Apr 7 2019

T-Mobile Smartphone Mobile HotSpot

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T-Mobile Smartphone Mobile HotSpot, REMMONT.COM

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Smartphone Mobile HotSpot

Turn your Smartphone into a Mobile HotSpot!

Share your smartphone’s high-speed internet connection with your laptop, iPad . iPod . or any other Wi-Fi enabled device.

Your data plan has not yet been configured to support the Smartphone Mobile HotSpot service. Please have your primary account holder call Customer Care, 1-800-937-8997 .

If you feel you reached this page in error, or have questions about Smartphone Mobile HotSpot (Tethering) service, please call T-Mobile Customer Care, 1-800-937-8997 .

Limited time offer; subject to change. Plus taxes and fees. Plan data allotment included with qualifying phone data plan applies. Smartphone Mobile HotSpots not available while roaming. Use of connected devices subject to T-Mobile terms and conditions. General Terms: At participating locations. Domestic only. Credit approval, $35/ line activation fee, and two-year contract with up to $200/line early cancellation fee required; deposit may apply. If you switch plans you may be bound by existing or extended term (including early cancellation provisions) and/or charged an up to $200 fee. You may be unable to switch to some plans. Regulatory Programs Fee (not a tax or government-mandated charge) of $2.71 per line/month applies. Taxes approx. 6-28% of bill. Overage extra; partial KB of data rounded up. For unlimited data plans, full speeds available up to monthly allotment; then, slowed to up to 2G speeds for rest of billing cycle.

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