up 0.7% at $13.40 on Wednesday and were indicated down over 3% at $12.95 on Thursday. Etsy has a 52-week range of $8.56 to $16.05 and a consensus analyst target of $12.34.

General Mills Inc. (NYSE: GIS) was started as Underweight with a $57 price target at Piper Jaffray.

Kellogg Co. (NYSE: K) was started as Overweight with a $78 price target at Piper Jaffray.

MetLife Inc. (NYSE: MET) was raised to Outperform from Market Perform at FBR Capital Markets.

NCS Multistage Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: NCSM) was started with a Buy rating at Citigroup.

PRA Group Inc. (NASDAQ: PRAA) was started as Outperform with a $40 target price (versus a $34.75 close) at Keefe Bruyette Woods.

ServiceNow Inc. (NYSE: NOW) was started as Overweight and assigned a $120 price target (versus a $103.00 close) at Stephens.

Here are five likely defense stock winners from Merrill Lynch for the Trump budget on defense spending.

Wednesday s top analyst calls included Accenture, Ciena, Shake Shack, U.S. Steel, Zions Bancorp, China and over a dozen more.

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Pharmaceutical Contract and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company in India – Piramal Pharma Solutions, pharma resources.#Pharma #resources

pharma resources

Pharma resources

Pharma resources

  • Pharma resources
  • Pharma resources
  • Pharma resources

Pharma resources

Pharma resources

Pharma resources

Pharma resources

Pharma resources

  • Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

  • Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

  • Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

    Pharma resources

  • Herzlich Willkommen bei pharma-education! pharma-education, your success is our profession, map pharma.#Map #pharma

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    Map pharma

    Herzlich Willkommen bei pharma-education!

    Wir sind Österreichs führendes Aus- und Weiterbildungs- sowie Personaldienstleistungs-Institut für Pharmareferenten und Medizinprodukteberater und als solches qualitätszertifiziert (EN ISO 9001:2008, Ö-CERT).

    Laufend aktualisierte Infos hält der nachstehende Newsfeed für Sie bereit – einfach runterscrollen und durchklicken!

    *Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Anforderung und bitten Sie uns im Sinne Ihrer optimalen Servicierung Ihre E-Mail-Adresse und/oder Anschrift (Kursort!) bekannt zu geben. Dankeschön!

    Map pharma

    Einmal mehr ein toller Prüfungserfolg.

    Am 18. Oktober 2017 sind bei der mündlichen PRP gesamt acht Kandidat(inn)en von der schriftlichen Prüfung kommend angetreten. Sie alle konnten diesen finalen Part der staatlichen Pharmareferentenprüfung positiv absolvieren – sechs davon durfte pharma-education auf diese anspruchsvolle Prüfung vorbereiten ! Mit einer Quote von 75 % konnten wir somit einmal mehr unser Standing als Österreichs führendes Schulungsinstitut eindrucksvoll unter Beweis stellen!

    Wir gratulieren unseren Schützlingen ganz, ganz herzlich!

    Map pharma

    Einladung zum Informationsabend Wien

    Wir laden Sie herzlich zu unserem nächsten kostenfreien Informationsabend am Donnerstag, den 30 . November 2017 um 18.00 Uhr in unseren Wiener Seminarräumlichkeiten ein! Aus organisatorischen Gründen bitten wir Sie, uns Ihre Teilnahme vorab telefonisch oder per E-Mail bekannt zu geben.

    Zwei Stunden stellen hinsichtlich der Dauer einen guten Richtwert dar. Je nach Anzahl der Fragen seitens der TeilnehmerInnen kann es auch schon mal um einiges länger werden – unsere GF Frau Nicole Kraule, MBA steht Ihnen an unseren Infoabenden jedenfalls mit Vergnügen zeitlich unbegrenzt zur Verfügung!

    Map pharma


    Aktuell haben wir unter anderem folgende Position zu besetzen:

    Der Dienstort befindet sich im Bezirk Mödling.

    Neugierig? Klicken Sie HIER um näheres zu dieser Position und weiteren aktuellen Stellenausschreibungen zu erfahren!

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    Einladung zum Informationsabend Graz

    Wir laden Sie herzlich zu unserem nächsten kostenfreien Informationsabend am 16. September 2017 in Graz ein. Dieser findet um 17.00 Uhr im Wolfühlhotel Novapark statt.

    Aus organisatorischen Gründen bitten wir Sie, uns Ihre Teilnahme vorab telefonisch oder per E-Mail bekannt zu geben.

    Map pharma

    Hot Summer-News:

    Das heurige zweite Prüfungshalbjahr der staatlichen Pharmareferentenprüfung naht mit Riesenschritten! Rüsten Sie sich für Ihren erfolgreichen Prüfungsantritt mit unserem Ende August stattfindenden Kleingruppentraining oder dem Super-Summary-Workshop Anfang September 2017!

    Knackig intensive maximal effektive Tage!

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    Stellenausschreibung vom 08. August 2017

    Aktuell haben wir unter anderem folgende Position zu besetzen:

    für Teile Wiens und Niederösterreichs

    Hier gilt es hochwertige Gesundheitsprodukte für ein bestens am Markt etabliertes Unternehmen zu repräsentieren und vertreiben.

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    Aktuelles zur staatlichen Pharmareferentenprüfung

    Der Abschluss des PHR-Prüfungsjahres 2015 naht mit großen Schritten – am 17. Dezember 2015 endet es mit dem mündlichen Teil der 339. Pharmareferentenprüfung im BMG.


    Melden Sie sich gleich heute für einen Pharmareferenten-Workshop zur Vorbereitung auf die staatliche Pharmareferentenprüfung an.


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    Aktuelle Karrierechancen

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    Ob in der Berufspraxis täglich dem Ziel der Verschreibung bzw. Bestellung folgend, oder aber das diesbezügliche Vermögen bereits zuvor beim potentiellen Arbeitgeber unter Beweis stellend – das Thema Verkauf ist dem Pharmareferenten und dem Medizinprodukteberater stets ganz, ganz nahe. Erwerben, trainieren bzw. festigen Sie Ihre Verkaufsskills mit unserem branchenfokussierten Verkaufstraining am 16. September 2016!


    Diverse Einrichtungen bieten Unterstützungen in der Höhe von 10-100% für Ihre berufliche Weiterbildung an.


    Wir stellen Ihnen gerne einen unverbindlichen Kostenvoranschlag für die Förderung Ihrer Aus- und Weiterbildung aus.


    Besuchen Sie unsere Aus- und Weiterbildungen an den Standorten Wien, Graz und Linz.

    RxAssist – Patient Assistance Program Eligibility Criteria and Medicare Part D, eusa pharma.#Eusa #pharma

    eusa pharma

    Eusa pharma

    Eusa pharma

    Eusa pharma

    Patient Assistance Program Eligibility Criteria and Medicare Part D

    Will your Medicare patients be eligible for Patient Assistance Programs?

    Updates are made as they are received. Last updated Apirl 8, 2011.

    No Medicare Patients may apply for PAPs

    Valeant (Part D see below)

    Medicare Patients without a Part D plan may apply for PAPs

    Astellas Pharma (Part D see below)

    AstraZeneca (Part D see below)

    Boehringer Ingleheim (Part D see below)

    Eli Lilly (Part D see below)

    Novo-Nordisk (Part D see below)

    Ucyclyd Pharma (case by case)

    All Medicare Patients may apply for PAPs

    Alexion (case by case review)

    AstraZeneca-Part D enrollees use AZ Me Savings Programs for people with Medicare Part D

    Boehringer Ingleheim-Part D enrollees use Patient Assistance Program for Medicare Beneficiaries

    Forest (denial letter needed)

    GlaxoSmithKline-Part D enrollees use GSK Access program

    Mallinckrodt case by case

    Pfizer* (Some medications may not be available to Part D enrollees)

    Salix (Part D if med not covered)

    Sanofi-Aventis (Appeal process for Medicare enrolled, financially-needed patients who have a life threatening condition confirmed by physician)

    SOBI (Part D if med not covered)

    Wyeth (Part D enrollees must submit a hardship letter or LIS denial letter)

    Amgen– Sensipar and Enbrel only

    Astellas Pharma – Prograf and Amevive

    Eli Lilly – Zyprexa, Forteo and Humatrope only through LillyMedicareAnswers

    Genzyme – Renagel only through Renagel Part D PAP

    Jazz- xyrem case by case, Luvox Cr point of sale discount card

    MEDA- patients in Donut Hole may be considered

    Novo-Nordisk-patients in Donut Hole may apply

    Valeant – Only if drugs not in patient’s Part D plan; Part D enrollees ineligible for Infergen PAP

    LIS = Low-Income Subsidy within Part D

    *Will consider allowing some Part D enrollees to apply for PAPs; contact the company for more information.

    If you should have additional information about a pharmaceutical company’s response to Medicare Part D and its PAP, please contact us.

    Waterford Viking Marathon 2017, Saturday June 24th, celtic pharma.#Celtic #pharma

    3,000 Runners, 2 Bridges, 1 Greenway, WLR FM’s Waterford Viking Marathon 2017

    Saturday June 24 th saw Waterford play host to its sixth annual WLR Waterford Viking Marathon. The exciting new route, which included Ireland’s longest single span bridge and Waterford’s impressive Greenway attracted over 3,000 runners to the event. This year’s marathon attracted visitors from all corners of the globe, Argentina, Hawaii, India, Canada, Egypt, the US and all over Europe.

    Runners left the Mall in the heart of Waterford’s Viking Triangle at 9am after a tremendous warm up which included the Viking Clap followed by an emotional demonstration by all runners for the Irish Heart Foundation’s Hand on Heart.

    The heat of the morning meant every drop of water on the course was appreciated by the runners. Just after 9.30, David Mansfield of Clonliffe Harriers showed no ill effects of his recent in podium place in Cork finishing 1 st in the quarter marathon in 36.32. Hot on his heels was the first local man home on the day, Noel Murphy of Waterford AC, followed by Ruairi O’Donnell of Ferrybank AC. In the women’s event, Sinead Brannigan, a running inspiration locally with her band of Greenway joggers, took the title ahead of Cork native, Emma Healy and St.Abban’s AC’s Sinead Kelly.

    The huge crowd of Spectators didn’t have long to wait then to witness the class of Waterford AC’s Trevor Power, who had the race to himself to finish in 1.13.03. James Hamm of Portlaoise AC had more of a battle on his hands and finished just ahead of Carrick AC’s Derek Walsh. Ruth Fitzgerald is following in her mother’s footsteps and had a very clear win in the ladies win in 1.24. Last year’s 2 nd place marathon finisher Sally Forristal of St.Joseph’s AC took the silver ahead of Waterford AC’s Sylvia Malone.

    In the main event then, West Waterford AC’s Raivis Zakis literally sailed to the finish line in 2.37 ahead of previous winner Wexford’s Tom Hogan. Liam Tracey of Watergrasshill in Cork took the last podium place, but not before the now 5 times ladies winner Pauline Curley smiled her way to the line. Always a gracious winner, she brightens up every finish line! Watergrasshill AC featured again when Dolores Duffy finished 2 nd with Lena Sinclair of Liffey Valley AC in 3 rd place, rounding off the senior winners for the day.

    So all around a huge success was the overwhelming consensus for most who took part, be it organising, running, stewarding or supporting. An impressive 350 helpers lined the route, with marshals, water stations and medical personnel ensuring the safe return of all runners to WIT Arena in very warm conditions.

