Apr 7 2019

Family Drug Support Australia

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Family Drug Support Australia, NEF6.COM

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FDS is seeking a Project Officer/Family support worker, working 5 days (35 hours) per week. Location of position: situated in Adelaide, covering Metropolitan Adelaide. Key activities include: Establishing family support groups, Provide counselling for families: Group and One-on-One, combination of either over the phone or face to face counselling and Deliver FDS’ Stepping Forward information sessions. Applications close: 19th June, 2017

2017 Budget Nightmare for families

As everyone scours the budget looking for winners and losers spare a thought for the 5,000 new welfare recipients and their families. They are clearly going to be the victim of a government measure that is trying to solve a complex social problem with an absurdly simple and harsh response.

On the face of it, drug testing may seem reasonable for people receiving welfare payments, after all it is taxpayer funds they are receiving. However, everyone, and in particular every member of Parliament, should stop and consider many issues before blindly supporting this measure.

Family Drug Support Now Online for Families

Tony Trimingham, the Founder and CEO of Family Drug Support (FDS), has described how proud he is with the development of the first Australian interactive online resource designed specifically to support families struggling to deal with drug and alcohol problems.

The new online resource will be available in coming weeks and was funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health through the National Ice Action Strategy. It has been produced by Readymade Productions in collaboration with FDS staff and volunteers.

The resource centres on the documentary film of a family support group, and will be of particular benefit to families in regional and rural communities who don’t have ready access to support group meetings. The new resource, together with FDS’ 24/7 telephone support line, will help ensure every family can access support when they need it.

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