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Emerging Markets

Private Equity

Professional & Ethical

Welcome to Duxton Asset Management

Spun-out from one of the world’s foremost financial institutions, Duxton has established itself as a leading international and boutique asset manager with a dual focus.

Agriculture and Asian Emerging Markets

Duxton manages or advises assets of approximately US $700 million, of which US $460 million comprises agricultural investments. Duxton has operating investments on five continents and is currently working on live projects in Latin America, Australia, the Pacific, the Caribbean and Africa for its existing client base.

Duxton is one of the leading international players in agricultural investments and one of the very few with a global direct investment footprint and track record. We manage or advise 21 operations that span 540,000 hectares of farmland and over 30 commodities, managed by approximately 500 on-the-ground senior farmers and supported by more than 13,000 farm workers, giving us breadth of experience and insight into this expanding market.

Duxton stands out for its in-depth understanding of local markets and by leveraging its global reach to transfer technology and proficiency across its operations. Duxton offers an outstanding combination of a deep industry expertise, operational improvement skills and financial restructuring knowledge.

Our clients include:

  • Institutional Investors, amongst them leading global pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and asset managers
  • Family Offices, both single and multi
  • Private Banks
  • Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

Duxton is the investment manager of the Vietnam Phoenix Fund Limited (previously known as the DWS Vietnam Fund) and the Global Agricultural Land Opportunities Fund Limited (also previously under the DWS brand name).

Duxton is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and has offices in Singapore, Australia and Germany.

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