    A memorable event created not only by the heroics of the participants but by a sense of Waterford taking the 2017 Waterford Viking Marathon to its heart. Ends 24th June 2017

    Photography: Noel Browne Photographer 086 0366904 Garrett Fitzgerald 087 6658314

    For further information contact Deirdre Houlihan 086 6863571 or Roisin Ferris 086 8194952

    Waterford Viking Marathon

    Extracellular fluid, definition of extracellular fluid by Medical dictionary, akela pharma.#Akela #pharma

    extracellular fluid

    Related to extracellular fluid: intracellular fluid

    ex tra cel lu lar flu id (ECF),

    extracellular fluid (ECF)

    extracellular fluid

    ex tra cel lu lar flu id

    extracellular fluid


    • extraanatomic bypass
    • extra-anatomic vascular bypass
    • extraarticular
    • extra-articular
    • extraaxial
    • extrabuccal
    • extrabulbar
    • extracaliceal
    • extracampic hallucination
    • extracampine hallucination
    • extracapsular
    • extracapsular ankylosis
    • extracapsular dendrite
    • extracapsular extension
    • extracapsular extraction
    • extracapsular fracture
    • extracapsular ligament
    • extracapsular ligaments
    • extracapsular rupture
    • extracardiac
    • extracardiac murmur
    • extracarpal
    • extracellular
    • extracellular digestion
    • extracellular enzyme
    • extracellular fluid
    • extracellular fluid volume
    • extracellular iodophilia
    • extracellular matrix
    • extracellular space
    • extrachorial placentation
    • extrachorial pregnancy
    • extrachromosomal
    • extrachromosomal DNA
    • extrachromosomal element
    • extrachromosomal gene
    • extrachromosomal inheritance
    • extracoronal
    • extracoronal retainer
    • extracorporeal
    • extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal
    • Extracorporeal circuit
    • extracorporeal circulation
    • extracorporeal dialysis
    • extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
    • extracorporeal membrane oxygenator
    • extracorporeal oxygenation
    • extracorporeal photochemotherapy
    • extracorporeal photophoresis
    • extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
    • extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy
    • extracardiac murmur
    • extracardiac murmur
    • extracardiac murmur
    • extracardiac murmur
    • extracardiac murmur
    • extracarpal
    • extracellular
    • extracellular
    • extracellular
    • extracellular
    • extracellular
    • extracellular constituents
    • extracellular constituents
    • extracellular constituents
    • extracellular constituents
    • Extracellular digestion
    • Extracellular digestion
    • Extracellular digestion
    • Extracellular digestion
    • Extracellular digestion
    • Extracellular Domain of Human TSHR
    • extracellular environment
    • extracellular environment
    • extracellular environment
    • extracellular environment
    • extracellular environment
    • extracellular enzyme
    • extracellular enzyme
    • extracellular enzyme
    • extracellular enzyme
    • extracellular fluid
    • Extracellular Fluid Volume
    • Extracellular Fluid Volume
    • Extracellular Fluid Volume Expansion
    • Extracellular fluids
    • Extracellular fluids
    • extracellular Heat Shock Proteins
    • extracellular iodophilia
    • extracellular iodophilia
    • Extracellular Loop Region
    • Extracellular matrix
    • Extracellular matrix
    • Extracellular matrix
    • Extracellular matrix
    • Extracellular matrix
    • Extracellular matrix
    • Extracellular Matrix Growth Factor
    • Extracellular matrix protein
    • Extracellular matrix protein
    • Extracellular Matrix Protein 1
    • Extracellular matrix proteins
    • Extracellular matrix proteins
    • Extracellular matrix receptor III
    • Extracellular Membrane-Proximal Domain
    • Extracellular newly identified RAGE-binding protein
    • Extracellular Polymeric Substance
    • Extracellular Polysaccharides
    • Extracellular Protein 2
    • Extracellular protein S1-5
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    Pharma Marketer Strategies to Reach Doctors, pharma marketing research.#Pharma #marketing #research

    Marketing Strategy for Pharmaceutical Products to Reach Doctors

    Pharma marketing research

    As the ones who write the scripts, physicians are the most important audience in pharmaceutical sales. Government regulations that place a heavy emphasis on disclosure and industry self-policing efforts, such as the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, have required changes in how pharmaceutical companies market products to physicians. But those are not the only factors. Physician reliance on Internet technology for information and communicating is also forcing pharmaceutical companies to re-tool their marketing strategies.

    Traditional Marketing

    Physicians value free drug samples and are willing to meet with sales representatives to get them unless their medical network bans free samples. The industry finds samples the most effective marketing tool and spends billions annually distributing free drug samples.

    Critics of the practice say drug samples steer physicians to prescribe new, higher cost medications when generics or lower priced brand drugs are available. Once therapy has been initiated, patients and their insurers are likely to continue to pay for the new, costly drugs, according to research by the ​Pew Charitable Trust Prescription Project.

    Gifting of things such as meals, travel expenses, books, and speaking fees is a traditional marketing tool under heavy fire. Some state governments have banned all gifts to physicians, which can be confusing to marketers wanting to provide something as basic as an ice cream cone at a national medical convention.

    That image certainly illustrates how complicated it has become, and sales representatives need to be familiar with the laws and regulations in each state.

    Pharmaceutical company representative often develops working relationships with key opinion leaders or thought leaders who influence other physicians through their professional status.

    Emerging Tactics

    Physicians have been among the earliest of the early adopters of mobile technology, beginning with beepers and pagers, and then PDAs, smartphones, tablet PCs and other handhelds that make patient records and reference materials portable.

    With so many physicians already married to their electronic devices, apps for the iPad and Smartphone seem a ripe niche for pharmaceutical companies. Healthcare is a mobile profession and lends itself to these devices, stated Bruce Carlson, publisher of Kalorama Information, a market research company. The global healthcare sector invested $8.2 billion in handheld devices and related applications in 2009, according to Kalorama.​

    Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and hundreds of smaller niche sites allow physicians to organize professional online communities for collaboration.

    Physicians Interactive (PI), based in Marlborough, Mass., claims to have developed the largest network of online and mobile healthcare professional relationships in the United States, reaching more than 875,000 physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals in all major specialties. PI serves its pharma clients through the development of mobile and online clinical resources for healthcare professionals.

    Sermo, a free online MD-only community, claims 115,000 members, or 20 percent of all U.S. physicians. Daniel Palestrant, MD, the site s founder and CEO, says 10 of the top 12 pharmaceutical companies are Sermo clients who are engaging physicians through our social media offerings built specifically to increase brand awareness. Sponsoring companies can follow physician discussions such as their reactions to different components of the health reform law, promote their brand and engage with physician members, according to Sermo.

    Marketing consultant Richard Meyer observes that the role of the traditional sales rep who constantly seeks face time with doctors is fading. Meyer and other industry watchers say pharma need to re-tool their marketing efforts and bring more medical communication specialists on staff to engage with physicians online.

    Ready to start building wealth? Sign up today to learn how to save for an early retirement, tackle your debt, and grow your net worth.

    These medical communicators could provide value-added services that help physicians sort through information clutter while facilitating links with clinical trials, journals, and knowledge opinion leaders.

    Mayne Pharma pushes for stronger-for-longer oxycodone, mayne pharma.#Mayne #pharma

    Mayne Pharma pushes for stronger-for-longer oxycodone

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    Mayne pharma Mayne Pharma is believed to be considering appealing the registration refusal for its oxycodone drug to the Federal Court Photo: Louie Douvis

    Listed drug company Mayne Pharma could take Federal Court action to revive its failed push to have its longer-life generic oxycodone pain relief product introduced in Australia.

    Earlier this month, Mayne Pharma lost its bid at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to overturn the government’s decision not register the pain drug on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods on safety and efficacy grounds.

    The court hearing came after the government refused to register Mayne Pharma’s generic oxycodone hydrochloride sustained-release tablets in January last year.

    Mayne Pharma already supplies oxycodone products in Australia, however, those drugs are effective for between four and six hours. The longer-life oxycodone product lasts for 12 hours.

    Long-life oxycodone using the same formula as Mayne Pharma’s longer-life drug are available in other countries, including the widely known OxyContin brand.

    Mayne Pharma applied to the AAT to present new evidence that the drug is released in two stages thus making it longer lasting. However, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal found it had no jurisdiction to hear the complaint.

    It is understood the company is planning to either take Federal Court action to have the new evidence considered or to relodge at the AAT.

    It comes as Mayne Pharma shakes off a horror year after a shock earnings downgrade and share price slide. In Australia the company is increasingly focussed on specialty brands rather than its generics business. Last month the company announced it had received TGA approval for two drugs used to treat urinary infections.

    Mayne pharma

    New Jersey suing Purdue Pharma for fueling state’s opioid crisis – NY Daily News, pharma

    New Jersey suing Purdue Pharma for fueling state’s opioid crisis with deceptive marketing strategy

    Pharma rep

    Pharma rep

    New Jersey is one of 11 states that are suing Perdu over deceptive marketing strategy that is feeding the nation’s opioid crisis.

    Pharma rep

    New Jersey on Tuesday sued Purdue Pharma LP, accusing the maker of the chronic pain medication OxyContin of fueling the state’s opioid crisis through deceptive marketing to doctors and patients, including the elderly and the “opioid-naive.”

    The state’s attorney general, Christopher Porrino, faulted what he called Purdue’s “almost inconceivable callousness and irresponsibility” in a decade-long campaign of downplaying the risks and exaggerating the benefits of opioids in the pursuit of profit.

    “We vigorously deny these allegations and look forward to the opportunity to present our defense,” Purdue said in a statement. “We are deeply troubled by the opioid crisis and we are dedicated to being part of the solution.”

    At least 11 U.S. states have sued Purdue over opioids, including a complaint filed by Alaska on Monday. Other drugmakers also face lawsuits by state and local governments over an opioid epidemic that President Trump last Thursday called a national public health emergency.

    Opioids, including prescription painkillers and heroin, played a role in 33,091 U.S. deaths in 2015, up 16% from 2014, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    New Jersey’s 103-page lawsuit filed in Essex County Superior Court accused Purdue of engaging in unconscionable practices, making false claims, and creating a public nuisance, costing the state hundreds of millions of dollars in prescription costs.

    The state said Purdue misled people into believing OxyContin and other opioids could treat chronic pain over the long term, as an alternative to over-the-counter medication such as Advil and Tylenol, though there were no studies showing their safety and effectiveness beyond 12 weeks.

    Pharma rep

    Faces of opioid addiction in the Bronx

    New Jersey said Purdue drove sales representatives to promote opioids to as many as 40 doctors a week in person, and set annual prescription quotas as high as 8,400 for OxyContin alone. It quoted a former sales rep as saying she knew OxyContin dosages would rise as patients’ tolerances increased, and struggled to meet her quotas because she thought patients should not “go down that road” if they had safer alternatives.

    Alaska’s complaint filed in Anchorage Superior Court raised similar legal claims.

    Gov. Bill Walker in a statement said many Alaskans “would have never become addicts without that initial prescription that went on too long.”

    Pharmaceutical Microbiology, pharma blog.#Pharma #blog

    Pharmaceutical Microbiology

    Microbiology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and contamination control news and discussion site. Edited by Dr. Tim Sandle (established 2010)


    Pharma blog

    Wednesday, 22 November 2017

    Justification of starting materials for the manufacture of chemical active substances

    Pharma blog

    Tuesday, 21 November 2017

    Q Pharmig20 and you or your company will be invoiced accordingly.

    Microbial Control of Pharmaceutical Water Systems

    Pharma blog

    Sunday, 19 November 2017

    Biocidal cleaners may spread multidrug resistance in MRSA

    Pharma blog

    Saturday, 18 November 2017

    Examining the lifestyles of microbes

    Pharma blog

    Friday, 17 November 2017

    Bacterial signalling in sharper resolution

    Pharma blog

    Thursday, 16 November 2017

    ISO/IEC 17025 moves to final stage of revision

    Pharma blog

    Wednesday, 15 November 2017

    Past, present, and future perspectives on the LAL reagent

    Q A covering past, present, and future perspectives on the LAL reagent

    Pharma blog

    JD: Actually, we use all four methods: gel-clot, kinetic turbidimetric, kineticchromogenic and the PTS . These methods are used to test and release incoming raw materials and to evaluate intermediate formulation buffers that are subsequently used to produce licensed LAL products. Our accessory products also benefit from the use of these methods prior to release. Finally, we leverage all of these techniques in developing and validating LAL test methods for customer-specific products.

    How did the introduction of the LAL test change our industry?

    What are the key trends in endotoxin and LAL testing? What advances have been made?

    What new challenges will be faced in the years to come?

    Ontario bill will reveal drug company payments to doctors, Toronto Star, threshold pharma.#Threshold #pharma

    Ontario bill will reveal drug company payments to doctors

    The legislation being introduced Wednesday will allow Ontarians to see if their doctors, dentists, pharmacists or others received money and gifts from Big Pharma.

    Threshold pharma

    Ontarians may soon know whether their doctor, dentist or pharmacist is getting money from Big Pharma.

    Health Minister Eric Hoskins is introducing new legislation Wednesday that will require drug companies and medical device makers to publicly report cash payments, free dinners and other benefits they ve given to health-care professionals.

    I know that Ontarians want and deserve more access to information that can help them make better decisions about their own health care, Hoskins said.

    The payment information will be posted online in a searchable database and will be broken down by the name of the health-care professional who received it. Hoskins said the payment details will be for all 26 regulated health-care professions, from nurses to psychologists, as well as hospitals and other health-care organizations.

    Hoskins said he anticipates the data collection for public reporting will begin in 2019.

    If passed, the legislation will make Ontario the first jurisdiction in Canada to shine a light on the financial ties between the pharmaceutical industry and medical professionals.

    Critics of the payments say they raise the potential for conflicts of interest as they can influence doctors decisions on what drugs to prescribe.

    Right now, there is little known on how much money or gifts actually pass hands from drug companies to Ontario s health professionals. These payments, known as transfers of value, can include grants for research, fees for speeches or participation on advisory committees and travel costs to attend far-flung conferences.

