May 16 2020

Visionary Venture Fund – The Pure Focus of Ophthalmology, ophthalmology pharmaceutical companies.

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Pure Focus On Ophthalmology


Visionary is a venture capital firm that invests in the most promising emerging ophthalmology companies.

With many breakthrough ophthalmic technologies and platforms on the horizon, Visionary Ventures Fund was created to help these companies by contributing clinical expertise, commercialization know-how, and growth capital. We work hand-in-hand with today’s most promising ophthalmic technologies to create tomorrow’s commercial blockbusters.

We’re looking for visionary and proven entrepreneurs who are turning exciting ideas in ophthalmology into market-leading businesses. We are a focused venture capital fund from round A to commercialization. Our target investments range from $500K to $5M.

Visionary Ventures has two key differentiators that set us apart from other venture investors: our world-class investment team and our partnership with OCTANe. Learn more about Visionary below

Ophthalmology pharmaceutical companies


Our 30 founding investors are many of the most influential ophthalmologists including anterior segment, glaucoma, and retina experts. These doctor-investors are deeply committed to helping the fund with clinical due diligence and commercialization of portfolio companies.

Our doctors add significant value to our portfolio companies through all stages of growth, from initial product development to clinical trials to commercialization. Their unique clinical perspective helps our companies succeed.

Ophthalmology pharmaceutical companies


OCTANe, one of the premier entrepreneurial organizations in Orange County, has a documented history of helping early-stage companies achieve explosive growth. OCTANe hosts some of the largest and best entrepreneurial events in Southern California.

LaunchPad is OCTANE’s business accelerator, and has worked with over 300 tech and life science companies. Through a proprietary predictive analytics platform, LaunchPad has helped companies raise $1.1 billion in funding. Visionary will work with LaunchPad to identify strong investment opportunities and help portfolio companies.

Ophthalmology pharmaceutical companies


The ophthalmic industry is projected to double to $57 Billion in 2020 from $34 Billion in 2015. This strong growth is based on the aging American demographic, an increase in the number of surgical procedures, and average price per procedure. Investing in Ophthalmology makes sense as over the last four years over 34 ophthalmic companies were acquired for an aggregate of $16 Billion with over 60% of those companies being venture backed.

With significant unmet medical needs, breakthrough technologies on the horizon, a clear path to exit for superior products, acquisitive strategic companies with over $826 Billion in firepower, and strong barriers to entry; Ophthalmology is a proven market for venture capital.

Ophthalmology pharmaceutical companies


Better information drives Visionary’s approach. Deal flow is created by the ophthalmology Key Opinion Leader “KOL” group who are active on a variety of innovative company medical advisory boards. Our 30-member KOL group peer reviews each opportunity, assists with company’s, clinical and regulatory strategy, and highlights commercializing products at major medical meetings. Visionary also maintains deep relationships with the strategic acquirors of ophthalmology companies for insight into their acquisition preferences.

Visionary’s decision-making is strengthened by its Investment Committee, experienced ophthalmology KOL’s and investors who are the leading professionals in Ophthalmology. The Investment Committee is comprised of members that have completed over three-dozen ophthalmology deals for innovative companies as well as two business executives with extensive private equity experience. The combination of medical insight and disciplined deal evaluation translates to well-informed investments.

The Visionary fund also benefits from its location in Orange County, California, with unparalleled access to a rich pool of business, scientific, and medical talent in its target industry. Orange County has been the home of major innovation among ophthalmology companies for many years. There are over 80 Ophthalmology companies operating in and around Orange County., contributing $12.5 Billion to the local economy. This rich talent pool informs provides participants in the LaunchPad TM , which Visionary uses to deepen its diligence on potential investment targets.


We’re looking for visionary entrepreneurs ready to rock the world of ophthalmology. We love disruptive, proprietary technologies that address unmet needs or replace suboptimal solutions.

We offer our companies one of the deepest and most influential networks in ophthalmology. Our leadership team and doctor-investors roll up our sleeves to help reduce risk and increase your chances for success.

Ophthalmology pharmaceutical companies


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