Jul 4 2017

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BHS Accountable Care, LLC
215 E. Quincy, Suite 312
San Antonio, TX 78215

ACO Primary Contact:

  • Advanced Dermatology, Inc.
  • Affiliated Podiatrists Pc
  • Alan Albert
  • Andres S Enriquez Md Pa
  • Arturo Hernandez MD PA
  • Bhs Physicians Network Inc
  • Borderland Medica PA
  • Bruce Karlin MD
  • Carlos A Lozano Md Pa
  • Carol A Barrette, MD PC
  • Carol N. Abalihi, Md, Pa
    Cedar Hills Family Practice PA
  • Centro San Vicente
  • Chinwe Nduka, Md, Family Practice,Pa
  • Cristo A. Calle MD, PA
  • Cypress Physicians Association
  • David A Ramos Md Pa
  • Dennis J. Arinella, M.D.,P.C.
  • Dr Ajai J Agarwal Md Pa
  • Dr. Brajesh Bhatla, MD PA
  • Dr. Leo K Edwards, Jr
  • Ear, Nose Throat Associates of Worcester, Inc.
  • El Paso Wellness Healthcare Center PA
  • Gary Wolf
  • GI Liver Group PC
  • Grabias Medical Group P.C.
  • Greater Dallas Healthcare Enterprises
  • Grove Medical Associates, P.C.
  • Irina A. Minina MD PLLC
  • Jaime L Silva M.D.,Pa.
  • James Pease, M.D.
  • Janice Hitzhusen
  • Jeffrey Levine
  • Jibrail Kasperkhan, MD, PLLC
  • John Patterson, Md, Pa
  • Jose J Silva MD PA
  • Joseph M. Williams, M.D.,P.C.
  • Juana Maria Espejo Md Pa
  • Kellum Physician Partners
  • Kevin P. Comfort MD
  • Kingsway Medical Center, Pllc
  • Lan-Anh Ngo, M.D. P.A.
  • Le Chang Family Urgent Care Pc
  • Luis H. Robles MD PA
  • Lytle Family Practice
  • M M North, LLP
  • Mansoora A. Sheikh, MD, P.A.
  • Marcos Reis
  • Marcos Reis MD
  • Maria Elena Gonzalez-Sozer MD
  • Mary E. Scannell, MD PC
  • Medland Associates
  • Medwin Family Medicine Rehabilitation Pc
  • Mercy Clinics MD PA
  • Michael H. Annabi MD
  • Moazam Pa
  • Muneer E. Assi DO PA
  • N. H. Shannon MD PA
  • New England Gastroenterology Associates, Pc
  • North Hills Family Medicine
  • North San Antonio Healthcare Associates
  • Partners in Internal Medicine, PC
  • Partners in Primary Care
  • Paul A Cournoyer, DPM PC
  • Perry Wolfe
  • Premiere Care LLC
  • Primary Physician Partners
  • Project Vida Health Center
  • Raymond Zhou, M.D. P.C.
  • Regent Cross Medical Clinic Pllc
  • Retina Consultants of Worcester, P.C.
  • Rhonda Fleming, MD PA
  • Robert T. Ching, DO, PA
  • Rutland Family Health Center
  • San Antonio-Mmc, P.A.
  • Segundo Abraham Briones MD, PA
  • SHIFA Comprehensive Health Center
  • Stephen M Desio, MD PC
  • Stone Oak Family Doctors, PA
  • Suncity Sports Medicine and Family Clinic
  • Sunita Godiwala
  • Tatiana Hamawi
  • Tenet Florida Physician Services, LLC
  • Valdez Family Clinic, PA
  • Valley Doctors Clinic Of Brownsville Pllc
  • Valley House Calls, PLLC
  • Wayne B Glazier Md Pc
  • Webster Square Medical Center, Inc
  • West Boca Health Services, Llc
  • Worcester County Orthopedics
  • Worcester Gastroenterology Partners, Inc
  • Worcester Ophthalmology Associates Inc
  • Xavier J Munoz DO

PAACO Participants in Joint Venture between ACO Professionals and Hospitals

No participants are involved in a joint venture between ACO professionals and hospitals.

2. ACO Governing Body

  • Carlos Lozano, Voting member, Carlos A. Lozano, M.D.
  • Ayham Shneker, Voting member, San Antonio Premier Internal Medicine
  • Kevin Comfort, Voting member, Kevin P. Comfort, MD
  • Miguel Ayala, Voting member, South Alamo Medical Group, Board Chair
  • Joan Korte, Voting member, Medicare Beneficiary
  • David Siegel, Voting member, Tenet Health
  • Robert Ching, Voting member, Robert T. Ching DO, PA
  • Leo K. Edwards, Voting member, Dr. Leo K. Edwards Jr.
  • Herberto Garza, Voting member, ACO Participant Representative, BHS Physicians Network Inc.
  • Lovelesh Manocha, Voting members, ACO Participant Representative, BHS Physicians Network Inc.
  • Robin Clark, Non-voting member, ACO Participant Representative, ACO Executive Director

Each physician of the governing board is an ACO Participant.

3. Key ACO Clinical and Administrative Leadership

  • ACO Executive: Robin Clark
  • Medical Director: Dr. Dana Kellis
  • Compliance Officer: Michelle Castro
  • Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer: Sahana Sharan, MD

4. Associated Committees and Committee Leadership

  • Clinical Initiatives/Credentialing Committee – Chair Dr. Daniel Mais
  • Finance/Contracting Committee – Chair Dr. Morton Kahlenberg
  • Information Technology Committee – Chair Dr. Brian Treuhaft
  • Compliance Committee Chair Michelle Castro

5. Types of ACO Participants or Combination of Participants that Formed the ACO

  1. ACO professionals in a group practice arrangement
  2. Networks of individual practices of ACO professionals
  3. Partnerships or joint venture arrangements between hospitals and ACO professionals
  4. Hospital employing ACO professionals

Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • Agreement period beginning 2012, Performance Year 1: $0
  • Agreement period beginning 2012, Year 2014: $2,816,277
  • Agreement period beginning 2012, Year 2015: $2,708,375

Shared Savings Distribution

    • Agreement period beginning 2012, Performance Years 1, 2014 and 2015
    • Proportion invested in infrastructure: 2%
    • Proportion invested in redesigned care processes/resources: 0%
    • Proportion of distribution to ACO participants, 98%
      • Primary Care Professionals: 44.1%
      • Specialists: 44.1%
      • Hospital: 9.8%

Payment Rule Waivers

  • No, our ACO does not utilize the SNF 3-Day Rule Waiver

Quality Performance Results

  • See 2015 Quality Performance Results Table here .
  • See 2012-2014 Quality Performance Results Table here .

For more information on how to interpret scores on the above quality performance measures, see

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