    When these transfers of value take place they can have unintended consequences, Hoskins said. This isn t suggesting at all the transfers are inappropriate. It s important that the value and nature of those transfers . . . be made transparent.

    News of the proposed law was met with broad approval, from a major pharma firm to a medical device industry group to nurses and doctors expressing their support.

    I think there s been a big blind spot in our health system for a long time. This helps address that, said Dr. Andrew Boozary, who spearheaded a national Open Pharma campaign that called on the provincial and federal governments to require disclosure of payments from drug companies to doctors.

    It allows us to gain insight into some of the interactions between the pharmaceutical industry and health-care professionals that we previously had no idea about.

    Earlier this year, 10 major drug companies voluntarily released data showing they paid nearly $50 million to Canadian health-care professionals and organizations in 2016.

    The disclosure did not reveal who received the payments, and several leading drug companies chose to not release any information at all.

    For the health minister, voluntary disclosure by the companies wasn t sufficient.

    We needed to go further to really, truly serve the needs of Ontarians in a responsible way, Hoskins said.

    This proposed legislation brings Ontario in line with countries such as Australia, Japan, France and the United States, which have mandatory disclosures on financial relationships between industry and doctors.

    In the U.S., which began publicly releasing the payment details in September 2014, any cash or gift worth more than $10 must be disclosed.

    The newly proposed legislation is deliberately silent on a threshold dollar amount that would require public disclosure.

    We want something that is meaningful and fair and not overly onerous. There are a lot of differing opinions in terms of what that threshold should be, said Hoskins, adding that the issue would be addressed in further consultations.

    Dr. Joel Lexchin, a long-time advocate of transparency, said he hopes the government sets a pretty low threshold, noting that studies out of the United States show that meals worth less than $20 can have an impact on doctor s prescribing practices.

    The legislation in my view needs to be quite aggressive, he said.

    There have been numerous controversies in Canada over perceived conflicts of interest because of payment relationships.

    In recent years, Toronto Star investigations have exposed a number of questionable relationships between big pharma and doctors.

    The Star found drug companies routinely host and bankroll dinners at upscale restaurants as training for family doctors. Critics of the dinners say they are just marketing tools under the guise of education.

    And there have been other controversies over perceived conflicts of interest because of drug company involvement, including alleged altering or ghostwriting of medical studies and physician endorsements of drugs.

    Toronto s Dr. Nav Persaud supports the new legislation, adding that there was never a good reason to keep payment information secret.

    A patient should know if the company selling a medication paid the doctor writing the prescription. Patients ultimately pay for this marketing so they have a right to know where the money is going, he said.

    Theresa Agnew, head of the Nurse Practitioners Association of Ontario, said the group also supports Hoskins bill.

    We think that the increased transparency will help to promote more evidence-based care getting through to not just clinicians but to patients as well, she said.

    Hoskins said he will be encouraging the federal minister of health, as well as his provincial and territorial counterparts, to follow Ontario s lead and pursue similar legislation.

    I m proud Ontario has demonstrated that leadership, but just as Ontarians want and deserve this information and greater transparency and accountability, Canadians deserve and want that, as well.

    Lucas Capital Management Sells 13, 800 Shares of Newfield Exploration Company (NFX) – Sports Perspectives,

    Lucas Capital Management Sells 13,800 Shares of Newfield Exploration Company (NFX)

    Zosano pharma

    Pharma rep visits? They – re redundant, doctors say in new survey, FiercePharma, pharma rep.#Pharma

    Pharma rep visits? They re redundant, doctors say in new survey

    Pharma rep

    Tell physicians something they don’t know. That’s one of the key messages that came from the ePharma Physicians annual study, in which doctors claimed 51% of the time, sales reps are showing them redundant information during visits.

    The sales rep and physician study, now in its 15th year from DRG Digital’s Manhattan Research, found doctors say reps spend most of their time on material they already have or found on their own. And the “stale detail” is even worse in some specialty areas. Some 68% of the time pharma sales rep spend with oncologists and 62% of the time with dermatologists, for instance, is spent on information they’ve already seen.

    The bright side for pharma, however, is that it has an opportunity, Jeff Wray, DRG digital analyst, said in an interview. With the number of sales reps allowed visits to doctors leveling off after years of declines—and doctors indicating a renewed willingness to talk with reps—pharma companies can use sales reps as a bridge between the old (in-person visits) and new (digital information, education and access).

    “It’s critical for pharma to ensure that they are providing a wider variety of content that’s readily available for physicians to find both for their own clinical education and to share with their patients. We see the sales forces as a critical lever to pull in terms of alerting physicians to the contents available and directing them where to find it,” he said. “… Physicians are looking for reps to help connect the dots between what resources the digital marketers can provide and what they already know.”

    Of course, physicians are busier than ever when it comes to in-person meetings, so one way they expressed interest in connecting with representatives was remotely. While only 12% of doctors said they had emailed their rep in the past six months, 36% said they wanted to. Another 9% of physicians use self-detailing remote information programs, but 35% said they’d be interested.

    “The big story is that sales reps are still critical as that first path of information to the physician,” Wray said. “…One thing we’ve been trying to hammer home with clients for years is that reps are not declining and a separate function. They’re continuing to be seen by physicians as critical to their regular information stream.”

    Pharma rep visits? They – re redundant, doctors say in new survey, FiercePharma, pharma rep.#Pharma

    Pharma rep visits? They re redundant, doctors say in new survey

    Pharma rep

    Tell physicians something they don’t know. That’s one of the key messages that came from the ePharma Physicians annual study, in which doctors claimed 51% of the time, sales reps are showing them redundant information during visits.

    The sales rep and physician study, now in its 15th year from DRG Digital’s Manhattan Research, found doctors say reps spend most of their time on material they already have or found on their own. And the “stale detail” is even worse in some specialty areas. Some 68% of the time pharma sales rep spend with oncologists and 62% of the time with dermatologists, for instance, is spent on information they’ve already seen.

    The bright side for pharma, however, is that it has an opportunity, Jeff Wray, DRG digital analyst, said in an interview. With the number of sales reps allowed visits to doctors leveling off after years of declines—and doctors indicating a renewed willingness to talk with reps—pharma companies can use sales reps as a bridge between the old (in-person visits) and new (digital information, education and access).

    “It’s critical for pharma to ensure that they are providing a wider variety of content that’s readily available for physicians to find both for their own clinical education and to share with their patients. We see the sales forces as a critical lever to pull in terms of alerting physicians to the contents available and directing them where to find it,” he said. “… Physicians are looking for reps to help connect the dots between what resources the digital marketers can provide and what they already know.”

    Of course, physicians are busier than ever when it comes to in-person meetings, so one way they expressed interest in connecting with representatives was remotely. While only 12% of doctors said they had emailed their rep in the past six months, 36% said they wanted to. Another 9% of physicians use self-detailing remote information programs, but 35% said they’d be interested.

    “The big story is that sales reps are still critical as that first path of information to the physician,” Wray said. “…One thing we’ve been trying to hammer home with clients for years is that reps are not declining and a separate function. They’re continuing to be seen by physicians as critical to their regular information stream.”

    Cadence Minerals Plc: Macarthur Minerals cleared for exploration in Pilbara, cadence pharma.#Cadence #pharma

    Cadence Minerals: Macarthur Minerals cleared for exploration in Pilbara

    Cadence pharma

    Cadence Minerals Plc (LON:KDNC) has highlighted another boon for its investment in Macarthur Minerals Limited (TSX-V: MMS) which is able to take forward exploration acreage in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

    In a statement, Cadence noted that the Western Australian Minister for Mines and Petroleum will not refuse any of the applications for exploration licences made by Macarthur Lithium Pty Ltd in the Pilbara.

    It added that applications for forfeiture made against each of the company’s 15 iron ore tenements will be withdrawn.

    “We are delighted that, with this Ministerial clearance, Macarthur Minerals can now commence its planned exploration activities on the Pilbara tenements,” said Kiran Morzaria, Cadence chief executive.

    Cadence owns a 15.7% stake in Macarthur.

    Top stories

    Cadence pharma

    Cadence pharma

    Cadence pharma

    Cadence pharma

    Cadence Minerals Plc

    Cadence Minerals Plc Timeline

    Related Articles

    Cadence pharma

    No investment advice

    The Company is a publisher. You understand and agree that no content published on the Site constitutes a recommendation that any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, or investment strategy is suitable or advisable for any specific person. You further understand that none of the information providers or their affiliates will advise you personally concerning the nature, potential, advisability, value or suitability of any particular security, portfolio of securities, transaction, investment strategy, or other matter.

    You understand that the Site may contain opinions from time to time with regard to securities mentioned in other products, including company related products, and that those opinions may be different from those obtained by using another product related to the Company. You understand and agree that contributors may write about securities in which they or their firms have a position, and that they may trade such securities for their own account. In cases where the position is held at the time of publication and such position is known to the Company, appropriate disclosure is made. However, you understand and agree that at the time of any transaction that you make, one or more contributors may have a position in the securities written about. You understand that price and other data is supplied by sources believed to be reliable, that the calculations herein are made using such data, and that neither such data nor such calculations are guaranteed by these sources, the Company, the information providers or any other person or entity, and may not be complete or accurate.

    From time to time, reference may be made in our marketing materials to prior articles and opinions we have published. These references may be selective, may reference only a portion of an article or recommendation, and are likely not to be current. As markets change continuously, previously published information and data may not be current and should not be relied upon.


    Cadence pharma

    Cadence pharma

    Proactive Investors 2017

    Registered in England with Company Registration number 05639690. Group VAT registration number 872070825 FCA Registration number 559082. You can contact us here.

    PCD Pharma Franchise Company In Chandigarh, Innovexia Life Sciences, pharma company.#Pharma #company

    Welcome To Innovexia Life Sciences

    Best PCD Pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh – The Innovexia Life Sciences is Chandigarh based pharma company with the wide spectrum of products ranging from the advanced antibiotics, a range of health care products: Tablets, Capsules, Injectables, Syrups, Protein Powder, Ointments and other Pharma Products. These are manufactured from high-grade chemicals, protein, vitamin, minerals and other material in the accurate composition. The ingredients are procured from faithful vendors to ensure its international quality standard. Each brand is value added for better patient benefits and compliance. We are top PCD pharma franchise company that is offering top pharma franchise in Chandigarh and other top states of India.

    Innovexia Life Sciences Pvt Ltd is one of India’s most respected pharmaceutical companies and is committed to delivering better health through superior products. By combining strategic research and expert industry knowledge, Innovexia aims to transform itself into a global pharmaceutical drug company. So innovexia come in list of top pharma franchise companies of India

    Innovexia Life Sciences is established in the year 2011 and is engaged in manufacturer, supplier, trader and distributor quality assured the range of Pharmaceutical Medicines. Innovexia Life Sciences is best pharma franchise company that markets the wide range of medicines – some of them are life savers, while others improve the quality of life for millions of people. Innovexia Life Sciences is among leading manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical formulations offering a broad gamut of Pharmaceutical Tablets, Capsules, Psychiatry Tablets, and Injections. The people who will drive this organization are picked from the best places and all of them bring in the rich knowledge of the Indian Pharmaceutical market and the best work practices for a great success. So we are top pharma company that is offering PCD Pharma Franchise in Chandigarh

    We are looking for young and dynamic people to join us as business associates and to be part of this growing company. Innovexia continues to maintain a leadership position in the domestic contract manufacturing sphere for the pharmaceutical industry and has made significant inroads in its area of operation. So if you are looking Best pharma franchise company then Innovexia life Sciences is the best option for you.

    Tergus Pharma – Topical development Pharma companies durham, nc and pharma company, pharma blog.#Pharma #blog

    Our Competence

    Pharma blog

    Topical Formulation Development

    Pharma blog

    Manufacturing Facility

    Pharma blog

    IVRT (Franz Diffusion)

    Pharma blog

    Skin Biology

    • Pharma blog

    Pharma blog

  • Pharma blog

    implemented to support various

    aspects of product development

  • Pharma blog

    services allow for a one-stop

    Latest News

    • Vijendra will be a speaker at AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition on Considerations for Commercial Development of a Topical Dermal Product

    (November 12th – 15th, 2017)

  • Dermatology Drug Development Summit

    Upcoming Events

    • 2017 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition

    Nov 12th, 2017

  • AAPS Workshop on Immuno-Oncology Modeling: From Molecular Biology to Clinical Efficacy

    Nov 12th, 2017

  • AAPS Workshop on LBA and LC-MS: Why Incorporate Both for Large Molecule Drug Bioanalysis?

