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Top Photography Schools in the USA to Learn Photography

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Top Photography Schools in the USA to Learn Photography, NEF2.COM

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Photographers looking to improve their skills are now faced with a giant range of choices, many of them from courses that let you study online. But there are things best learned in person, with a teacher prepared to answer your questions and even award professional certification at the end of it. Here’s our list of places to study photography. If you know of more, toss them into the comments.

Academy of Art University San Francisco
Private, big and accredited. Graduates include Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers Deanne Fitzmaurice.

Brooks Institute of Photography Santa Barbara
A for-profit corporation, offers four programs, including Professional Photography, Visual Journalism and Visual Communication.


The Art Institute of Colorado Denver

Established as a private arts and crafts college in 1952. Offers Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in photography.

District of Columbia

The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University Washington
Offers a Professional Photography Certificate that teaches basic camera techniques, workflow and lighting among other skills.

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale
A private, accredited college that boasts an employment rate in an related field of over 90 percent within six months of graduation.

International Academy of Design Technology Tampa
A nationwide, accredited arts school. The Tampa campus offers an Associate’s degree in Digital Photography.

Miami International University of Art Design Miami
Part of The Art Institutes network and offering a BFA in Photography.

Harrington College of Design Chicago
Located in the Loop and focused on interior design, Harrington College also offers a Digital Photography program.

The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago, The Illinois Institute of Art Schaumburg

Illinois hosts two branches of The Institute of Art: one in Chicago and the other in Schaumberg.

Maine Media Workshops
Maine Workshop offers workshops that range from classes on creating your photo book to shooting Rajasthan. Classes can be expensive but the variety is huge and so is the fun.

Brown College Mendota Heights
Brown College offers a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Photography with specializations that include fashion, fine arts and freelance among others.

Missouri Photo Workshops
Sponsored by Nikon, the Missouri Photo Workshops takes place over six days and aims to teach photojournalism and story-telling.

McIntosh College Dover
McIntosh College teaches professional photography and even offers dorm rooms in a converted hotel. But room service isn’t included.

New Mexico

Santa Fe Workshops Santa Fe

Creative workshops that range in time and location, and include courses for both hobbyists and professionals.

Briarcliffe College Bethpage
Briarcliffe is a small, private college offering an Associate’s degree in Digital Photography.

School of Visual Arts New York City
One of the country’s finest art schools with both graduate and undergraduate degrees in photography.

International Center of Photography New York City
A photography museum offering full-time and continuing education classes in subjects ranging from lighting to photojournalism.

Antonelli College Cincinnati
Antonelli College offers an Associate of Applied Business Degree in Photography but only at its Cincinnati campus.

Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology Dayton

The Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology focuses on photography and provides professional skills. It also offers both day and night classes.


Marylhurst University Marylhurst

A private, Catholic university with a long history and a BFA that includes a photography concentration. Students can be full-time or working professionals.


The Art Institute of Philadelphia Philadelphia, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania has two branches of The Art Institute: in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Nossi College of Art Goodlettsville
Nossi focuses on the business side of photography, offering a degree in Commercial Digital Photography. The curriculum includes camera techniques, lighting and basic and advanced Photoshop with the aim of guiding students to entry-level industry positions or the knowledge to freelance.

Rhode Island School Of Design Rhode Island
One of the most respected arts schools in the country, RISD boasts a who’s who of alumni and faculty, and offers both degree programs and business-oriented continuing education classes.

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