Apr 9 2019

BYOD – One to World Initiative

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BYOD - One to World Initiative, REMMONT.COM

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD is student /parent owned electronic device (The technology is not owned by the school).

T he One-To-World initiative will make it imperative that each student who attends the Adams Central school district in grades 6-12 have access to a computer to complete work and participate in class. Adams Central students live, work and play in a technology rich environment everyday. Adams Central Public School is committed to providing our students with educational opportunities to help them develop as responsible, literate citizens in a technology-enabled global society. Individual access to mobile computing devices provides our students and teachers the means to engage in innovative, collaborative opportunities with access to unlimited information to support learning. As part of the One to World Initiative, Adams Central Public School district will be allowing a BYOD program for the 6-12 grade students as long as the device meets the schools technology specs.

Option of Parent’s Choice BYOD:

With BYOD option, parents need to let the school know by May 1, of the prior school year of their choice. May 1 was chosen in order to give the Adams Central School District time to make sure we have enough devices for students that choose DOD.

OPTION 1: Buy your own computer.
Use Adams Central School district’s technology specifications purchase a device that meets both the requirements and the needs of your child. (technology spec’s )

OPTION 2: Use a device you already have.
Use Adams Central School district’s technology specifications to determine if you already own a device that your child can use at Adams Central Public School. ( technology spec’s )

How will BYOD get internet conductivity?

All BYOD users will have internet access by connecting to the school s AC-BYOD wireless network using their own internet-ready technology devices, (Must meet the schools technology specs ).

What Are My Options if BYOD stops working?

Daily activities at school require that students have access to a computer to complete work and participate in class. During that time when a student s device is inoperative or a student does not have his/her device with them at school, they will use a “rental” device. By agreeing to be part of the BYOD program, parental permission is granted for the student to check out and rent a temporary replacement device.

RENTAL UNIT: Google Chromebook

RENTAL CHARGES: $5 per day, $20 per seven day week. (Billed to parents monthly)

The student/family will be responsible for any damages or loss that may be incurred while using the rental device.
It is the responsibility of the student to make sure any work saved locally on their own computer is backed up regularly.

BYOD Recommendations:

We STRONGLY recommend you wait to purchase your student computer until June or July. Please make sure the device meets the schools technology specs. This is because.

  • You want to reduce “buyer remorse”. There’s nothing worse than buying a device and then finding out that if would have waited, you could have purchased a newer, better, machine for a lower price.
  • If you plan on purchasing a 3-4 year extended warranty, that warranty ends 3-4 years after the date of purchase. This means if you purchase a computer in March while your child is still in 6th grade, that warranty will run out and leave you without coverage for April, May and June of your child’s 9th grade year.
  • You can take advantage of “Back to School” discounts. EXAMPLE: In addition to student discounts, companies typically offer a back to school deal.
  • You should plan to purchase and make sure you have your student device by August 10th of that school year.

Extended Warranty

Many manufacturers offer an extended warranty, some for 3-4 years after the date of purchase to protect against hardware failures/defects.

Student Laptop Insurance

Used to protect against theft, accidental damage (dropped, liquid spills, falling off the roof of moving vehicles, etc.) One possible option is Student Insurance Partners ( ) $33-$73 per year depending on coverage deductible. Another option is the Worth Avenue Group offering insurance on personal devices like laptops. ( )
One more place to look is to talk with your home owners/rental insurance agent. so times they can add a the device for a low cost fee.

Go to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information

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