    Ask Experts

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    Come see us at CPhI North America Booth#2737 #cphinorthamerica . See More See Less

    Pfizer and Merck KGaA are officially fourth to market with their checkpoint inhibitor Bavencio (avelumab)—but first with approval to target a rare, aggressive form of skin cancer, Merkel cell carcinoma.

    What a show!! Tremendous response at our booth @AccessibleMeds @GPhA #access17 in Orlando. . See More See Less

    A recent article in JAMA Dermatology looks at the effectiveness of using sunscreen vs. sitting under a beach umbrella. The sunscreen was more effective, but researchers decided that a more holistic approach is needed.–Which-works-better-.html . See More See Less

    If you think you’re safe from the sun while sitting under a beach umbrella for hours, think again. A new study finds you can still get a sunburn. People were better off sitting in full sun with heavy-duty sunscreen on, but that wasn’t perfect either.

  • Aristo Pharma, mankind pharma.#Mankind #pharma

    mankind pharma

    Source: Stockist Secondary Audit IMS – APR MAT’17 Dataset

    Mankind pharma

    Corporate Standing

    Source: Stockist Secondary Audit IMS – APR MAT’17 Dataset

    Mankind pharma

    Brand Power

    Ten brands in top 300 products of Indian Pharma Market

    *Rank in total Indian Pharma Market

    Source : Stockist Secondary Audit IMS – APR’17 Dataset

    Mankind pharma

    Biotech Industry, Biotech News, Biotechnology Articles, ariad pharma.#Ariad #pharma

    ariad pharma

    Certain microRNAs in the saliva of concussion patients could help gauge the severity of concussions and predict the length of concussion symptoms.

    Ariad pharma

    Toxicity knocks Ardelyx s hyperkalemia hopes back to preclinic

    Unexpected side effects have spelled the end for Ardelyx’s drug candidate to treat elevated potassium levels in the blood, which was in phase 3 testing.

    Ariad pharma

    Cytokinetics cans lead drug after phase 3 ALS wipeout

    Cytokinetics canned tirasemtiv after it failed to beat placebo against the primary endpoint or any of the secondary goals in an ALS trial.

    Ariad pharma

    Step Pharma bags cash for CTPS1 autoimmune R D drive

    The $17 million financing equips the lean French biotech to prepare its CTPS1 inhibitors for clinical testing in autoimmune disorders.

    Ariad pharma

    PTK6 blocker could treat or even prevent ER+ breast cancer metastasis

    The enzyme PTK6 could be targeted to quell the growth of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, a common form of the disease.

    Ariad pharma

    Amsterdam beats out Milan to host EMA

    After tying with Milan in a third round of voting, Amsterdam will be the new home of the European Medicines Agency.

    Ariad pharma

    LivaNova to offload Cardiac Rhythm unit for $190M

    LivaNova will sell its Cardiac Rhythm Management business to its joint venture partner, MicroPort Scientific.

    Ariad pharma

    DBV climbs as peanut allergy safety data come in clean

    Shares in DBV rose on the back of the data, going a little way to erasing the big drop it suffered after missing its primary efficacy endpoint.

    Ariad pharma

    Code on Interactions With Health Care Professionals, PhRMA, pharma code.#Pharma #code

    Code on Interactions With Health Care Professionals

    PhRMA February 2, 2017


    The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) represents research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our members develop and market new medicines to enable patients to live longer and healthier lives.

    Ethical relationships with healthcare professionals are critical to our mission of helping patients by developing and marketing new medicines. An important part of achieving this mission is ensuring that healthcare professionals have the latest, most accurate information available regarding prescription medicines, which play an ever-increasing role in patient health care. This document focuses on our interactions with health care professionals that relate to the marketing of our products.

    Appropriate marketing of medicines ensures that patients have access to the products they need and that the products are used correctly for maximum patient benefit. Our relationships with healthcare professionals are critical to achieving these goals because they enable us to:

    • inform healthcare professionals about the benefits and risks of our products to help advance appropriate patient use,
    • provide scientific and educational information,
    • support medical research and education, and
    • obtain feedback and advice about our products through consultation with medical experts.

    In interacting with the medical community, we are committed to following the highest ethical standards as well as all legal requirements. We are also concerned that our interactions with health care professionals not be perceived as inappropriate by patients or the public at large. This Code is to reinforce our intention that our interactions with health care professionals are professional exchanges designed to benefit patients and to enhance the practice of medicine. The Code is based on the principle that a healthcare professional’s care of patients should be based, and should be perceived as being based, solely on each patient’s medical needs and the healthcare professional’s medical knowledge and experience.

    Therefore, PhRMA adopted this updated and enhanced voluntary code on relationships with U.S. health care professionals. This Code reflects and builds upon the standards and principles set forth in its predecessor, the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Health care Professionals that took effect on July 1, 2002. Like the 2002 edition, this Code addresses interactions with respect to marketed products and related pre-launch activities. PhRMA member companies’ relationships with clinical investigators and other individuals and entities as they relate to the clinical research process are addressed in the PhRMA Principles on Conduct of Clinical Trials and Communication of Clinical Trial Results.

    The PhRMA Code on Interactions with Health care Professionals took effect in January 2009.

    Alevian duo gases, dolor y descontrol intestinal – Limpieza Facial, cafe pharma takeda.#Cafe #pharma #takeda

    Alevian duo gases, dolor y descontrol intestinal

    Cafe pharma takeda

    El Alevian duo fármaco de la línea de medicamentos que ayudan a controlar el colon o intestino irritable(SII) y; que cursa con síntomas como: gases, dolor y descontrol intestinal. Así pues, el Alevian duo actúa en tres direcciones, como antiflatulento; antiespasmódico y ayuda a normalizar el tránsito intestinal. Su composición es a base de dos activos, Pinaverio y dimeticona y; no sólo favorece al colon irritable; también otras afecciones como colitis; colopatías y otras alteraciones, como inflamación estomacal, causada frecuentemente por excesos en comida. El fármaco es comercializado por los laboratorios farmacéuticos Altana Pharma S.A, de Nycomed, Takeda y Novartys.

    Cafe pharma takeda

    Tabla de contenidos

    Alevian duo y Colon irritable

    Regula las deposiciones y evita el dolor abdominal

    El síndrome de colon irritable, se caracteriza por ser un síndrome crónico; que aunque desaparezcan sus síntomas, al cabo de cierto tiempo pueden reaparecer.

    Entre los síntomas más recurrentes del mismo son: dolor abdominal; sensación constante de hinchazón o inflamación abdominal, que suele acompañarse con gases y; cambios en la rutina intestinal que suelen representarse con alteraciones en las deposiciones, en forma de diarrea o con estreñimiento.

    Dentro de este cuadro de síntomas, está especialmente indicado el uso del Alevian duo; ya que su fórmula está preparada en función de inhibir los mismos, tal como se refiere en la siguiente sección.

    Composición-Presentación y dosis del Alevian duo

    La composición del Alevian duo, está concentrada en dos ingredientes activos: Pinaverio y Dimeticona, de la siguiente manera; por cada capsula se tiene:

    Bromuro de PINAVERIO

    Es un activo antiespasmolítico que estimula el buen funcionamiento del tracto digestivo que favorece la regulación del tránsito intestinal y; en consecuencia tiene efectividad sobre los casos de Colon Irritable (SII). Su efectividad, evita los dolores abdominales, ya que actúa como relajante muscular de los intestinos.

    El Pinaverio, también trae beneficios sobre pacientes con alteraciones a la secreción biliar y que cursa con enfermedades de la vesícula.

    Este bromuro facilita el proceso de la digestión y acorta el tránsito de las heces en el intestino, ayudando a pacientes con problemas de estreñimiento.


    Este ingrediente dentro de la fórmula del Alevian Duo, tiene un efecto antiflatulento, disminuyendo el dolor abdominal que pueden provocar la circulación de los gases en el estómago. En este caso, se le usa en forma de simeticona, que incorpora una molécula de silicio y tiene propiedades que ayudan a la función digestiva.

    Presentación y dosis

    Cafe pharma takeda

    La Presentación del Alevian Duo, se entrega en forma de Caja de 100mg/300mg con 16; 32 o 64 cápsulas; en cualquiera de las tres empresas, Nycomed, Takeda o Novartys.

    DOSIS. Tomar 1 capsula antes de las comidas; hasta un máximo de 3 veces x día.


    Existe contraindicación sobre aquellas personas que tengan sensibilidad a ambos componentes de la fórmula del Alevian Duo, Pinaverio o Dimeticona. También deben cuidarse reacciones secundarias o adversas por efecto del Pinaverio como: dificultad para tragar; dolor abdominal, rash o picazón. Ante cualquiera de estos síntomas, suspender el producto y consultar con su médico.

    Una idea sobre Alevian duo gases, dolor y descontrol intestinal


    ConocoPhillips Stock Is Outperforming Crude Oil Prices – Market Realist, ono pharma.#Ono #pharma

    ConocoPhillips Stock Is Outperforming Crude Oil Prices

    For the week ending June 23, crude oil (USO) prices continued their weekly declining trend. Crude oil prices fell from $44.97 per barrel to $43.01 per barrel, a decrease of

    4%. This fall was the fifth consecutive weekly decline for crude oil prices. Natural gas (UNG) prices were also down

    Ono pharma

    Interested in COP? Don’t miss the next report.

    Receive e-mail alerts for new research on COP

    Success! You are now receiving e-mail alerts for new research. A temporary password for your new Market Realist account has been sent to your e-mail address.

    Success! has been added to your Ticker Alerts.

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    Despite weaker crude oil (USO) prices, ConocoPhillips (COP) outperformed crude oil and natural gas prices. The COP stock price fell

    4% from $46.53 to $44.83. On Monday, failing to capitalize on last week’s gains, COP’s stock started the week on a negative note. A strong gap down on Tuesday made things worse for COP. Subsequently, on Wednesday and Thursday, COP stock closed down, followed by flat price action on Friday.


    Due to a decline in crude oil and natural gas prices last week, the Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLE) underperformed the S P 500 ETF (SPY). SPY was almost flat, whereas XLE was down close to 3% last week. COP’s peers Marathon Oil (MRO) and Devon Energy (DVN) fell

    4%, respectively, last week. Just like ConocoPhillips, DVN has operations in US resource plays. XLE invests at least 95% of its total assets in oil and gas companies.

    In the next part of this series, we’ll take a look at COP’s implied volatility.

    Welcome to Pulse Pharmaceuticals, mankind pharma.#Mankind #pharma

    mankind pharma

    Mankind pharma Mankind pharma

    Pulse Pharmaceuticals is the interpretation of a dream shared by some highly committed and professionally skilled persons. It came into existence in January 1997. A team of devoted professionals having vast experience of marketing specialized products is behind this project.

    We take our customers and patrons as our partners. We have a fully functional customer services department which is always striving to focus customers’ needs and queries. We are regularly providing services for continuous medical education and up gradation to health care professionals at individual and collective levels.

    Pulse is a well-recognized name in the medical community and has a strong sales presence in Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastro-enterology, Orthopedics, Peadiatrics, Psychiatry, and Microbiology.

    Welcome to Pulse Pharmaceuticals

    Pulse Pharmaceuticals’ mission is to produce and market effective, safe and quality medicines to improve the health and quality of life of mankind.

    · Our major objective is to provide our people the products with better prospects at affordable prices.

    · We are determined to produce and market more and more of specialized and high-tech products.

    Mankind pharma

    Mankind pharma

    designed @ dk systems

    Mankind pharma Mankind pharma Mankind pharma Mankind pharma Mankind pharma Mankind pharma Mankind pharma Mankind pharma Mankind pharma Mankind pharmaMankind pharma

    Mankind pharma

    Careers – The Torrent Culture, pharma code.#Pharma #code

    pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    Pharma code

    At Torrent Pharma, its people are its greatest strength and they are the reason for its success. The combined efforts of its people have helped the company in accomplishing several goals.

    As an organization, Torrent consists of people having diverse background and culture. Each member has different upbringing that influences his or her views, opinions, preferences, prejudices, beliefs, etc. This diversity is the strength of Torrent that is harnessed by the core values, which the company is constantly striving to build on. This brings in a synergy within diversity and foster unity among the employees. The organization is often addressed as Torrent Parivaar, which reflects the bonding amongst the employees.

    Torrent appreciates talent with zeal and enthusiasm. It believes in maintaining synergy between the wisdom and knowledge of experienced professionals and fresh ideas of young talent. Through the campus recruitment system, the company welcomes graduates from various esteemed institutes of the country.

    Torrent nurtures talent and creates leaders. Inspiring work culture, competitive rewards and people-first approach enables the employees to realize their true potential. It has followed the tradition of rewarding employees who have put in exemplary performance. ‘The Torrentian Award’ and the ‘Star Award’ identifies the best employees across the Group and rewards them for their contribution towards achieving the organizational goals.

