May 17 2020

Altus Enterprises, Contract Packaging, Auckland, altus pharmaceuticals.

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altus pharmaceuticals

Altus pharmaceuticals

Altus pharmaceuticals

Altus pharmaceuticals

Altus pharmaceuticals

Altus pharmaceuticals

that require a variety of manual tasks. We also package our very own Able Products cleaning product range.

Work for Altus Enterprises

Our mission at Altus is to support people with diverse needs. All of our employees have a disability. We provide a supportive, inclusive and interactive work place, ensuring that everyone is respected and appreciated for their contribution. Employees are offered the opportunity, while working at Altus, to complete a Certificate in Communications course with MIT through training catered to individuals needs.

Get Your Jobs Done with Altus

Altus Enterprises newest initiative, Able Products, is a cleaning product range with a difference that helps create work for people with disabilities. Buying Able Products provides more employment for people with disabilities and supports other charities too. Able Products are made by New Zealand companies who send their products to Altus to be branded with the Able brand and are available online for purchase. When purchasing Able Products you can select an organisation that we will donate to as well. Check out a fun project done to clean up Mission Bay with Able Products in the video below. Visit our Able Products website to find out more and to purchase Products.

New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation

At Altus one of our objectives is to prepare and train our employees for work in mainstream employment and whilst their skill base grows working for us, we would be better serving them by providing long term training on more complex tasks.

Make a Donation

Alternatively, if you would like to support the work we do contact us about making a donation or a Bequest.

Pick and pack services

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Altus pharmaceuticals

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