    The company motivates individuals to accept increased responsibilities and fosters the spirit of teamwork among them. Events like the Founder’s Day, Republic Day and Independence Day are celebrated with great enthusiasm where employees across the Group interact and get to know each other better. Torrent takes several initiatives to help employees maintain a work life balance, thereby enabling them to excel in every phase of life.

    The company follows best HR practices and possesses an open performance evaluation system. Aptitude and intellect development through participative decision making at all the level is encouraged at the organization.

    Digital Pharma West, About, west pharma.#West #pharma

    Thank you very much for your interest in the Digital Pharma West conference!

    We’d like to thank our fantastic faculty, sponsors, media partners and attendees for being a part of our 2017 event. We are already at work on 2018’s show, so keep watching this space for updates.

    For information on speaking opportunities, please contact Warren Drysdale at [email protected] or 917-258-5162.

    For information on sponsorship or exhibition opportunities, please contact Jayson Mercado at [email protected] or 212-400-6236.

    Video Highlights

    2017 Leading International Expert Speakers

    West pharma

    Lucy Abreu

    West pharma

    Ashley Boelens

    West pharma

    Jennifer Burnham

    West pharma

    Tom Cannell

    West pharma

    Matias Coo

    West pharma

    Eric Doherty

    West pharma

    Zoe Dunn

    West pharma

    Natalia Forsyth

    West pharma

    Dan Gandor

    West pharma

    Robert Gargiulo

    West pharma

    Esi Glakpe

    West pharma

    Anna Haas Bauman

    West pharma

    Lance Hill

    West pharma

    Ashish Jajoo

    West pharma

    Molly James-Lundak

    West pharma

    Nicole Mowad-Nassar

    West pharma

    Paul Murasko

    West pharma

    Sachin Nanavati

    West pharma

    Gizem Ozbay

    West pharma

    Mike Padilla

    West pharma

    Viru Parlikar

    West pharma

    Amanda Phraner

    West pharma

    Igor Rudychev

    West pharma

    John Vieira

    West pharma

    Jaime Vignali

    Why 8th Digital Pharma West Is the Number-One Provider of Content, Innovation and Practical Insights on the West Coast.

    For 2017, we have spent a great deal of time conducting research and recruiting speakers from organizations of ALL sizes.

    We’ve found that, regardless of their company size, life science marketers struggle with how to effectively, efficiently and compliantly deliver an optimal customer experience. However, certain challenges are universal. At Digital Pharma West, we will explore these themes, delve into relevant questions and provide solutions to help overcome obstacles in your everyday business.

    Prepare for tomorrow and attend Digital Pharma West to discuss these thought-provoking topics.


    • Balance the digitally enabled customer’s experience and drive ways to engage them
    • Enable digital transparency and provide a service across the customer chain
    • Adjust the way we relate to customers through emergent technologies, like nanotech, 3D printers, AI and more
    • Overcome privacy, MLR and the “creepiness” factor in online advertising and targeting
    • Realize the vast data being accumulated and leverage it for direct marketing
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of “all eggs in the digital basket”


    • Define the key guiding principles for creating a winning omnichannel user experience (UX) that is driven by customer needs and expectations
    • Explore the design elements of UX that impact ROI
      • Where should you place your logo or CTA buttons on your digital channels?
      • Should you optimize your color palette and fonts for the digital space?
    • Develop a seamless omnichannel customer journey that accounts for the average user’s shortened attention span and tendency to use multiple devices interchangeably
    • Examine examples and trends to see how good UX can improve your ROI
    • Identify how you can measure UX and what tools are available


    • Assess the challenges of digital adoption
    • Craft a strategic vision that aligns with and enhances business goals
    • Establish what it takes to win in the organizational space
    • Determine whether to work from top to bottom or vice versa
    • Gauge what is involved from the brands to the platforms
    • Build capabilities and allocate resources


    • Identify the key challenges of sharing content in a heavily regulated industry
    • Review how digital content marketing has impacted the life sciences
    • Navigate decoupling and its benefits
    • Discuss the role of repurposed content in digital content marketing

    Just a reminder to register early, as this event will sell out!

    Who Attends

    This conference is designed for professionals from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical and medical device industries whose responsibilities include:

    Mobility Feature in CRM 2016 – Task Based Experience, crm for pharma.#Crm #for #pharma

    Mobility Feature in CRM 2016 Task Based Experience

    This Blog post tells users about one of the Mobile features in CRM 2016.

    Task Based Experience enables users to focus on tasks and not on records. So data from multiple entities are brought together as a single user experience. Here user do not have to navigate on multiple entities for performing a single task.


    Under System Settings first user will have to enable this feature.

    Crm for pharma


    So, by default users can perform three basic tasks:

    1. After Meeting
    2. Make Contact on Opportunity
    3. Update Contact

    Whereas if user wants some customized Business Process Flow to be enabled as Task on Mobiles, that can be done by using Task Based Experience feature in CRM 2016.

    On Mobiles this feature can be used by icon which is present on bottom left hand side as shown below.

    Crm for pharma

    Let’s see how the default tasks can be used on mobile.

    After Meeting enables users to edit the list of existing appointments or to create a new appointment.

    For an example the below screenshots shows how to update the existing appointment.

    Crm for pharmaCrm for pharma

    2. Make Contact on Opportunity

    As the name suggests, this task enable users to update the contact details on existing opportunity list or to create a new opportunity and then add contact details on the newly created opportunity.

    So, in the screenshot given below, user can update the contact details on the opportunity that was selected.

    Crm for pharma

    Update Contact enable users to edit the contact details that are listed or to simply create a new contact record.

    Example: Here user can select a contact record and simply update the record.

    Crm for pharmaCrm for pharma

    Whereas if a user wants to have a separate Task to be enabled for mobile that can be done by creating a Business Process Flow in CRM 2016.

    So let’s say if we want to create a Task for ‘Service Case’ on Case Entity.

    Crm for pharma

    Step 2: Add Label, Source and Field Values.

    Crm for pharma

    Crm for pharma

    Once the Process is ready, save and activate the process.

    User when clicks on icon, here they can see one new task ‘Service Case’ apart from the default tasks that were mentioned earlier.

    Crm for pharmaCrm for pharma

    Now user can create a case from the enabled process on Case Entity.

    Crm for pharmaCrm for pharma

    Note: Task based experiences will be available on phones and tablets as a preview feature for Dynamics CRM Online 2016 customers


    So with task based experience feature in CRM 2016, user can perform tasks from one single point instead of navigating to multiple entities.

    Hi tech pharma, hi tech pharma.#Hi #tech #pharma

    hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    – Down on the Farm – The Impact of Nano-Scale Technologies on Food and Agriculture

    Hi tech pharma

    – Engines of Creation – Molecular Engineering: An Approach to the Development of General Capabilities for.

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    – Millennium Take-Out of The Planet – Video Evidence Proving That We Are in A Simulated Reality, The.

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    – Nanotechnology – The Future is Coming Sooner Than You Think

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    – Spider Silk – Air Force Radar Chaff Farmed from The Milk of Transgenic Goats – Infrared Sensors/Infrared.

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    – The Global Technology Revolution – Bio/Nano/Materials Trends and Their Synergies with Information.

    – Tiny Troubles – Nanoparticles are Changing Everything From our Sunscreen to our Supplements

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    – Virus-Built Electronics – Assembling Nanomaterials With the Help of Innocuous Viruses

    Hi tech pharma

    Infinity pharma, infinity pharma.#Infinity #pharma

    infinity pharma

    • Infinity pharma

    Lighthouse with the resort

  • Infinity pharma

    Adjacent Patar Beach

  • Infinity pharma

  • Infinity pharma

    Treasures’ bridge and restaurant

  • Infinity pharma

    Infinity Pool and open cottage

  • Infinity pharma

    West Philippines Sea

  • Infinity pharma

  • Infinity pharma

    Treasures’ Dragon by the Sea

  • Infinity pharma

    Central Pool and poolside Bar & Restaurant

    Infinity pharma

    Beach front

    Walk out of the resort directly onto Patar Beach.

    Central Pool & Infinity Pool

    Central Pool has Kiddie Area, Infinity Pool is next to the sea.

    Poolside Bar & Restaurant

    Order breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack next to Central Pool.

    Billiard & Volleyball

    All pastimes are free for checked-in guest.

    Free WiFi @ lobby.

    Infinity pharma

    Welcome to Treasures of Bolinao

    Treasures of Bolinao Beach Resort derived its name from the site of the main house which is sitting in the coral surrounded by the tranquility of nature. It is located in the heart of Cape Bolinao white beach, and the very first one in Bolinao that was accredited by Department of Tourism.

    Treasures is overlooking the seemingly boundless China Sea. The water is so clean as you can see the crystal clear water with a rejuvenating power. Just behind the resort is the towering Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. On the left is the beach and in the background the rolling hills endowed with various fauna and flora. On the right the various sculpture like monuments of rock formations. All these locations are facing west so everyone can see the colors of the sunset.


    Infinity pharma

    Coconut cottages

    Infinity pharma

    Villa – Family Rooms

    Infinity pharma

    6 Suites, 4 Jr. Suites, 1 VIP room

    Maharlika Building

    Latest development

    Infinity pharma

    6 Standard Rooms, 1 Jr. Suite, 1 Suite.

    New Villa

    Infinity pharma

    2 Standard, 5 Deluxe, 5 Deluxe, 4 VIP Rooms.

    Main House Ocean View

    Infinity pharma

  • Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Share Price: Live NSE, hi tech pharma.#Hi #tech #pharma

    Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd.




    Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd is an international specialty pharma company. The company manufactures and markets pharmaceutical formulations as branded generics as well as generics in India the United States and several other markets across the world. The company’s business is divided into four segments: Indian Branded Generics US Generics International Branded Generics (ROW) and Active Pharma. More

    Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd – Financial Results

    Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd – SHAREHOLDING PATTERN

    Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd – RETURNS

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Hi tech pharma

    Browse STOCK Companies

    Quick Links for Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries:

    Corporate Action



    Annual Report

    Peer Comparison


    Quick Links
    Stock Market Live
    Commodity Market
    Upcoming IPO
    Personal Finance
    Stock Market News
    Mutual Funds
    Gold Price
    Browse STOCK Companies
    Browse Mutual Funds
    Index Stocks


    Hi tech pharma

    Copyrights © 2017 Business Standard Private Ltd. All rights reserved.

    From BS Website

    About us

    Support Contact


    BS Products

    Budget 2017

    Connect with BS

    Hi tech pharma

    Upgrade To Premium Services

    Business Standard is happy to inform you of the launch of “Business Standard Premium Services”

    As a premium subscriber you get an across device unfettered access to a range of services which include:

    Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc, spectrum pharma.#Spectrum #pharma

    spectrum pharma

    Spectrum pharma

    Our Commitment to Patients

    Spectrum’s core mission is to bring pharmaceutical products to patients for unmet medical needs. To this mission, we bring our years of drug development expertise, coupled with the insight of working in many different oncology indications. Learn more >

    Spectrum pharma

    Our Products

    Spectrum and its subsidiaries have six marketed oncology/hematology products, three for different types of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, one for advanced metastatic colorectal cancer, one for a certain type of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and one for multiple myeloma. There are two products in late-stage development, as well as a broad and diversified portfolio of proprietary drugs in various stages of development, all with a focus on oncology and hematology. Learn more >

    Spectrum pharma

    Company Highlights

    Wednesday November 8, 2017

    Thursday November 2, 2017

    Monday October 30, 2017

    Spectrum pharma

    Expanding Patient Options

    Our passion to deliver additional options for patients suffering from cancer is behind every action we take.

    We will work to understand their needs and develop new and innovative therapies that offer hope for improved disease outcomes. Learn more about the Spectrum philosophy.

    Spectrum pharma

    Our Company

    Product Portfolio

    Investor Relations

    Patient Assistance (STAR)

    Medical Professionals


    Contact Us

    Spectrum pharma

    This Web site contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, and in reliance upon the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements are based on the beliefs of the Company’s management as well as assumptions made by and information currently available to the Company’s management. Readers should not put undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties, some of which cannot be predicted or quantified. Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’s actual results may differ materially from the results projected in the forward-looking statements. Factors that might cause such a difference include, but are not limited to, those discussed in the Company’s most recent Form 10-K and 10-Qs. We do not plan to update any such forward-looking statements and expressly disclaim any duty to update the information contained in this filing except as required by law.

    Spectrum pharma

    Buried in OTC remedies? That – s the pitch in Allergan and Ironwood’s new Linzess

    Buried in OTC remedies? That s the pitch in Allergan and Ironwood’s new Linzess ads

    Ironwood pharma

    Allergan and Ironwood have introduced a new campaign for Linzess that points out the difficulty of managing too many OTC constipation treatments such as laxatives, fiber and probiotics. Computer-generated images of bottles and boxes of OTC treatments literally pile on top of people in the TV ads.

    The new work switches out the well-received Linzess “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” work, which featured visually engaging, stop-motion TV commercials. It was the only DTC pharma advertising to win an Effie Award this year and ranked in the Sweet 16 of FiercePharma’s DTC March Madness contest.

    The new “Wearing on You” campaign acknowledges the many OTC treatments, diet changes and other remedies people try when fighting stomach pain and constipation. If those aren’t working, the ads suggest, the condition may be chronic and require a prescription treatment.

    “It brings the point forward that what they are doing really isn’t managing (their condition),” says Sharon DeBacco, VP of product promotion and communication at Ironwood Pharmaceuticals.

    “They tend to think they are managing quite well,” she says, “but when they actually step back and are presented with everything that they are literally doing, it causes them a moment of pause. And generally elicits a response such as ‘Wow, maybe I really do need to talk to my doctor.’”

    The new work will continue to target men and women dissatisfied with managing their belly pain and constipation with OTC treatments, said Aimee Lenar, VP of gastroenterology marketing at Allergan.

    This is the first time the partners have introduced new creative for Linzess in the same year, Lenar said. Previously, they had run the same work in spring and fall, which are busier times for the IBS prescription market. Along with two TV ads, the new campaign will include print, digital and point-of-care marketing.

    Linzess’ competition includes Takeda’s Amitiza and the newer Synergy Pharmaceuticals chronic idiopathic constipation treatment Trulance, approved in January. Trulance is currently under FDA review for an additional indication for IBS-C, but Synergy was dealt a blow this summer when ExpressScripts snubbed the drug on its preferred formulary list for 2018.

    Evaluate pharma, evaluate pharma.#Evaluate #pharma

    Ministry of Health Dubai UAE

    Who’s Online

    Latest News

    News Choices from NHS, UK

    Evaluate pharma

    Do you know that you have to monitor and record the temperature of the Pharmaceutical refrigerator(s) twice daily?

    Supported by

    Evaluate pharma

    Evaluate pharma

    Evaluate pharma

    Evaluate pharma

    Evaluate pharma

    Evaluate pharma Evaluate pharma

    A New Era in Pharmacy Education, Join Hands to Help the Community


    I am pleased to welcome all visitors to the pharmaceutical Continuous Professional Development project, targeted to pharmacists and pharmacy assistants in the State of United Arab Emirates. The Site provides information and news of scientific, medical and professional of relation, in addition to the announcements of the scientific activities and trainings. It is also a link to the related sites, e-learning services and more.

    Asst. Undersecretary for Public Health Policy & Licensing


    We all know that the content of education acquired in the two phases before and after graduation is rapidly decreasing with every day advance of information and technology. Hence, continued education & professional development is one of the most important requirements of modern health care practice and an urgent need to stay connected with scientific developments. It is important to know that ‘Continuing Medical Education’ CME is one of the pillars of the Continuing Professional Development CPD, which is more general and comprehensive.

    Evaluate pharma

    Evaluate pharma

    Evaluate pharma

    Antibacterial spectrum, definition of antibacterial spectrum by Medical dictionary, spectrum pharma.#Spectrum #pharma


    spec trum

    spec trums


    spec trum


    absorption spectrum The curve representing the relative absorption of a pigment or chemical substance as a function of the wavelength of light. Example: the absorption spectrum of rhodopsin. Syn. absorbance spectrum.

    action spectrum A graphical representation of the relative energy necessary to produce a constant biological effect. Example: frequency of action potentials in a ganglion cell as a function of wavelength.

    continuous spectrum A spectrum in which, over a considerable range, all wavelengths exist without any abrupt variation in intensity. Example: the spectrum of hot solids. See filament lamp.

    electromagnetic spectrum The total range of all electromagnetic waves. It extends from the longest radio waves of some thousands of metres in wavelength through radar, microwave, infrared rays, visible rays (between wavelengths 780nm and 380nm) to ultraviolet rays, X-rays, gamma rays and cosmic rays with wavelengths as short as 8 10 12 mm. All these electromagnetic waves differ only in frequency (and wavelength) but have the same speed as light in a vacuum.

    equal energy spectrum Spectrum in which all wavelengths have about the same amount of energy. See achromatic; white light.

    invisible spectrum The portions of the entire electromagnetic spectrum that are made up of radiations other than those of the visible spectrum.

    line spectrum Spectrum consisting of a series of discrete monochromatic lines (or narrow bands of monochromatic light) with large intensity differences and separated by intervals without radiations. Example: the spectrum emitted by an electric discharge through a gas or vapour under low pressure.

    spectrum locus The representation of the spectral colour stimuli on a chromaticity diagram.

    solar spectrum The spectrum formed by sunlight. It is crossed at intervals by Fraunhofer’s lines.

    visible spectrum The portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be perceived by the visual system. It is composed of radiations of wavelengths in the range between 380nm and 780nm in younger eyes. This range decreases with age especially due to lens absorption of short wavelengths becoming closer to 420nm than 380nm. See light.

    Allergan: Is Linzess Restasis 2, ironwood pharma.#Ironwood #pharma

    ironwood pharma

    Allergan: Is Linzess Restasis 2.0 ?

    Oct. 23, 2017 5:43 AM • agn

    • AGN, IRWD and Forest Labs sued TEVA for infringing upon a Linzess patent. Patent ‘371 was only approved in July 2017.
    • AGN sued TEVA and MYL in 2016 for moving too quickly to offer generic Linzess.
    • This patent battled mirrors the tactics of AGN in its defense of Restasis against generics rivals.
    • Linzess is 5% of AGN’s sales. A patent loss could be devastating.
    • Patent ‘371 could protect Linzess, yet add to AGN’s PR nightmare.

    Ironwood pharmaOral Linzess. Source: WebMD

    Friday Allergan (AGN) Forest Laboratories and Ironwood Pharmaceuticals (IRWD) accused Teva (TEVA) of infringing upon a patent for Linzess, which treats irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (“IBS-C”) and chronic idiopathic constipation (“CIC”):

    The complaint, filed by Forest Laboratories, Allergan USA Inc. and Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Inc. in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, accuses Teva of infringing a 10 patent for Linzess, which is used to treat irritable bowel syndrome with constipation and chronic idiopathic constipation. Last year, the companies sued Teva and a contingent of other pharmaceutical firms for trying to bring their generics to the market.

    In Friday’s complaint, the plaintiffs said the 2016 abbreviated new drug application Teva filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration identified nine patents as invalid and unenforceable, but made no mention of the so-called ’371 patent at the heart of the new lawsuit.

    According to the plaintiffs Teva only recently amended its abbreviated new drug application (“ANDA”) to include allegations that claims of the ‘371 patent are invalid, unenforceable and/or will not be infringed upon by Teva’s generic Linzess. If Teva manufactures or sells generic Linzess in the U.S. it would allegedly infringe on the ‘371 patent.

    Linzess speeds up the movement of food through the stomach by increasing fluid in a person’s intestines. Gastrointestinal disorders (“GI”) include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) – a disorder of the intestine that affects 20 to 60 million people in the U.S. IBS is the most common disorder diagnosed by gastroenterologists and accounts for over 10% of visits to primary care physicians.

    Linzess is co-promoted in the U.S. by Ironwood and Forest Labs, and sold by Allergan. It received FDA approval in 2012 for the treatment of IBS-C and CIC. In Q4 2016 Allergan sued Mylan (MYL) and Teva for attempting to offer generics before Linzess’s patents had expired:

    Allergan USA Inc. hit four generic-drug makers with a suit Wednesday in Delaware federal court accusing them of jumping the gun on producing a generic version of its irritable bowel syndrome treatment Linzess.

    In the suit filed on Wednesday, Allergan said Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc., Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., Sandoz Inc. and Aurobindo Pharma Ltd. rushed to apply to make generic Linzess capsules, which are prescribed to relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation, before the drug’s patents expire.

    In July 2017 the ‘371 patent titled, “Treatment for Gastrointestinal Disorders,” was issued. Ironwood owns the patent and Forest Labs has an exclusive license to commercialize pharmaceutical products containing glinaclotide. Below is an abstract of the ‘371 patent:

    The present invention features peptides compositions, and related methods for treating gastrointestinal disorders and conditions, including but not limited to, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gastrointestinal motility disorders, functional gastrointestinal disorders, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), duodenogastric reflux, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, functional heartburn, dyspepsia, visceral pain, gastroparesis, chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (or colonic pseudo-obstruction), disorders and conditions associated with constipation, and other conditions and disorders are described herein, using peptides and other agents that activate the guanylate cyclase C (GC-C) receptor.

    By extending the patents for Linzess, Ironwood and Forest Labs might have successfully thwarted Teva’s patent challenge.

    Allergan has been in the spotlight over the past six weeks for its unusual defense of Restasis against threats from Mylan and Teva. Restasis is used to treat dry eye, amongst other things. Restasis received FDA approval in 2003. One of the patents on the drug’s active ingredients was set to expire in 2014. Allergan obtained additional patents extending its protections to 2024. When rivals attempted to launch a generic version of the drug Allergan sued for patent infringement. However, rivals saw the suit as an attempt to extend Restasis’s exclusivity.

    In 2016 Allergan complained that generics rivals were breaching nine patents pursuant to Linzess. While Linzess was only approved in the U.S. five year ago, some of the its underlying patents have been around much longer. For instance, patent 7,304,036 was filed in 2004 and published in 2007; patent 7,371,727 was filed in 2004 and published in 2008.

    At issue in the current suit is Teva’s breach of patent ‘371 which was only approved in July. In my opinion, the timing of its approval seems prescient. Just as Teva was potentially able to identify Linzess’s other nine patents as invalid and unenforceable, the plaintiffs got another patent approved, potentially extending Linzess’s exclusivity. The scenario sounds similar to Allergan’s defense of its Restasis patents against generic rivals.

    Linzess is of heightened importance to Allergan. The drug is marketed internationally as “Constella.” Combined, Linzess / Constella generated Q2 revenue of $173 million, or 4% of the company’s total $4.0 billion in revenue.

    Ironwood pharmaIt is Allergan’s third best-selling drug behind Botox (20% of revenue) and Restasis (9% of revenue). Revenue from Linzess / Costella was up 12% Y/Y. This is important as Allergan’s growth is dead, having generated Q2 organic growth of about 1%.

    Linzess is sizeable and it represents a key growth engine for Allergan. Judge William Bryson recently invalidated the Restasis patents in a federal court case. If Allergan loses an upcoming inter partes review could pave the way for generic Restasis. Any hit to another large revenue-producing drug could be devastating Allergan, particularly given the company’s $30 billion debt load.

    Patent ‘371 could help Ironwood, Forest Labs and Allergan extend exclusivity for Linzess. It could put the spotlight back on Allergan, whose unconventional defense of its Restasis patents has turned into a public relations nightmare. However, it could help keep Allergan’s revenue and cash flow from Linzess intact for a few more years. I currently rate AGN a sell due to risks of generic Restasis entering the market in 2018 or 2019. I rate Teva a sell due to the arrival of a generic version of its top-selling multiple sclerosis drug, Copaxone.

    Disclosure: I am/we are short TEVA, AGN.

    I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

    ALANTAN PLUS Krem alantoina D-pantenol 35g, sciele pharma.#Sciele #pharma

    sciele pharma

    100 g preparatu zawiera

    Krem: olej parafinowy, lanolina bezwodna, Polawax NF (alkohol cetostearylowy i polioksyetylenowany (20) monostearynian sorbitanu), glikol propylenowy, alkohol cetostearylowy, hydroksybenzoesan etylu (Aseptina A), hydroksybenzoesan metylu (Aseptina M), hydroksybenzoesan propylu (Aseptina P), woda oczyszczona.

    MaЕ›Д‡: olej parafinowy, lanolina bezwodna, wazelina biaЕ‚a, glikol propylenowy, hydroksybenzoesan etylu (Aseptina A), woda oczyszczona.

    DziaЕ‚anie preparatu wynika z obecnoЕ›ci dw ch skЕ‚adnik w: alantoiny i D-pantenolu.

    Alantoina wywiera dziaЕ‚anie przeciwzapalne, Е›ciД…gajД…ce, Е‚agodzД…ce, keratolityczne oraz pobudzajД…ce ziarninowanie nask rka.

    D-pantenol reguluje gospodarkД™ wodnД… sk ry nadajД…c jej jД™drnoЕ›Д‡ i elastycznoЕ›Д‡.

    Leczenie r Ејnego rodzaju ran, jak: otarcia, niewielkie skaleczenia i pД™kniД™cia,

    Leczenie oparzeЕ„ sЕ‚onecznych oraz po radioterapii i fototerapii,

    PielД™gnacja sutk w w trakcie karmienia piersiД…,

    Zapobieganie odparzeniom u niemowlД…t,

    PielД™gnacja sk ry podraЕјnionej i wysuszonej,

    Nadmierne rogowacenie sk ry dЕ‚oni i st p,

    WspomagajД…co w atopowym zapaleniu sk ry, wyprysku alergicznym, zapaleniu bЕ‚ony Е›luzowej nosa i owrzodzeniach podudzi,

    Preparat jest skuteczny w terapii skojarzonej z kortykosterydami w wielu dermatozach zapalnych.

    NadwraЕјliwoЕ›Д‡ na skЕ‚adniki preparatu.

    W przypadku wystąpienia jakichkolwiek objaw w nadwrażliwości, zaczerwienienia, uczucia swędzenia należy przerwać leczenie i zasięgnąć porady lekarza.

    Nie stosować do oczu.

    W razie przypadkowego połknięcia należy natychmiast zasięgnąć porady lekarza i zastosować leczenie objawowe.

    Stosowanie leku podczas ciД…Ејy i karmienia piersiД…

    Brak doniesieЕ„ na temat negatywnych skutk w stosowania leku podczas ciД…Ејy i w okresie karmienia piersiД….

    WpЕ‚yw leku na zdolnoЕ›Д‡ kierowania pojazdami mechanicznymi, obsЕ‚ugД™ maszyn i sprawnoЕ›Д‡ psychofizycznД…

    Nie stwierdzono niekorzystnego wpЕ‚ywu na zdolnoЕ›Д‡ kierowania pojazdami mechanicznymi, obsЕ‚ugД™ maszyn i sprawnoЕ›Д‡ psychofizycznД….

    OddziaЕ‚ywanie z innymi lekami (interakcje)

    Nie stwierdzono oddziaЕ‚ywania pomiД™dzy alantoinД… i D-pantenolem a skЕ‚adnikami podЕ‚oЕјa lub innymi lekami stosowanymi miejscowo na sk rД™.

    Miejsca chorobowo zmienione należy smarować kilka razy dziennie.

    W przypadku pielęgnacji niemowląt stosować po każdej zmianie pieluchy.

    Przedawkowanie i spos b postД™powania przy przedawkowaniu

    W przypadku stosowania miejscowego przedawkowanie jest praktycznie niemoЕјliwe.

    Nie stwierdzono przy zachowaniu wskazaЕ„ do stosowania.

    Przechowywać w suchych i przewiewnych pomieszczeniach, w temperaturze pokojowej tj. 15 C do 25 C

    Lek przechowywać w miejscu niedostępnym dla dzieci.

    GILD: Dividend Date – History for Gilead Sciences, cerulean pharma.#Cerulean #pharma

    cerulean pharma

    Cerulean pharma

    General Electric Leads 140 Stocks Going Ex-Dividend This Week

    There are 140 stocks going ex-dividend this week starting Monday, Sep 11. For income investors.

    The Market Glance for July 24: Fed, GDP and Earnings Headline Active Week in the Market

    A trifecta of earnings, data and monetary policy will make its way through the financial markets.

    AbbVie: A “Young” Pharma Exposure?

    Although AbbVie Inc. (ABBV ) was separated from Abbott Laboratories (ABT ) in 2013, its legacy of.

    Cerulean pharma

    The Coca-Cola Company leads 150 Stocks Going Ex-Dividend This Week

    There are 150 stocks going ex-dividend this week starting Monday, June 12. For income investors.

    Cerulean pharma

    Best Dividend Capture Stocks for June

    It’s no secret that dividends are a great way to boost your overall income. The only problem is.

    Why Single Digit Earnings Growth Estimates Are Good for Dividend Stocks?

    The general market convention suggests that the higher the estimated earnings growth the better.

    Cerulean pharma

    10 Companies That Are Likely to Be Dividend Aristocrats by 2050

    Income investors love dividends, and for good reason. Over time, dividend payments have proven to.

    Cerulean pharma

    Different Types of Stock-Voting Structures

    Prudent investors are interested in learning about the different types of stock -voting.

    Cerulean pharma

    Why the Price to Dividend Per Share Ratio Is Better Than the P/E Ratio

    When smart investors go looking for stocks, they do not focus on the price of the stock. A stock.

    Cerulean pharma

    What Is the Debt Ceiling?

    The debt ceiling has been a recurring debate within U.S. politics since the financial crisis.

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    Creating a properly diversified portfolio can be a difficult proposition, especially when.

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    Low Volatility ETF List

    Low Volatility ETFs invest in securities with low volatility characteristics. These funds tend to have relatively stable share prices, and higher than average yields.

    Cerulean pharma

    10 ETFs for Risk Reduction in Your Portfolio

    Investors who suspect that the stock market may be about to decline can take action to reduce the.

    Today s Stock Market News and Analysis, millenium pharma.#Millenium #pharma

    Today’s Stock Market News Analysis

    Millenium pharma

    How the Modern Consumer is Driving Your Supermarket’s Digital Tipping Point

    Arguably the most traditional consumer industry in existence, grocery stores have remained largely unchanged for decades.

    Latest News Videos

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    Stay ahead of the markets with these must-read articles

    Stock Market Today

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    Disney: Then Again, Maybe Streaming Isn’t a Such a Bad Idea After All

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    Woman charged in killing of Bucks pharma exec, king pharma.#King #pharma

    Woman charged in killing of Bucks pharma exec

    Popular Stories

    King pharma

    Woman pays back act of kindness by homeless man in Philly to the tune of $32,000

    King pharma

    Camaro Rob’s killing leaves a hole in many hearts this Thanksgiving

    King pharma

    @JoeSlobo | Mail icon

    King pharma

    Email Twitter icon

    Joseph A. Slobodzian

    Staff Writer

    Joseph A. Slobodzian has been a reporter for the Inquirer since 1982 and has covered a variety of beats, including the New Jersey Statehouse and state government, federal courts and agencies, and, since 2008, Philadelphia’s criminal justice system.

    More by Joseph A. Slobodzian

    Ex-Drexel neurologist pleads guilty to sex assaults, gets probation

    That Meek Mill bail hearing? Scheduled by mistake, court officials say

    Meek Mill’s lawyers file another motion to reduce prison sentence

    He was 64, divorced 11 years, with two adult children and two grandchildren; balding, bespectacled, and wearing a close-cut salt-and-pepper beard. A district sales manager for Chicago pharmaceutical giant AbbVie, he owned a four-bedroom house backing onto the Delaware River at Washington Crossing, loved jet skiing, motorcycling, and socializing.

    She was 33, a tattoed 5-foot-11 strawberry blonde who worked as a motorcycle mechanic and was a sometime dancer in the hospitality industry. She lived in various towns in Bucks County and New Jersey, had two minor drug convictions and a string of cases involving careless driving or driving under the influence.

    About four years ago, Michael D. McNew met Jennifer Lynn Morrissey socializing, and a relationship was sparked. By January 2015, authorities say, she had moved herself into his home.

    King pharma King pharmaFacebook

    The relationship didn t last long. On Friday authorities in Bucks County alleged that Morrissey shot McNew in the face on Aug. 6 after a quarrel in which he told her he was putting her stuff in storage and ordered her never to return to the house.

    In a news conference in Doylestown, Bucks County District Attorney Matthew D. Weintraub said that Morrissey had been under investigation for weeks but that this case took a while for us to develop. We could have locked her up prior to this, but we had to connect all those dots to link Ms. Morrissey to the murder of Mr. McNew.

    In fact, Morrissey was locked up on Aug. 25, for violating the terms of her probation for her guilty plea to a 2015 motor-vehicle accident in which she hit and injured a bicyclist. Three days after she was jailed, detectives from Upper Makefield Township Police and the District Attorney s Office interviewed Morrissey in prison about McNew s slaying.

    According to the affidavit of probable cause, Morrissey said she was last at McNew s home on July 31 and had not lived there for months. She did not admit to the killing but did try to incriminate her boyfriend, Charles Kulow, of Bensalem. Morrissey told detectives that McNew did everything for her and did not deserve to die, it said.

    Weintraub said that Kulow, 55, has not been charged with a crime and is not in custody.

    Weintraub declined to discuss in detail the nature of the relationship between Morrissey and McNew and how they met. He said McNew had provided signficant support to the younger woman.

    Morrissey had an initial arraignment Friday via video to the Newtown courtroom of Magisterial District Judge Michael W. Petrucci, who set an Oct. 16 for a preliminary hearing on murder, burglary a gun charge and tampering with evidence.

    Morrissey s attorney, S. Philip Steinberg, said Friday that he was shocked to learn that detectives talked to Morrissey in prison, when he was already representing her.

    Steinberg called Morrissey a woman who has had an abused and tragic life. She s a mom and we look forward to getting the facts out in an actual courtroom and hearing what happened that evening. Steinberg said Morrissey had been charged as the result of rumors and jailhouse witnesses.

    Steinberg said Morrissey has a 6-year-old son. He confirmed that she met McNew while working as a dancer in the hospitality business.

    McNew s death was discovered on Aug. 8 after Upper Makefield Township Police received a 911 call to McNew s tree-shaded, four-bedroom house along River Road in Washington Crossing. Police found McNew dead, sitting in a chair, shot once in the face. The house was undisturbed and there was no sign of a struggle, the affidavit reads. But while searching the home, police found mail addressed to Morrissey and learned that she had recently lived there with McNew.

    Text messages on his phone and hers helped investigators piece together what happened, according to the affidavit. They found messages sent that day in which McNew told her he had boxed and stored her belongings and warned her she was not welcome at the home and that he would defend himself if she came into his home.

    Morrissey responded with threats, allegedly texting McNew to get the gun ready cause I m coming. I already told you that I ll be there tonight guess your just gonna have to shoot me.

    You have a choice: touch my stuff and I cut your throat, Morrissey allegedly wrote.

    How to Become a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, pharmaceutical representative.#Pharmaceutical #representative

    How to Become a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

    Pharmaceutical sales representatives educate physicians and other medication-prescribing professionals on new developments in the rapidly advancing pharmaceutical industry. These professionals connect providers with the knowledge, drugs and treatments they need to provide cutting-edge care to their patients. They also work to educate physicians, pharmacists, health care facilities and consumers about new pharmaceutical products.

    Pharmaceutical sales reps, also known as pharma reps or PSRs, have an excellent understanding of pharmacology – the science of medications and their effects on the human body. When selling a new product, they must be able to describe its chemistry, method of action, side effects and potential interactions with other drugs. By specializing in a certain group or class of pharmaceuticals such as cardiac or psychiatric drugs, PSRs can deepen their knowledge base, making them more valuable to healthcare providers and more effective at promoting their products.

    Most PSRs are salespeople who work on commission within a certain geographic territory. In this role, they schedule and attend sales meetings with health care providers, follow leads and cultivate new customers for the company. They may also attend industry conferences, speak at provider events and conduct continuing education sessions for medical professionals. In addition to their sales duties, many PSRs conduct field research on behalf of their employers. They may be responsible for monitoring physicians’ prescription patterns or gauging reactions to a new treatment.

    Experienced PSRs enjoy the intellectual challenge the job provides. Because the pharmaceutical industry advances rapidly, there are always new products to research. Reps find great satisfaction in communicating exciting advances at the forefront of medicine to stakeholders and bringing new and sometimes life-saving treatments to the public.

    Pharma giant GSK opens Asia HQ in one-north, Companies & Markets News & Top Stories

    The Straits Times

    Pharma giant GSK opens Asia HQ in one-north

    GSK Asia House, the facility at Rochester Park in one-north, functions as the commercial hub for more than half of the firm’s global healthcare operations. PHOTO: GSK

    British pharmaceutical giant GSK officially opened its Asia headquarters here yesterday.

    GSK Asia House, the facility at Rochester Park in one-north, functions as the commercial hub for more than half of the firm’s global healthcare operations.

    More than 800 employees work there, including the senior regional leadership teams of the pharmaceutical, vaccine and consumer healthcare businesses. The Singapore headquarters will work alongside GSK’s US hub to support its global headquarters in Britain in managing commercial activities around the world.

    The company declined to reveal how much it invested in the 14,330 sq m facility, which has been up and running since May.

    GSK was the first global healthcare company to establish a presence in Singapore, opening an outlet in 1959. Since then, it has invested more than US$2.5 billion (S$3.4 billion) here.

    It has manufacturing sites in Jurong and Quality Road in Boon Lay, as well as a vaccine manufacturing facility in Tuas. It employs some 1,600 people here.

    GSK chief executive Emma Walmsley said yesterday: “In building our new regional headquarters. we aim to create a more agile, high-performing and sustainable business in Asia, with the very best talent.

    “We have expanded the business footprint that is managed out of Singapore, adopting a new structure for our pharmaceutical business and anchoring more of our global teams here.”

    The Singapore headquarters will also play a critical role in developing the next generation of leaders at the company, added Ms Walmsley. The facility includes a learning and development centre that aims to nurture a pipeline of leadership talent from Asia who can be considered for global roles. The programme is projected to train more than 250 individuals over five years, including 50 Singaporeans.

    GSK has established a Shopper Science Lab here to drive growth in key markets such as China, India and South-east Asia with analysis of shopper behaviour and collaboration with retailers.

    The firm’s decision to locate GSK Asia House here, alongside 30 other top biomedical science companies’ regional headquarters, reflects Singapore’s importance as a strategic hub for businesses to tap Asia’s growing healthcare market, said Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam at yesterday’s opening ceremony.

    Economic Development Board chairman Beh Swan Gin said: “Ageing populations and the growing affluence in Asia point to the strong potential of the healthcare market. GSK’s new Asia headquarters in Singapore will position the company well to capture these opportunities.

    “This investment represents yet another milestone in GSK’s longstanding partnership with Singapore, and is testament to Singapore’s attractiveness as the biomedical hub in this region.”

    Life Science Company News, Pharma, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Diagnostics Industry Trends, BioSpectrum Asia, asia pharma.#Asia

    asia pharma

    Asia pharma

    Fitbit Inc. has been selected to provide wristband activity trackers for National Institutes of Health rsquo;s. Read more

    Asia pharma

    GlaxoSmithKline plc has announced that Dr Patrick Vallance, President, R amp;D, has informed the Board of his . Read more

    Asia pharma

    cures through its aggressive research investment; the organization announced it has committed an addition. Read more

    Asia pharma

    Singapore Speaking at the Responsible Business Forum for Sustainable Development (RBF), Masagos Zulkif. Read more

    Asia pharma

    A new program called MediSIM will soon be introduced for medical students, to learn about the human anatomy wi. Read more

    Asia pharma

    Sanofi has signed an agreement with clinical stage company Principia Biopharma to develop multiple sclerosis d. Read more

    Asia pharma


    Between 1980 and 2014, the global prevalence of diabetes nearly doubled from 4.7% to 8.5%. Nearly 60% of world s diabetics live in Asia. Ahead of world diabetes day celebrated on November 14, BioSpectrum Asia analyses current scenario of diabetes in the Asian subcontinent and the need to have a national policy for better diabetes management.

    Milestones, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, valeant pharma.#Valeant #pharma


    Ranbaxy incorporated as a company

    Ranbaxy launches IPO

    Sun Pharma established with five psychiatry products and a two person marketing team

    Ranbaxy Research Foundation set up

    Sun Pharma launches IPO

    Sun Pharma expands sales network across 24 countries

    Ranbaxy crosses sales turnover of INR 10,000 million, with exports reaching an all-time high of INR 5,000 million

    Ranbaxy enters USA with products under own name

    Ranbaxy crosses sales of US$ 100 million in the US, becoming the fastest growing pharmaceutical company

    Ranbaxy enters into global alliance with GSK for drug discovery and development

    Ranbaxy joins the elite club of Billion Dollar Companies, achieving global sales of US$ 1 billion (MAT)

    Ranbaxy begins operations in France after acquiring RPG (Aventis)

    Ranbaxy announces the largest FCCB of US$ 440 million in the healthcare segment in India

    Sun Pharma demerges Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC), into a separate entity becoming the first pure research company to be listed on Indian stock exchanges

    Ranbaxy redefines business model, bringing in Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. as a majority partner

    Ranbaxy crosses global revenues of US$ 2 billion, becoming the first pharmaceutical company of Indian origin to do so

    Valeant pharma Acquisitions Alliances

    Ranbaxy establishes first joint venture in Lagos, Nigeria

    Ranbaxy enters into agreement with Eli Lilly Co., USA for setting up a joint venture in India

    Ranbaxy enters into agreement to set up a joint venture in China

    Ranbaxy acquires Ohm Laboratories Inc. in USA

    Sun Pharma acquires API plant from Knoll Pharma at Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India

    Sun Pharma purchases equity stakes in TDPL and MJ Pharma

    Sun Pharma’s first international acquisition of Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories, USA

    Sun Pharma acquires Milmet Labs and Gujarat Lyka Organics, India

    Sun Pharma acquires Pradeep Drug Company, India

    Ranbaxy acquires Bayer’s generics business (Basics) in Germany

    Sun Pharma acquires Phlox Pharma (India) and niche brands from Women’s First Healthcare (US)

    Sun Pharma completes buyout of manufacturing unit in Bryan, Ohio, US

    Sun Pharma acquires ICN’s business in Hungary from Valeant Pharma

    Sun Pharma acquires intellectual property and assets of Able Labs from US District Bankruptcy court in New Jersey

    Ranbaxy acquires Terapia, the largest independent generic pharma company in Romania for US$ 324 million

    Ranbaxy acquires Be Tabs Pharmaceuticals, the 5th largest generic company in South Africa, for US$ 70 million

    Ranbaxy acquires the unbranded generic business of GSK in Italy and Spain

    Sun Pharma acquires Chattem Chemicals Inc, US

    Sun Pharma acquires controlling stake in Israel-based Taro Pharmaceuticals, USA to effectively double company’s US business

    Sun Pharma completes two more acquisitions in USA; Dusa Pharmaceuticals and the generic business of URL Pharmaceuticals

    Sun Pharma acquires Ranbaxy in a US$ 4 billion landmark transaction to create world’s fifth largest specialty generic pharma company

    Sun Pharma acquires Pharmalucence in USA

    Sun Pharma acquires GSK’s Opiates business in Australia

    Sun Pharma acquires InSite Vision Inc. to strengthen branded ophthalmic portfolio in USA

    Sun Pharma acquires 14 brands from Novartis in Japan

    Valeant pharma Research Manufacturing

    Ranbaxy sets up a multipurpose chemical plant for manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) at Mohali, Punjab, India

    Sun Pharma sets up compact manufacturing facility for tablets and capsules at Vapi, Gujarat

    Ranbaxy begins production at modern dosage forms facility at Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, India

    Ranbaxy commences production at modern API plant at Toansa, Punjab, India

    Ranbaxy receives US FDA approval for plant at Toansa, Punjab, India

    Sun Pharma establishes first research centre to create a base for strong product and process development

    Ranbaxy establishes state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for Cephalosporins at Mohali, Punjab, India

    Ranbaxy’s new research centre at Gurgaon, Haryana, India becomes fully operational

    Ranbaxy commissions a fermentation pilot plant at Paonta Sahib, Himachal Pradesh, India

    Sun Pharma begins production at API manufacturing plant in Panoli, Gujarat, India

    Ranbaxy inaugurates US FDA approved, state-of the-art new manufacturing wing at Ohm Laboratories Inc.

    Sun Pharma establishes new research facility in Mumbai, India

    Sun Pharma begins operations at a new formulation unit in Silvassa, Gujarat, India

    Sun Pharma commences production at new formulations unit in Dadra, India

    Ranbaxy GSK collaborate on drug discovery and development

    Sun Pharma sets up new formulation unit in Jammu, India

    Sun Pharma commissions first joint venture manufacturing unit in Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Ranbaxy establishes third state-of-the-art research facility in Gurgaon, Haryana, India to focus on New Drug Discovery Research

    Sun Pharma enters into research collaboration with Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel Health Research Institute of Santiago, Spain for brain therapies

    Valeant pharma Products Innovations

    Ranbaxy launches first blockbuster product, Calmpose in India

    Sun Pharma begins sale of products across India

    Sun Pharma launches Monotrate and Angizem, first cardiology products that are sold till today

    Sun Pharma introduces gastroenterology products in India

    Ranbaxy receives first US patent, for Doxycycline

    Sun Pharma acquires a basket of products from Natco Pharma

    Ranbaxy files first Investigational New Drug (IND) application with the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) for approval to conduct Phase I clinical trials

    Ranbaxy commences clinical trials for New Chemical Entity (NCE)

    Ranbaxy gives Bayer AG, Germany exclusive development and worldwide marketing rights for Ciprofloxacin OD, originally developed by Ranbaxy

    Ranbaxy launches Cefuroxime Axetil tablets 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, post approval from the US FDA. It was the first approval granted to any generic company for this product.

    Ranbaxy’s first New Chemical Entity (NCE) in the respiratory segment successfully completes Phase I clinical trials and steps into Phase II

    Ranbaxy launches first branded product, Sotret (Isotretinoin) 10 mg, 20 mg and 40 mg capsules, in USA

    RBx 11160, an anti-malarial molecule being developed by Ranbaxy in collaboration with Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), successfully completes Phase I studies subsequent to the filing of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application in the UK and in India

    Ranbaxy’s anti-malarial molecule successfully completes Proof of Concept Phase II A studies

    Ranbaxy acquires generic product portfolio from Efarmes of Spain

    Ranbaxy receives India’s first approval from the US FDA for an anti-retroviral drug under the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

    Ranbaxy launches First-to-File (FTF) product Simvastatin tablets 80 mg in the US Healthcare System with 180-day market exclusivity

    Ranbaxy enters into strategic alliance with Zenotech for marketing oncology products in various global markets

    Ranbaxy launches First-to-File (FTF) product Pravastatin sodium tablets 80 mg in the US Healthcare System with 180-day market exclusivity

    Ranbaxy launches First-to-File (FTF) product Valacyclovir hydrochloride tablets 500 mg and 1 g in the US Healthcare System with 180-day market exclusivity

    Ranbaxy launches First-to-File (FTF) product Donepezil hydrochloride tablets 5 mg and 10 mg in the US Healthcare System with 180-day market exclusivity

    Ranbaxy launches Atorvastatin, a generic version of the world’s largest selling cholesterol lowering drug, in USA with 180-day market exclusivity

    Ranbaxy launches India’s first New Chemical Entity (NCE), Synriam™, a new age cure for Malaria

    Ranbaxy launches of Absorica® (isotretinoin) in the US market

    Sun Pharma and Merck Co. Inc. enter into licensing agreement for Tildrakizumab (MK-3222)

    Sun Pharma launches Imatinib Mesylate in USA

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    Asia Pharma Expo 2018 Bangladesh – An International Exhibition on South Asian Pharmaceutical Market, asia

    asia pharma

    Asia pharma

    An International Exhibition on South Asian Pharmaceutical Industry

    Asia pharma Asia pharma

    Asia pharma

    Asia pharma

    Asia pharma Asia pharma Asia pharma Asia pharma

    Asia pharma Asia pharma Asia pharma Asia pharma

    Expected 610 Exhibiting Companies

    Over 10,368 Trade Professionals

    From 29 Countries

    On 8,800 Sq. Mt. Floor-space

    Pharmaceutical is one of the highest priority sectors in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry is growing from BDT 138.81 bn (USD 1.78 bn) in 2013 to BDT 154.74 bn (USD 1.99 bn) in 2014; +11.5%in local currency terms and +12.1% in US dollar terms. With an annual two-digit growth rate the Bangladesh pharmaceutical industry is now heading towards self – sufficiency in meeting local demand. There are more than 300 small, medium, large and multinational companies operating in the country producing around 97% of the total demand. The sector is the second highest contributor to the national ex-chequer after tobacco and it is the largest white-collar intensive employment sector in Bangladesh.

    The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most technologically advanced sectors currently in existence in Bangladesh. It has grown in the last two decades at a considerable rate. The skills and knowledge of the professionals and innovative ideas of the people involved in this industry are the key factors for these developments. About 300 pharmaceutical companies are operating at the moment. Only 3% of the drugs are imported, the remaining 97% come from local companies. Positive developments in the pharmaceutical sector have enabled Bangladesh to export medicine to global markets. At present, Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical industry is effectively exporting their products to 79 countries across the world, and this number is expected to increase in coming years.

    The pharma industry of Bangladesh is now on the verge of entering highly regulated overseas markets like USA and Europe. In this connection, several pharma manufacturers have already made huge investments in their new state of art manufacturing facilities. A number of companies have already obtained or in the process of obtaining UKMHRA, EU, TGA, AUSTRALIA and GCC certifications.

    The future of pharmaceutical exports from Bangladesh is bright. After the inclusion of the Doha declaration in WTO / TRIPS Agreement, each and every country belonging to the LDC Category has the option not to opt for pharma product patent until year 2,016; which means, they can now legally reverse-engineer patented products and sell in their markets and can export to other LDCs, too. This generates a huge export opportunities for Bangladesh, as among all 50 LDCs, Bangladesh is the only country which had a strong pharma manufacturing base. Besides direct export operations, there is also a huge opportunity for the Bangladeshi companies to go for the Contract Manufacturing and compulsory licensing. The good news is, the leading pharma exporters of Bangladesh have already started availing these opportunities.